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About Me

Lentiart is a husband and wife creative team, working out of home studio with goal of creating unique, colorful and distinctive imagery.  Wife manages the laptop, holds reflectors, operates wind machine, helps with wardrobe, hair and makeup, plus functions as second pair of eyes, watching for tags, bra straps and so forth while husband uses the various cameras.

"You guys work magic! It was incredible to experience a side of myself I had long forgotten, and wasn't sure existed anymore. Your work is amazing. It is a true gift to work with you. I look forward to all future endeavors!"  Misty

Began in the early 80's photographing aspiring models in Los Angeles area, helping them with their portfolios.  Became well known for B&W work.  Was diverted from true love for several years as a physician.  Between our paid photo sessions with recording artists, we will be doing limited free test shoots. 

Prefer use of full studio but will consider location work for follow-up shoot.  A wide variety backdrops, props, wigs, costumes, wardrobe items, and jewelry available.  Enjoy going for a variety of looks via make-up and hairstyle changes using a collection of feathers, jewels, ribbons, glitter, paints, etc.

Will be interested in helping you with your special projects, just discuss them with us.  We enjoy working with all models with no limitations based on the lack of experience as long as they demonstrate professional ethics - The ability to keep their word.

For models willing to travel to collaborate as a creative team member, we do offer the chance for extended shoots(2-4 days) which would help maximize the return on images for their investment of time and travel expenses.  We have found that distance is only relative to each individual model depending on the value they place on getting great images.

**  As photographers, we are interested in all genres.  As we allow the model to participate in the planning of the shoot, they have the decision of the genre they want or need for their portfolio, as well as, the decision on the amount of editing/finishing done on their images.   Our portfolio contains more head shots and artistic makeup as this is what the recent models have been requesting.  If you want something different, just let us know!


** Note**

Policies in regards to models:

* Photo IDs of model and escort will be required and copied as the result of recent theft of personal property by escort.

* Model release is required, copy available upon request.  Must be signed prior to shoot and includes all images taken unless discussed prior to day of shoot. 

* Underage models will only be scheduled after photo session has been discussed with parents in detail.  Parent's must initiate contact for planning of photo shoot.  The majority of the time we do decide not to shoot underage models as TF work.

* If an escort is required to remain on site, must be female.  Significant males may bring you to the location, meet my wife and I and inspect the studio, but would be expected to leave the premises after pre-shoot discussion.  We require that models contact as many references as necessary for them to have the confidence and comfort level in working with us as you have chosen to work with us based on the images in our current portfolio.  These images were obtained with models who have participated in this manner.  If you choose to shoot with us, you are doing so because of the images you have reviewed in our portfolio.  We will always try to have you as prepared for your shoot in order for us to be able to capture the same quality of images. 

As a model, you should never be too anxious in planning a shoot, contacting references is an absolute requirement.  Take time to read all the information provided.  Getting to know what the other model's we have photographed have to say about us is one of the most important steps in preparing for a shoot.  Understand the shoot being proposed.  Some photographers may shoot with one idea in mind with shooting lasting 1-3 hours. In our typical shoots, we go after 3-5 looks with a change in hairstyle, makeup and wardrobe with each look.  Typical shoot will last 5-6 hours although some have lasted much longer. 

My wife will be with me at all times in order to prevent models from making false accusations.  I do not touch models, but she may  while helping in the direction process and while doing hair, makeup, and wardrobe assistance. 

We reserve the right to cancel a shoot before even starting if someone brings a male escort who expects to stay inside after the shoot begins.  Escorts remaining at shoot must not be a parent as every one of us seek our parent's approval on at least a subconscious level.  To get the best images, you must be able to focus 100% on the camera, not distracted by someone waiting on you.  The best images are obtained when a model does her due diligence in vetting the photographer and has developed a comfort level and a self confidence in her decision as it shows in the final image.

Please contact our references before discussing this policy with us.  References are listed below as they are models we have previously photographed through Model Mayhem. 

* SHOW UP ON TIME!!!   More models than not DO NOT take participating in planned shoots seriously.  All photographers who provide free test shoots have trouble with models who do not show.  Models will be excited about shoots, correspond for 2-3 months in some cases, planning the shoot in fine details.  They will confirm their attendance the day before and just not show, not responding to texts or phone messages.  We have models text us they are running an hour late and then do not show.  We do understand that unexplained events can occur but do expect at least the respect enough of being notified.

