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Pixie Devine

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OLD HICKORY, Tennessee, US

Hello everyone!
My name is Dominique, you can call me Domi though.

I'm really excited to be one here and especially since i just got some messages and kind words.

ANYWAY! i am a cosplayer/model with not too much experience and i am in need of photographers around the TN area!

I am a college student. my school goes year round and i only get 1-3 week breaks. soo yeah, don't get discouraged if i don't reply soon or i don't have time for a set.

I am willing to do most types of themes, Nude or not. I do have prefered themes, I have done cosplay/dress up before. those are fun for me. I would like to do pinup, lingerie, edgy, and swimsuit. Also, i always ask a person on my part to check on portfolios and to make sure most offers are not a scam. So yeah, also he makes me feel comfortable on sets and usually helps too smile

If your interested, contact me on here. I do have a facebook page to post my sets on since this site is free for me for now. i may make myself a website for myself. A perk for being a web student.

Sooooo, let me know if you want to do a set with me or give me advice or kind words too is nice smile

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Hunter GWPB

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King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, US

Welcome to Model Mayhem.  There are some things you should read,  If someone doesn't post the links in this posting, you can find them in some of the other postings in the newbie section.  The reading will help you a lot.

Also read the forums, particularly Models, Critique and Newbie.  It will help you to learn.  I suggest that you wait a while to post in the forums until you have read a bit.  The forums do have a dynamic that you need to know about.  Mostly, watch out for the controversial subjects.

You will find many wonderful and helpful people on MM who will go out of their way to help you.  Good luck with your adventure.

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Welcome to MM

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Pixie Devine

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OLD HICKORY, Tennessee, US

Thank you so much.
i shall go and read and go through and see what i can find

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