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Digital Artist


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Málaga, Andalusia, Spain

There are now 40° of 🔥SCORCHING🔥 Pin Up models to discover in my all new portfolio!

🌴Tropic like it's HOT!

*Strictly 18+. Contains nudity

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G Reese

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More like 40 degrees of plastic IMHO. Wrong forum fella, this isn't the self appointed god forum.

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Orca Bay Images

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While I don't think that OP ventures into the "self-appointed god" category, that much hype in a resquest for feedback is presumptuous. It's best, IMO, to let the viewer/critic decide if the work is hot.

For starters, as a retoucher, it's best to show before-and-after images. You've got two examples and neither one is impressive. For example:
Other than color-balance, did you do anything else for that five-pound fee?

As for the digital art, it's a mixed bag. You've got some work that shows a delicate touch and a nice eye for color, such as:
...but even that has some masking flaws, such as her hair up next to her hand.

And then there's the work that delves into the cartoonish:
Unless she's got the most hourglass figure in the world, that liquifying of her waistline is over the top. Check out the background to the right of her waist. Looks like the background got liquified, too.

Even worse is this image:  +18
Starts out with fine image with such a sexy model... wrecked by that dreadful cut-and-paste of the flaming skull superimposed on her.

IMO, don't be too much in love with the Photoshop tools and look more at the final product.

May 21 20 06:40 pm Link


Shadow Dancer

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Since you are listed as a Retoucher, I will critique your before and after images.

The Before image is a snapshot, it isn't a bad snapshot but not particularly interesting.
I can see that you've cleaned up the subject's skin and made her eyes more symetrical.
Those are improvements, not high-level retouching but not bad.

You've also shifted the color to an unnatural and unattractive hue and added a garish and distracting logo.
Those are not improvements, they both look bad.
The After image is still a snapshot.

The Before image is professional. It is good but not stunning.
I can see you've warmed up the color and touched up some small skin blemishes on her face.
Most of her skin has a plastic look to it, you went a bit too far there.
Not her armpit area though, it looks like you left that alone. It does stand out but the focus should be her beautiful eyes.
A plastic face deserves a plastic armpit, no?

You should remove your logo from every image, it does not look professional. I will not comment on logos again, please take that as a given.

<img src='' />
I had to address this one even though it is not a Before/After image.
The eyes? Just no. The random dots of light spattered about? Why? They are distracting and do not enhance the image.

<img src='' />
Not before and after but... yikes.
This is just a hot mess. If you want to illustrate erotic comic books perhaps simply create drawings instead of attempting (and failing) to incorporate random snakes and things.

I looked at everything. You appear to be striving for an "over the top" look. That's cool but you are not succeeding on many levels. Some of your work looks good and much of it does not, usually in the same image.

The bar is high, go for 100% perfection or take things down a few notches so you can successfully complete them. Study perspective and juxtaposition, things don't quite seem to "fit" too often. If you want to go weird, go really weird but make it flawless.

Hope this helps. Cheers, Shadow Dancer

May 22 20 09:27 am Link


G Reese

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Marion, Indiana, US

Thanks Shadow, point taken.

May 22 20 09:42 am Link