If we have not been made aware of a delay and the model is more than 30 minutes late, we will interpret this as the model has canceled her shoot.  If you show up more than an hour late, we reserve the right to not continue with the shoot.  We take your shoot seriously and invest hours into planning for it.  We also reserve the right to refuse to shoot if you have misrepresented yourself in your profile and portfolio.  The later issue has yet to be a problem for us, but other photographers do report models who show up much heavier than profile or image portray or in some cased a totally different model.

* Please come to your shoot after getting proper rest the night before.  It is extremely hard for the camera to hide the fact that you are tired.  It doesn't make sense to be out partying, etc. until 3-4 am and expect to get great images over a 4-6 hour shoot.

*We do not shoot nudes unless requested by model and model must be over the age of 18 with proper age documentation.

* FREE TESTING (TF)* Shoots mean trade of the model's time and travel expenses.  We do not cover ANY expenses as we assist with makeup, hair, and wardrobe.  In addition, it typically requires 4-5 hours of time per hour of shoot editing and finishing of images.  We do not pay models, as providing a free test shoot is offering a shoot at a significant discount from our regular fees.  The only time models are paid is if one of our clients is paying us to do the shoot and has it in their budget to pay for the models and their expenses.


** Purpose: To find models who truly make the best creative team members and thus potential partners in lenticular image projects. Sample images will be shown and projects described in detail at during shoot.  (We have found out that it not only takes the shoot itself but the image choosing as well as the editing, finishing, and publishing process to determine which models are really team players and therefore would make great business partners.)

**  Test shoot will involve the trade of model's time and travel expenses for [i]images described below and most of wardrobe items used during shoot[/u].  As we do not like to use the same wardrobe items successfully for more than one model, the model can have the wardrobe items used in her shoot with the exception of a few items such as fur coats, boots, etc.

1.)  A FREE test shoot (TF) shoot from which you will receive all raw, proof images in reduced size on DVDs.  LOCATION:  Shelbyville, Tn.

2.)  We provide at least 2 FREE fully edited/finished images per set(outfit) which typically means 8-10 or more fully edited images per day of shoot as we shoot typically 4-5 sets per day of shoot.  The vast majority of models receive more images than promised.  Please check with references!

3.) These free images will be the best images from each set and will be based on your input.  You will receive a copy of every image we would edit and finish.  We will ask you to choose your favorites but do reserve the right to choose other images which are similar to your choices but that will edit and finish better.  For many models asking the to choose their favorites is almost an impossible task as there are too many great images to choose from.

4.)  For models who travel from out of state or from distances prohibiting our having a second shoot, we would consider a 2-4 day extended shoot. 

5.)  We provide makeup, hair, and wardrobe assistance as long as the model is open to assistance and is not too picky.

6.)  We are unable to help with traveling expenses due to the time spent during editing process and the money spent for accessories, makeup, etc. to help each shoot be distinctive

7.)  We do have a means of converting this to a potential income producing shoot. 

* Only edited, finished images with our watermark may be printed or published online.  If we finish a different image for our portfolios, you will also obtain a digital copy of this image or the series created. 


** Note**

Advice To Models As New Members:

NOTE: The following is offered as our opinions only and not to be interpreted as legal advice.  Please check with an attorney in your state or other sources to get actual legal interpretations and advice.

An extremely good site to review that will address most of your questions and concerns is


Don't forget to review the various Model Mayhem forums concerning new models. 


Our experience on MM and the experiences of the models we have photographed would lead us to share with you our opinions.

* Be prepared to be overwhelmed with all sorts of offers!

*  UNDERSTAND the different genres.  If you do not want to be pressured to do nudes, do not put any body paint, implied, or nudes in your portfolio.  Don't show these type of images unless you are willing to take the pressure to do them again.

So many models acknowledge they do "Erotic" images.  When models say they don't do nudes but do erotic, they are giving the photographer a very mixed message.  According to Webster's dictionary, erotic means 1: of, devoted to, or tending to arouse sexual love or desire,  2: strongly marked or affected by sexual desire.

