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Isabella Richards

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Cincinnati, Ohio, US

I really want to know what others think of my work. I'm always wanting to push myself to do better, so I  need an outside point of view. I would really appreciate it wink


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noel marrero

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Menlo Park, California, US
The expression seems to be a bit lack, but it's hard to tell how much of it is just capture/image quality.   I can't tell what you are thinking looking at it.
This one also is soft in the face, not enough detail to really comment on your expression other than to saw I can't tell what you are thinking.   So it's just kind of random.
This has more feel, notice how the arm position matches the expression and along with the lighting gives this more feel.
More dark eyes, blurry face.

I like that you've got images that are trying to be interesting, but I don't think they are really helping you.  Too many images are dark eyes, and a blurry face.  Even some of the beauty/glam stuff looks out of focus.  I would recommend getting some new beauty shots, and getting gigs that help demonstrate your range.   As a photographer, when I look at a model's port I'm not looking for interesting composition, strange stories, etc...  I'm looking for sharp images showing me what the model looks like, images that show me the models emotional range, and ability to use the expression and pose to tell a story.

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Alexia Foxx

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Tyler, Texas, US

I will evaluate your port, and I would appreciate the same in return if you don't mind!

First off, you have a wonderful portfolio. Lots of beautiful images complemented by different settings and "looks". Well done.
I will start with this image. You have great cheekbones, but I'm not getting that from this image; it's as if the dark shadows don't highlight your facial structure as well as making your hair dissappear into the background. Also, your neck looks very short. A previous poster said that your expression looks bland or disengaged, and I agree. It just was not captured well. It's as if the male model was ready for the image to be snapped, and you weren't but the photog used it anyway.
Something about this one really grabs me. The positioning of your hand is delicate and your expression is soft and innocent. It looks very natural.
This one should not be in your port. It is out of focus and flat. Your body is in one straight line, your hands are straight down at your sides, it looks as if you were trying to stand as still as possible. It is not a shot that says "model," as opposed to this one:
Where one hand is delicately resting on the tree, the other is carelessly playing with the hem of your dress, your head is tilted a bit and we get angles from one of your legs, and your expression is very engaged. A much more "model-y" shot.
Mind=blown. Expression, pose, composition, styling, these are amazing.
I would toss at least the right frame of this one out. It isn't a very strong capture expression-wise, and while I am a fan of the decaying walls and crumbling rubble in contrast to the clean polished look of your dress, I think that the orange fencing and the white trash bag floating around in the back are tacky and distract from the focus of the image, which should be you.
I love this. You look at ease, very feminine, very soft, and the composition is wonderfully done.
Fierce and sexy. This is a wonderful contrast to the above, proving that you can show off different looks.

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