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Most of the images in my port are all 3D renderings, but there are a few where I've incoporated real models.

I will work in the 3D space first and then budget/time permitting, will bring them to life by working with models.

Would like to gather feedback on existing multiplicity images in my port with an emphasis on lighting and color schemes.  But, any feedback greatly appreciated as well.

I'm in the process of planning a complex photoshoot that will result in numerous multiplicity images.  Wanting to ensure I address problem areas going forward.

One initial item I have addressed are cast shadows.  My 3D rendering software allows me to render shadows only (i.e. 3D models are now invisible).  I plan to composite those shadow images into the final shot; prevents me from having to create shadows from "scratch" which have not turned out so well in the past.

Thanks for your time!

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