* Be cautious as there are many scams!!  You can't be too cautious!!! (Beware of someone sending you a bogus check and then asking you to send portions of it to other participants in planned shoot.)  You shouldn't have to pay makeup artist's fees or studio rental fees when you are being offered a paid shoot.  Samples will be provided upon request. They will prey on you as you are new to the site or that you acknowledge you have little experience.

* Remember that any individual can set up any type of an account, thus there is no way to really know with whom you are corresponding without checking references.  A model who contacts you could easily be a photographer, etc.

* Use your common sense!  As there are over 75,000 or more female model profiles ages 18 or older in the USA, why are they contacting you?  Why fly you from east coast to west coast or vice versa?  There are plenty of models in LA or New York areas that would really make it doubtful that a real business opportunity would go for an unknown model unless you have a spectacular portfolio and possess a very unique look.

* UNDERSTAND the model release you are signing.  Test shoots or trade shoots should have a limited use or restricted model release stating the purpose for the use of the images and that the images can't be sold without additional written agreement or contract.  Paid shoots become much more complicated as the photographer is paying the model for her time and therefore can publish, sell, etc. the images they obtain unless specifically restricted by the contract.

For example, we had a model have to change the spelling of her name as a photographer had posted a series of her images in swimwear on a celebrity porn site.  When you searched her name, what showed was all the porn sites with links to the page with her swimsuit images.  She lost many lifestyle paid jobs as the result.

Therefore, you must know what you are signing but more important is to know with whom you are working!

*  If you are serious about being a true model, you must be professional at all times.  This means being early for shoots, giving proper notice if you are unable to make the shoot, and always let the photographer know if you are not planning to show.  You will be rewarded for your professionalism when working with great photographers.

There are too many models who do not cancel shoots with appropriate notice or do not show up even after positive confirmation.  This is a problem all photographers experience on this site when doing free test shoots or trade shoots.  If you want great images from one of the better photographers make sure you show up or be willing to pay for them. 


* If there is any time pressure for you to make a decision, preventing you from having the time to check out the parties involved by checking references.

* If it is difficult for you to contact references.  How do you contact references for an independent modeling agent representing a magazine?  How do you contact references if they are famous actresses, models, etc.?   

* If the email isn't professional with poor grammar, sentence structure, multiple errors, etc.

* If the email isn't personalized.

* If they describe themselves as a representative of a magazine or company and provides you a common email address through yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc. 

* If they send you payment by check and then expect you to wire money through Western Union.

* If they ask you to send additional pictures via cellphone.

* If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

A.) Your Portfolio:

* Choose your avatar wisely as this is responsible for the viewer’s first impression. Use this fact to make the choice of the images used as your favorite may not always leave the best impression. 

To place one of your images as your avatar and get rid of the (newb) box, go to 'my stuff" and than manage photos. You will find a link under your non-rated images to choose the image you want to represent your profile.  If you want your full image as your avatar, hit “skip” cropping.  If you only want a portion of the image as your avatar, then adjust the frame over your image to create the avatar image you want.

* Quality and diversity are better than quantity.  It is better to have a few great images rather than a large number of poor images.  Choose the best from the set or series, don't post all of them. 

* Self taken images from cell phones and images with other people cropped off should be removed as soon as you have 4 good images.

* DO NOT expect to get paid jobs with a portfolio containing poor images.  If you say you expect "paid only" jobs, yet don't have the images to support the request, you will not be taken seriously by serious photographers.  In this case, models have had trouble with photographers wanting more than just eye candy.

Do some free test shoots (TF) to get better images or pay for great images from a great photographer.   

* Beware if you contain nude or implied images in your portfolio expect to be asked to pose nude or implied over and over again no matter how emphatic you are in your profile about not doing nudes.

* When you state you will do nudes only when paid, beware of what message you may be giving.  You will take your clothes off for money.  What else do you do for money?  Some photographers will expect more based on the fact they have paid you. 

* Make sure your images of proper size and rotation.  Don't upload images that are too small or vertical images that are horizontal.  Doing so is a sign that you are not serious about your modeling.  Take the time and do it right and you will get the attention of respectable photographers.  Images should be at least 600 pixels in size!!!

NOTE:  You can download free or shareware software that you will you to make the necessary changes if you don't have image management software on your computer.  You can register at ZDnet.com or CNet.com in order to download the software needed. 

