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About Me

I'm a multi genre artist but I do entertain commercial propositions. 

I'll detail specific projects in castings but i have some more general polices and such. 

I'll take this one right up front.  I think all models face this question. 
In terms of nudes I do them but not as a first priority.  It's more a long term artist thing that just isn't a big rush.  Generally I don't cast very often for that but if there is even a little bit of nudity involved in a project I note it (otherwise assume it's not a requirement).  My further thought is I don't really want to be known for that sort of thing at this point and time so I don't really publish it very much.  If however you request a specific image for self promotion i would likely relent.  I do sometimes publish somewhere but it tends to fall more into the area of implied or partial.  A bit of discretionary generally and for some sort of promotion or perhaps stylistic illustration to other models.  My work in that area tends to be in black and white too.  The way I see it is when you study what they did say 100 years ago it's like a conversation.  OK that's what so and so had to say about it.  That's interesting.  What might I add to that conversation.  Human figure work though that's as old as humanity.  I look just as much at Renaissance painting as I do contemporary work.  Often more in fact.   

What's The Story On Paid Work and TFP?

In terms of what you get if I do allow for Time For Print types of stuff keep in mind I do try to keep a tight handle on quality.  The final tally of images varies by the project and circumstances. Where possible I'm willing to let people look through and flag some favorites though.  I am not a guy who gives away a copy of everything though keep in mind. 

I am also going to try offering an actual physical print package.  That's generally with the paid gigs.  It's an option.  You can earn an hourly wage, a project wage, or I'll give you prints that might sell for a few bucks someday.  Or a mix even maybe.  Details we can discuss.  Generally I find just paying a straight wage is easier than TFP but I am willing to  consider the as an element of your pay.  It is possible that on the prints if you hold them a few more years they will be worth a few hundred each.  Not a promise a possibility.  That's why I'll try offering both TFP and pay.  If the art proves valuable it cuts the models I used in on the action.  It's just usually with TFP you do it for promotional rights.  I'm offering you a set of fine art prints that might appreciate in time.  Nice ones.  How many and so on depends largely on how much you work.  Hours committed and so on. 

So your choice is TFP where you get some digital stills for self promotion or sometimes fine art prints.  Sometimes you get an offer for the digitals in your tryout but then prints later after I get to know you a bit and decide to really work with you.  And there is the straight pay options too. 

Bringing a Friend Is Welcomed

Escorts approved and even encouraged.  I ask that you get someone who is willing to volunteer to do stuff.  Makeup and hair assistance for instance is probably a plus and even holding reflectors and being a photographers assistant.  Never hurts to try something new no experience required to assist me.  In other words I think it's a good idea to bring someone but try to make it someone useful.  If you can't no sweat either just saying I'm down with it. 

The Artist-Muse Dynamic

Generally speaking I try to put people at ease in sessions.  I'd suggest being prepared to talk a bit about yourself particularly in an intro session.  I have a methodology I call Artist-Muse.  I am the artist you are the muse.  You take that relationship and define parameters around  it.  I will explain a bit but it will make your life easier trust me.  As far as what to expect though nothing like a job interview.  More like introducing yourself to someone over coffee at the library or something. 

No need to try to be something or other you might not be.  Be yourself just follow my lead.  I want to know my muse a bit more like a friend than a complete stranger.  That's all.  I know what I'm doing.  I seek to bring out the real you generally unless we are doing a thematic thing where you might want to conceal it.   

What the Artist-Muse relationship is not is say boyfriend-girlfriend if you get me. I think that's a useful thing to just spell out just based on stuff I've heard through the years.  When i work with someone who's experienced I also pick their brains for ideas a bit.  It's part of the reason I came up with the Artist-Muse system.  Sometimes things can be a bit murky because of the work environment.  Think of the Artist-Muse dynamic as s sort professional models code to work with me. 

It defines the parameters of your status in such a way that some things are rended a bit more in focus.  What it is what it isn't.  I'm talking here mostly about the artist model work but it's generally true whatever the media or approach.  Sometimes though there is a client provider dynamic too or other stuff like that.  Where you are the client and I am providing you with services.  Sometimes roles can be murky and signals get mixed so I came up with a framework to verbalize some key areas.  Feel free to articulate a question about it though if one comes to mind.  That is in fact also a pat of the reason for it. 

I do work with younger models but only under certain conditions and rules.  I think it's unfair to exclude on the basis of age basically.  I have to meet or at least speak with a parent even if you are going to be 18 next month.  I prefer to review a couple things so they understand it and they have to sign a release.  Mostly it's just about that.  Communicating my responsibilities to your legal guardian.  Even if you are 18 I still don't mind meeting them or if you want to bring one.


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