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Makeup Artist
Stephani Morss
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Phoenix, Arizona, US

Metallic body paint?

Are they any really vibrant metallic body paint that are Photo worthy? I’m looking for something to cover hands and arms..
Thank you in advanced for your input!
Jan 05 07 12:17 pm  Link  Quote 
Body Painter
BodyPainter Rich
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Sacramento, California, US

Alas, I think this question was answered most recently like yesterday.

Do a forum search for "gold" "silver" and makeup...should be plenty of info.
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Bodies of Work Photo
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Seattle, Washington, US


You can find the Mehron metallic powder on line easily.  I suggest mixing it with vegetable oil for easier cleanup than the mixer Mehron sells (or baby oil).  It will give you a great shine and not be bad for the llama at all.  It's what I've used on all my stuff in my portfolio.

Let me know how it goes and share some images!
Jan 06 07 08:16 pm  Link  Quote 
Body Painter
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Redondo Beach, California, US

Anyone know if this mixture with the babyoil can be run through an airbrush?
Jan 09 07 02:03 am  Link  Quote 
Body Painter
BodyPainter Rich
Posts: 17,927
Sacramento, California, US

I wouldn't want to gum up the works with baby oil. The mixing liquid works through airbrush fine though. Use multiple thin layers though, too thick and you won't get any flow.
Jan 09 07 04:09 am  Link  Quote 
Studio 3-1-oh
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Any and everything you need can be had at "NAMIES" in North Hollywood, California.

I have a great silver in my hand right now, but i has no name or codes to give you as a reference.

Their number is (818) 655-9922

They are a huge secret supplier to the industry in Los Angeles.
Jan 09 07 04:47 am  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Jan 11 07 10:11 pm  Link  Quote 
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