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Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hello, I am just wondering what level my retouch is right now. I've been doing beauty retouch just for a few weeks now and want to know if I am moving the right direction. Is it bad? Is it ok or fine?  I still have some problems with color correction and may be some more that you may notice.

Please, DO NOT discuss photographer's work, only editing.

Only request, please, be nice to each other. smile

Here we go!
and after
May 18 12 03:26 pm  Link  Quote 
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Scottsdale, Arizona, US

It would be helpful to see the original to compare it to, but the first thing I notice is that her lips are in perfect focus and her eyes are soft focus. That could be from the photographer though.
May 18 12 03:31 pm  Link  Quote 
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Agreed the focal points are plain frickn weird.
May 18 12 03:36 pm  Link  Quote 
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Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

May 18 12 03:59 pm  Link  Quote 
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I'm not sure how I feel about the tones of this picture.
The eyebrows need some work. I think they would actually work with the lipstick if you made them a little darker, too!
The edges of the hair are way too harsh now. I liked them better in the before image.
It seems like you lost details on the eyes, which makes it look a little funkly-weird... I think that's what the comments above this one are talking about. Maybe you sharpened everything else but the eyes... yee?

I think you are on the right direction, though! Nicely done!(:
Good luck!

It might be my uncalibrated monitor, but I see some kind of "'cyan' infection" on her right side of the hair.
May 18 12 09:23 pm  Link  Quote 
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Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Thank you so much, it was really helpful:) I did sharpen the eyes, but not sure why they fave such an effect. Going to go through the layers and see what's going on there. Thanks again:)
May 19 12 06:45 am  Link  Quote 
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