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**Relocated thread. This is what I get for having too many forums opened at once.**


I attend Dragon Con for the first time, and it was essentially my first ever convention. I had a BLAST.

My costumes:
Nightsister from Star Wars (walked in the parade)
A simple elf (that was a big hit at the vendor spot)
A steampunk adventurer which I only wore for a few hours before switching for the Mechanical Masquerade.

I only got to see 2 panels, a Whedonverse and the Star Trek Miss Universe pageant, for which I regret as I would have liked to have seen more. Our hotel wasn't too far but the shuttle took 15 min. and only came on the half hour mark, save the one time the driver took us on a 30 min. joy ride in the ghetto... fun times.

Next year I know that I need to save the big costumes for the night parties and only go with a small outfit during the day to make more panels. We are also staying in a host hotel next year so traveling and costume changes will be smoother.

Did you go? Did you have a costume? What panels did you see? Any celeb photos?

Here are some pictures of my outfits!

Sep 13 13 10:27 am Link