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Austin, Texas, US

I'm pretty new and I haven't worked with very many photographers. I'll take any sort of advice you have to give on my profile and portfolio!

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Aaron Lewis Photography

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Catskill, New York, US

Just quickly a few things I see. Lots of repetition.

This is a very odd pose. Not a great photo to begin with but the pose makes it look like you're ducking or hiding from something

One or the other, it's unnecessary and clutering to post two images with the same look

This really doesn't work. catchlight in your eye would have helped not not a great pose or idea

Not a great crop. We either need to see your hands or crop up higher so there's not so much arm. If we see elbows we want to see hand. If we see knees we want to see feet.

Pick one from the bottom 2 rows and run with it, we don't need to see 8 pictures of same look

Now, on the good side, you at least display different expressions throughout your port. I think I could weed the whole thing down to about 6 images and make it much stronger overall.

You  have a nice look and I can see you're putting effort into your work. Keep shooting and practice posing. When photographers give you images that are poorly cropped, reject them or at least don't use them.

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Drew Smith Photography

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Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

I think you have Oodles of potential! smile

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Orca Bay Images

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Drew Smith Photography wrote:
I think you have Oodles of potential! smile


While I flat-out dislike some of the images and others are intriguing but weak, I'm very impressed with your expressiveness and your willingness to explore different looks.

For starters, eliminate the redundant images.

And then kill the images that are unflattering. This, for example.
You look like a corpse and I don't know how that can be good.

While you have a beautiful body, you got your head cut off. Why?!? And this, if you keep it (I wouldn't recommend it), should be marked M. +18

This is simply beautiful.

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Austin, Texas, US

Thanks all! I've hidden a few images here and there, it's great to hear opinions!

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