1.) Resizing of images: Super Simple Photo Resizer 2.0 (Windows)

2.) Rotation of image: Photo Rotator (Windows)

B.) Your Profile:

*  In general, one makes up their opinion of another individual with in 10-12 seconds.  Appearance of profile and portfolio is most important.

* For the best impression, your profile should be brief and appear professional without spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors.  It should be easy to read, not one large, rambling paragraph.  Limit the information to pertinent facts: reason for joining Model Mayhem, your modeling goals, genres that are your favorite, willing to travel or not, escort policy limitations, and a description of your personality such as relaxed, easy going, flexible vs. rigid, very particular, etc.   This is not a dating site, there is no need for information regarding family situation, marital status, medical problems, or special interests not related to your modeling.

* Do not leave blanks on stats as your images will show the truth.  A working model has to provide her height, weight, and measurements, so if you want to be seen as professional, fill in the details correctly.

* Making statements in your profile about wanting only professional photographers or no scammers does not protect you if anything, it may increase the potential of them contacting you. 

* It is better to say that you do have experience as your images should show.  You can always tell the photographer as you are discussing the shoot, the amount of experience you have had.

* Use stage name and closest big city name, not real name and town.

* Do not provide any identifying information in your profile, including contact information.  You can always provide this to a photographer after you have had a chance to review their profile and check their references.  Providing an email address in your profile will result in getting a lot of spam.

* Always check at least 3 references and try to talk to at least one of the models over the phone(ask for her phone number) as models may not put the negatives in writing.  Add to your profile that multiple references are required and will be contacted.  If you don't find any models listed under credits, then ask!!  Be cautious if they haven't worked with models on the site.  If the photographer doesn't credit models is his profile with whom you can contact nor does he credit them with their images, BE CAUTIOUS!  Always look for evidence that the photographer has repeat business, having multiple sessions with the same model.

**  Any image you place on a list will be also linked to your profile upon search!!!!  If you do NOT want to be associated with nudity, do not place nude images on your lists.

Questions for references?

1.)  Ask them if they worked with the photographer, the date and how long. 
2.)  Would they work with them again or would they refer a close friend?
3.)  Any inappropriate language, touching, or undue pressure?
4.)  How would the photographer deal with an inexperienced model?
5.)  Were they happy with the images received and were the images delivered as promised?
6.)  Did the photographer use their images as described or was there any misuse of images?  For example, submitted to porn sites, sale of images when not supposed to. etc.

* Create a list of images through the reviewing of many photographer's and model's portfolio that contain either themes, concepts, poses, wardrobe or makeup ideas that you like and are interested in emulating.  A photographer can review your list and understand your interests and desires.  Do not contain nude or implied images unless you are willing to do them with the right photographer.   When you are logged into your account, you will find a link above the image in the top right corner "add to list".  Once you find the image you like, just hitting this link will allow you to set up the list and name it.  Type of membership does determine the number of lists you can create.

We have been asked on many occasions what does a listing of an image mean.  We look at listing in two ways.  A list such as "great concepts, makeup mastery, or fantastic body art" is a collection of images which help stimulate the creative process and provides ideas from which we can expand and develop further in our shoots.  Yet other listings are used to compliment the model and show our interest in working with them.


Have you worked with Lentiart? Add Credits for Lentiart! >>


Peek-a-Boo Red

  • Model
  • Female
  • York, Pennsylvania, United States

"Learned a lot from him and photos turned out phenomenal. enjoyed the shoot and the experience out in Tennessee. Amazingly talented with the camera and gave me great advice that I will carry on through out my career"

See Sample Worked together 2-10 times; Most recent: September 2014

Kelly Nunn Martin

  • Model
  • Female
  • Atlanta, Georgia, United States

"This team is the best I have worked with! Delightful, creative, fun, and talented. I actually tried to schedule a third shoot, and still intend to. Trust these two implicitly and contact me for a reference, any time. After each shoot with Lentiart, I had several paid shoot...s follow as a result of the images we shot. If you need to travel, it will be worth your while. " more less

See Sample Worked together 2-10 times; Most recent: September 2009

Lace Grainger

  • Model
  • Female
  • Nashville, Tennessee, United States

See Sample Worked together 2-10 times; Most recent: February 2014


  • Model
  • Female
  • Huntsville, Alabama, United States

See Sample Worked together 1 times; Most recent: June 2010


  • Model
  • Female
  • Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

See Sample Worked together 2-10 times; Most recent: July 2011
What is this?

