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Statua Studios
Posts: 14
Hamilton, Hamilton, Bermuda

Here is one of the toughest images I have had to retouch.  What are your thoughts?

Aug 20 12 10:34 am  Link  Quote 
Digital Artist
Posts: 6,688
Ankara, Ankara, Turkey

tough? its not tough at all...I like your approach and execution smile
Aug 20 12 11:10 am  Link  Quote 
Mike Needham Retouching
Posts: 369
Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom

Tough is a relative term, obviously. Only thing that I can see as stand out awry, is the texture on the cheek. Although it is there in the original, it would probably be best eradicated.
Aug 21 12 02:30 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 48
London, England, United Kingdom

Well done on trying to retain skin texture. There are two things that  I've noticed - there's a patch on her cheek that needs to be healed. Also, the highlight on the side of her nose makes it look a bit unnatural.

Overall, I like it!
Aug 21 12 12:16 pm  Link  Quote 
Jakub Kusmierz
Posts: 82
Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

top lip looks weird. Kinda bumpy in color. i'd smooth the colortransition there
Aug 23 12 07:26 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 403
East Newark, New Jersey, US

Looks to me like you should take the retouching back some. The eye & highlights look artificial, nice job though.
Aug 27 12 11:49 am  Link  Quote 
Tetyana Dyachenko
Posts: 112
Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine

Only mine 2 cents
You have lost face volume under  left eye and  nasolabial folds area
Sep 01 12 07:47 am  Link  Quote 
ChelleyCredible Retouch
Posts: 461
Boston, Massachusetts, US

Eye looks the same size to me. Maybe with the color pop it appears to look a tad smaller especially with the erasing of the undereye circles and mascara. The texture isn't even thru out the image. The side of the nose bridge looks awkward. I don't think a highlight looks good there. Should of just gotten rid of the finger too.  I don't feel like it has significance in the image.
Sep 04 12 10:31 am  Link  Quote 
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