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Brittany Black

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I got this email today and I was wondering if it is a scam?
It’s a pleasure shown great interest to partake in this great shoot. It is actually a $800 pay shoot assignment because we are having a print job for the month of September , For Fashion/ model Billboard, Calendar Promo Advert, magazine & catalogs and I want you to share in this great opportunity, these could be your time to be known all over the globe. The location for the shoot will be in a rented studio and it will be close to your location because we do not want you to be disturbed about traveling.

Please take proper note of the following details:
1. The name and address of the studio to be used for the shoot will be disclosed to you before the date of the shooting.

2. We will take care of your make-up or make-over because we have professional specialist ready to take good care of that, also we want everything to be completely unique in this shoot.

3. You are allowed to come along to the shoot with anybody of your choice on the day of the shooting,your mum, dad friend, body-guard anybody you wish to come with just to make you feel okay and comfortable.

4. You will have 8 different fashion outfits to cover and all these outfits will be provided by our client on the day of shoot. The types of clothing will be& suits, short/long skirt, Beach Gown, Dinner Gown (Note: There is no nudity in this shoot).

5. The total pay for the jobs is $800 but you will get $300 as upfront part payment before the shoot as to show seriousness and ascertain the job, the remaining balance of $500 will be paid to you in cash at the shooting venue immediately after the shoot.

Our client's name is Ewa I Walla and magazine name that we are about to shoot is “ Creative Beauty Magazine”, she is into both male and female outfits because she is an upcoming designer she needs this shoot to help get her website packaged, this means her website is under Construction. Waiting for your Swift response.


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SF Valley Photo

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Yes, it is a scam.

Read up on how to avoid scams at … the-basics

Edited to add that if they contacted you through MM, be sure to report the profile to the moderators at

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Haeyli Schuy

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Definite scam. I had the exact same email send to me about 3 weeks ago. Don't respond to any of those emails. Also, look at the name they state in the email and the name of the MM user. Beware of their personal email because that might be different then any of the info that is given.

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Marin Photography NYC

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If it's too good to be true, it probably is.....

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