Credit Notes

This is what some of the models who have worked with us have said -

* KEYA:  Model #1200604/Makeup artist #1339684.  "I had so much fun at the photoshoot, I'd definitely refer you to any of my friends and I'm looking forward to the shoot in the near future!" ""I doubt we could capture all of the wonderful ideas we come up with in ten sessions!!"

"Haha, they really do get better and better. We have way too many ideas and not enough time and it's always more than a joy to work with you!! Looks like I'll be coming in every other week for the rest of my life before we run out of ideas, lol. "

* ANDREA: Model #1350967.  "Great Job on the photos!! They turned out flawless and perfect as always. You supported my ideas and did all you could to make things happen."

* JAMIE RAY: Model #1281755.  "I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to work with you guys. I can honestly say I had a blast! You're an amazing photographer, you have a true eye for the art. You and your wife were Very welcoming. Its not very often I feel That comfortable around new people. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you so much! .. And we will most definitely shoot again!"

* AUTUMN IN JUNE:  Model - #866757/MUA/Stylist #1240378.  "I had a great time working with you all yesterday! You guys are awesome and have so many props and ideas to choose from. Have a great weekend!"  "Thank you again for letting me work with you all. You guys are awesome to work with and I cant wait for our next shoot!"  "You and your wife are a great team.   My friend and I had a pleasant time with you guys at the shoot.  Loved the music."

*CARLY: Model #1355116.  "I never thought that at our first shoot together that we would get so many wonderful captures. Thank you so much for getting me started. I will forever be grateful. Can't wait to have another session."

*JENNA: Model #1404425.  "The shoot with you guys was the best EVER! Thank you so much for everything yesterday! I look forward to working with you two again! I am VERY pleased!!!"  "It was an amazing experience and one I truly cherish! Thank you so much for making me into such a beautiful work of art on film!"  Regarding images, "I can't narrow it down that far cause I'm so in love with so many of them!!!"

*Vega LaFae: Model #1330831.  "I had an absolute blast at the shoot! The three day working weekend was long and tiring, but TOTALLY worth it! You two made it fun and made me feel really comfortable, thanks so much for working with me! I would love to get together again!"

*Ashley: Model #1266020.  "You were an amazing group. Very professional & easy to work with & very open to the models ideas. I think we captured some amazing images & i cannot wait to add them to my Port! thank you again & hope to work with you again!"

"I just wanted to send a special thanks to you both for all the things you helped me with during our shoot. You both definitely helped me feel more comfotable & confident when i shoot.  Everything you told me & showed me really helped me in my modeling career!  I did a photo shoot last night & applied everything that you both taught me & i think it has to be one of the best yet smile

So for any model reading this, Morris & Cherry are a team that you should definitely work with, they are amazing & very helpful."
* Trista Mae: Model #700802.  "The shoot with you yesterday was amazing! I was very impressed with both you & Cherry on professionalism, honesty, and creativity. It was well-worth the 5-6 hour trip, and I will definitely be back! THANK YOU for the AMAZING pictures. Kudos to you both!"

"I'm so excited to see the pictures we created this weekend! Once again, you 2 were AWESOME!! Thanks for all the hard work and spending the time to do my shoot both days! You both are awesome, can't wait to come back to capture even more crazy images smile I'll be back, definitely! THANKS again!!"

* Shae: Model #1339133.  "Ahhh!!! I'm drowning in INcredible images!!! Just from day one, to day two, shots went from gorgeous to downright breathtaking! I can only imagine what will come of our next shoot! Thanks so much for such a relaxing, fun and inspiring shoot... You and your wife were both gems to work with wink. I'll be counting the days til we next shoot and be on my toes til I get the finished shots!"

* Stacy: Model #736553.  "I had such a wonderful time shooting with you guys again!! We always come up with the best ideas and never have enough time even though we shot for about 6 hours!! HA, HA!! I can't wait to see the finished images they are going to be soooo awesome!! You guys are the BEST!! I can't wait to come back and shoot with you both again!!!!!!! Thank you soooo very much!!!smile"

* Dani Rae: Model #1724050.  " I had a really great time enjoying the privlege of working with you two. We got some AMAZING pictures, and it wasn't just work, it was fun too  you two are really great people, and I'm soooo glad I came down to shoot and find that out. I will definitely make it a point to be in normandy TN again...to see you guys! Thanks for everything (and I mean everything.... Greattttt Pix, Advice, encouragement, etc.) I will be in touch indefinitely!"

