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Amanda Coulter

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New York, New York, US

Location #1: Times Scare Nyc  Join Actress Amanda Coulter and Fallon Maressa  MM# 606613( Actress/model and chief MUA for Pinhurst- A Haunt as seen on TV and also in "Making Monsters".  in a Journey on a Series of Magical and Whimsical Shoots.  Wardrobe, MUA's, Models, and Location provided. There will be 2 Sessions each day 9-12 and 1-4. Holiday pin up/Burlesque/Lingerie in the 12/14 and A Scarey Christmas 12/15. Coffee/Donuts ect provided in the AM and "Holiday Punch" and treats provided in the PM. There will also be a cash bar for Photographers and Models.  Check out this awesome location If you are interested Message us here and we will forward more details.  Keep tuned in for times and Locations of our other  Full production shoots and Planned Events.... All with Professional sets or locations, Wardrobe, models, MUA's, designed just for You and your imagination. A sneak peak into our imagation vault for upcoming shoots with Full production.. Winter Shoot/Snow Godess/Ice Queen ( both Good and Evil...) the white winter forest that is Good, and the Evil dead winter forest...complete with nymphs, winter fairies, Centaur ( male half horse/half man) Jack Frost..... a recycled Couture Shoot, Victorian Boudour, Vintage and Period Shoots, old Hollywood glam ect....  we look forward to working with you!   Ciao'  Amanda and fallon

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