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Hi I'm Niki,

Thanks for looking at my pics I hope you enjoy them :)

I've been experimenting with adult/fetish photography and video over the last couple of years and whilst I reckon I've managed to pull off some pretty decent shots by myself, recently I've been trying to push things further, learn more and broaden my horizons by working with a few pro/semi-pro photographers who share a similar vision.

Think Andrew Blake meets Bob Carlos Clarke and Helmut Newton on a fetish tip rather than Bang Bros.

The area I'm primarily interested in arty black-n-white fetish/BDSM photography. Most of my pics are B+W or have a muted/reduced palette...the contrast of skin vs steel & chrome, pvc, latex, leather, rope, chains, needles, blood, sweat and querky, scenic or unusual settings. High heels, corsets, catsuits, fishnet...all good subject matter.

I'm a pro domme and the subject fascinates me so my photos tend to feature BDSM or Domme/sub themes quite prominently and whilst I'm fundamentally domme I do occasionally switch as needed when on film. I don't always make a convincing sub since it's not my natural state, but it can be doable ;)

I feel like the shots don't actually have to be explicit to be sexy and whilst I'm not averse to getting my kit off that's not really what it's about for me any more.

This also isn't really about the money for me. I'm making these images so that they exist. I get paid nicely for my Domme and cam work so getting paid for modelling is nice but it's not the driving motivation. Fundamentally I want to explore this genre and create stunning images. I'd do this even if I was the only one who ever saw the end results.

When I do a shoot I tend to put the ingredients in and have a rough idea of what I want but actually tend to just go with what works at the time. I've never found planning every detail to be that fruitful. I do try and make sure we have as many options as possible open to us at the time though, so tend to come with a fully loaded car. I'm not saying that's the only way to work and I'm open to ideas but perhaps having a similarly fluid approach might be a good thing.

To try and make things easier I've managed to distill my photographic aims down to three main areas of interest. These are basically the type of images I'm interested in producing:

1) Arty fetish shots - It doesn't have to say/mean anything, just be beautiful to look at with a fetishey type theme.

2) Implied narrative - Images which might appear to be one thing at first glance and then as you spend longer looking at them you start to uncover detail which leads you to build a mental picture of events leading up to the shot. Sometimes this just gives more detail to the existing image and other times it can change the image context entirely.

3) D/S dynamic - images which show the dynamic, or interplay between a dominant and submissive in session together.

These are *goals* and I feel like I'm still a way off achieving any of them fully. I think I've started to scratch the surface with them but there's still a lot further to explore. If a shot can do all three together that would pretty much be the holy grail for me.

If these goals resonate with you then perhaps read the rest of my profile and if you're still interested maybe drop me a message. :)


If you're considering shooting with me you should probably read this:

I'm not your average model.

I'm a stubborn, persistent, perfectionist with a desire to create great images which can on occasion drive even the most patient person to curses.

I *love* what I do which seems to give me pretty much boundless energy so an 8+hr shoot is no problem in the slightest. I'll happily sit down right after and edit/sort for another 12hrs (I generally do). So far the photographers/others have always dropped before I do.

I'm ruthlessly critical of myself and my work and whilst that can seem harsh to people I work with, I'm only interested in producing the best images I can so I guess it sorta comes with the territory.

That can mean that by the time I'm actually happy with the results, everyone around me might be exhausted/pissed-off/asleep, but hopefully the end-results speak for themselves :)

I've been retouching photos since it was done with an airbrush and consequently I tend to take an active role in the post-production too. That said I feel the best images tend to need very little work and I always try to get it right at the shutter click rather than relying on photoshop. Many of my images on here are unedited beyond a simple b+w conversion + levels tweak.

It turns out that my "OCD" goes bonkers if I'm denied access to the original shots so I've recently realised that if I don't get a dump of the card afterwards with freedom to play with ideas in photoshop I should probably pass on the shoot. The exception is of course if I'm getting paid to model in which case it's up to whoever's footing the bill which is fair enough.

The (unpaid) shoots I take part in I see as a collaborative effort, we're a team and share the proceeds (the pictures) equally just as we do the work input. I put a *lot* of time, money and effort into preparation and don't expect my hand in the production or my rights to stop as the shoot finishes. In the same vein the photographer should always get credit for their work, regardless who edited the pic. I know not everyone sees it that way but I'm probably quite unlikely to work with those people.

It's interesting that in a field where everyone is trying to distinguish themselves from their peers, everyone feels the need to do things the same. I don't and I'm proud of that.

I also prefer a "usage agreement" over a model-release which can be tailored to suit our individual requirements. The usage agreement is not intended to restrict use or prevent credit being given where it's due but to promote collaboration, versatility and fairness. So far most people I've worked with have been entirely happy to use them instead of a traditional release and I'm happy to supply examples if you're in any doubt. Details can always be negotiated too. Remember the idea is not to stop you getting what you want out of it, but the same holds true for me.

I get quite a few people who basically want Domme/BDSM sessions but try to disguise it as a tfp shoot. If you want a Domme session then that's fine, I'm happy to oblige. Please see my website for details of what I cover and rates. I work out of a very well equipped dungeon near Milton Keynes.

Currently most of my ID (female, new name) does not match my passport (male, old name) and that's not something I can fix easily - therefore I cannot travel internationally at the moment. This is something I am working on avidly but it means changing nationality which is a lengthy and expensive process so is not done yet.

Last but not least I'm now a POST-OP transsexual, ~2.5yrs on in other words I live full-time as a woman (please use female pronouns: she, her etc) have modest-sized boobs (real, no implants) and am in the process of recovering from my gender confirmation surgery (sex change). That means I'm functionally and visually the same as a genetic female (i.e. I have a vagina now), however I will be out of action for shoots and Domme sessions till Jan 2015

There was no "trans" gender option and I present as female full-time so ticked that box ;)

The pics shown have had little bits of photoshop but nothing outlandish and nowadays I try to process as little as possible.

THANK YOU very much to everyone who has sent nice messages, left tags, comments etc. It's much appreciated <3 <3 <3

btw: if you spam your website url in my tags I will delete your tag. Nx


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