* Katie: Model #1495315.  "Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I used some of your images to submit to a modeling internship in NY. I got it! Thank you so much! I love our images and can't wait to shoot again once I return from New York! You and Cherrie were such a pleasure to work with! Give her my love!"

* Keri: Model #1429902.  "Thank you guys so much for all of the fab images...they have helped me get so many big name paying jobs....i miss you guys cant wait to work with you again."   

* Angeline: Model #799117.  "Hey U 2!!! Hope u are well rested! Had a GGRREEAATT weekend with yaw, think we got some really GREAT pics, cant wait 2 fill my port up with em!!YYYAAAA!! yaw are the Bomb!"

"LLOOVVEEE the pics so far! yaw are awesome! thanks so much I have started looking at them and I am blown away, soooo hard to choose!"

"HEY LADIES!!Such a great team to work with,with AWESOME pics,so to update your port,or just to add some beautiful work ,book them 4 your next shot! REALLY!!!! I mean it!"

* AnnaBelle: Model #1398576.  "I absolutely had such an amazing shoot and day with you and cherry! Was by far the best experience at a shoot Ive ever had. I appreciate everything and every way your so proffesional and detailed with the beauty you create! I cant wait to shoot with you again."

* Anna: Model #1801215.  "Thank you both so much! Today was super fun! You two made the day enjoyable, (though my back hates me! smile and the images are amazing! What a creative pair you both are. I cannot thank you enough for the marvelous tips and advice which will stay with me throughout my life. Just...THANKS smile"

* Maci: Model #1853019.  "You all are amazing and make an incredible team! thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you both. You have totally recreated my portfolio and I look forward to future possibilities!"

* Angela: Model #1926065.  "Two words...AWESOME and ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Okay that's three words..but they describe my experience shooting with you guys perfectly! I had tons of fun and felt extremely comfortable working with you. You guys incorporate so much passion and uniqueness in the shoot. I can't wait to go through all of the images." 

"I absolutely love the finished products of the photos! smile I still can't believe how amazing they turned out! Everyone loves them!  Thank you guys again so much!"

Amber: Model #2093708.  "I absolutely LOVED working with them!! They made me feel so comfortable and definately helped build my confidence. I traveled a good 9 hours to work with them and it was worth every minute! I have nothing but positive things to say about my shoot with them=] I highly recommend working with Lentiart!"

Natasha: Model # 2130061.  "Thanks for great 2 days shoot!!! It was great experience and reall fun!!! You guys very professional and you know what you do!!!!I would highly recommend you you are great!!!!!!"

Irina: Model # 2170389  "I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience I've had with the two of you! You are highly professional and truly gifted, so it was definitely worth making the trip for an an extended shoot. I would absolutely love to work with you again and would recomend you to any model who is looking to create some fabulous images."

Nina: Model #2324178  "It was so wonderful meeting and working with you two today! I had an incredible time and look forward to our future shoots!! Thanks for making me feel so welcome and at home in your studio."

Emerald Tale: Model #2339073  "What a blast I had with you last weekend! I absolutely loved the comfort level, energy, creative vibes and the wonderful collaboration at your studio.

I am looking forward to the product of our efforts, and I am very challenged in picking my favorite pictures right now. There are so many!!!

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you both and create some art together. Phototshoots don't get any better than the one we shared smile All the best to you!"

Elle: Model #2473059  "Loved shooting with you all...fun, professional, laid back, and so very good at what you do!!! Looking forward to the next shoot."

Lace: Model #2431442  "First off, I want to tell you guys I had a great time shooting with you!!! C is so incredibly sweet and easy to work with! I had a lot of fun and absolutely LOVE the images that we produced : ) I had a REALLY hard time picking through them!!!  I just want you guys to know I LOVE your work and thoroughly enjoy working with you. I have never seen myself look that sexy in photos before...you are both artistic geniuses : ) I thank you for bringing out a side in me I have never seen before. Much love to you both. Hope to work with you again soon."

