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Buffalo, New York, US

Based on what you see in my port?

Apr 17 13 12:39 pm Link


Cynthia Serrano

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Irvington, New Jersey, US

I would def shoot with you this shot is freaking awesome! 18+

Apr 17 13 04:04 pm Link


Meghan Hale

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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Only if you paid me. I can't really see your work benefiting my portfolio.

Apr 20 13 01:31 pm Link


Scarlett de la Calle

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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

For payment yes. You mention in your port you are building up for exhibitions. I assume your art will be sold there. I am unsure if your style though good will help my ports direction either

Apr 20 13 01:49 pm Link



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Florence, Toscana, Italy

Payed yes. For free I dont' know, probably no. Your kind of art will not help my portfolio.

Apr 21 13 01:22 am Link


Cole Morrison

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Portland, Oregon, US

If you paid me.

Apr 21 13 09:53 pm Link


Meera Lee

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Portland, Oregon, US

Yeah. I like your work with shadow.

Apr 25 13 11:36 pm Link

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Detroit, Michigan, US

I don't feel that your style would be a good fit for me, the dark shadowy shots aren't doing anything for me.  However, depending upon the exact concept I might if it were a paid assignment.

Apr 26 13 06:19 am Link