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Victoria Clarke

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Hello everyone!

I am an aspiring model & MUA from the NJ/NYC area. An NYC photographer emailed me yesterday regarding my services:

"I love your look and overall style! I would like to collaborate with you on a shoot within the next two weeks. If the shoot goes well, I'd like for you to become one of my regular models. I'm also going to need your makeup services in the near future. What are your prices for makeup?"

This is the first time anyone has inquired about my rates. I have been doing my research regarding NYC half and full day rates. But I know there are some questions I should be asking him prior to giving him my rates. Should I know his budget first? Number of models? Exact location? Or should I give him an estimate and note that additional fees will be added if applicable?

Thanks in advance everyone!

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Hair Stylist

rick lesser

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Girl you need to get as much information as you can from the photographer.  You have two images on your mm page.  Where did this person see your work?  How did they find you?  Have you checked them out?  They want you to model and be the makeup artist?  Model what?  If your the model and artist then you need to be paid as each.  Find out a lot more information and their budget.  If it's legit they will not mind you asking questions.  Then you can come up with a rate.  R-

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