Fraulein VonDudenstein: Model #3328603  "i had too much fun shooting with you guys. I have alot of favorite images! dont know what to choose. i love them all! thank you again and i cant wait till the next one. I highly recommend all models that have a chance to shoot with you to jump on the chance."

Exotica:  Model #3607814  "This Saturday was one of the best modeling experiences I've had to date! Not only was this couple extremely professional, but they have an amazing studio, extensive array of wardrobe and more personality than one could imagine. What a breath of fresh air... wow. I only hope that I will be invited back, regularly!!" " Now to get back to reviewing these images... SO MANY AMAZING ONES I'm having a seriously hard time deciding!"

NOTE: As we have photographed more than 70 models from Model Mayhem, we are listing the models with whom we have had either an extended shoot, multiple single shoots, and the most recent models photographed.  The models are listed in order of those who would most likely respond when contacted.  A full list of models will be provided upon request.

Models with reference statements on their profiles.

* Kelly            770732
* Angela         1926065
* Keri             1429902
* Trista           700802
* Native Lady  2254894
* Ashley         1266020


Kelly    770732
Keri     1429902
Keya    1200604
Jamie   1281755
Hailee  1462610
Trista   700802
Jenna   1404425
Sierra   299387
Autumn 866757
Stacy    736553
Lindsay 1064107
Trinity  1272638
Lace     2431442
Tiffany  1298090

2.)EXTENDED SHOOTS: (* Most recent)

Amber              2093708 (3 days - Pittsburgh, PA.)
Angela              1926065 (3 days - Virginia Beach, VA.)
Dani Rae           1724050 (2 days - Pittsburgh, PA.) 
Angelina            799117 (2 days - Huntsville, AL)
Ashley              1266020 (2 days - Birmingham, AL)
Paula Ray          1443500 (2 days - South Carolina.)
Kimberly           1470707 (2 days - Mississippi.)
Maci                 1853019 (3 days - Louisville, Kentucky)
SebrinaLynn      1534340 (3 days - Evansville, IN.)
Anna                1623109 (2 days - Johnson City, TN.)
Emma              1142844 (2 days - Atlanta, GA.)
Shae                1339133 (2 days - Knoxville, TN.)
Amber              1518166 (2 days - Kentucky)
Vega                1330831 (3 days - Valdosta, GA.)
Courtney          1473386 (2 days - South Carolina.)
Amanda           1324491 (3 days - Knoxville, TN.)
Carly               1355116 (3 days - Knoxville, TN.)
Stephanie         1044119 (3 days - Knoxville, TN.)
Say Ra             1366718 (3 days - Atlanta, GA.)
Karina              1776929 (3 days -Baltiimore, MD.)
Emerald Tale   2339073(2 days - Ann Arbor, MI)
Native Lady     2254894 (2 days - Charlotte,NC.)
Nici               1870289 (2 days - Newton, MS)
Natasha         2130061 (2 days - Cincinnati, Ohio)
Irina              2170389 (2 days - Cincinnati, Ohio)
JKaye            2367587 (2 days- Chattanooga, TN.)
Katelinna       2377140 (4 days - Knoxville, TN.)
Melinda         2414057 (3 days - Orange Park, FL.)
Katie             2006935 (2 days - Oxford, MS)
Katelinna       2377140 (2 days - Knoxville, TN.)
* Fraulein         3328603 (4 days - Chicago, IL.)
* Connie          3355296 (3 days - York, PA.)

Most recent: (From bottom of list towards top)
Amber                          2093708 
Natasha                        2130061
Irina                            2170389
Nici                             1870289
Nicole                          2167863
Native Lady                   2254894
ABrady                         1312443
Nina                            2324178
Jess                             2253330
Emerald Tale                 2339073
JKaye                           2367587
Lace                             2431442
Katalinna                       2377140
Melinda                         2414057
Katie                            2006935
Shannon                        418073
Katelinna                       2377140 (2nd extended shoot)
Lace                             2431442
Alexandra                     1926819
Ritzy Riot                      2403762
Dianna                         1873771
EmillyGSmith                2591685
Goldstiiin                      3060213
BellaElizabeth                2892365
Ruby Octroi                   3269182
Lace                             2431442
Kristen Keel                   1839562
Fraulein                        3328603
Connie                          3355296
Exotica                         3607814


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