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JSB Fine Art Photo
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Don Olson Imagery wrote:
I agree completely with the focusing issues I've seen with a D7000 is the operator not understanding the focus system. I have no problems at all there.
As far as 3rd. party glass I give Tamron and Sigma a wide walk around as I have had too many culls and don't have the time to do their QC for them. But I have no problems at all with Tokina. I've had several and they have all been great. Other 3rd. party glass I have that also produce are a Voigtlander 58, a close to 40 year old Kiron 105 2.8 macro, Hassleblad 110/2 Plannar T* and others. But the best bang for the buck is a Samyang built 85 f1:1.4. Doesn't matter the name on them they are just other worldly FX or DX and for $300 can't be beat.
Yes I have a lot of MF glass but also have up to date Nikkor.
I do a lot of motorsports and if I have one criticism of the D7000 it would be the smaller buffer but I think back on shooting night stock car races and rodeos in the 60's with a 4X5 and get back into that mode again and plan my shots better.

The D7000 is a great body and damned tough and sealed as well.

If AF issues surface I will figure them out.  I have been researching a lot of threads on the subject.  I am pretty happy with the D7000 so far, but I need a lot more time with it to determine its capabilities. 


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Images by MR
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Images by MR wrote:
I heart my D7000 & haven't noticed a problem with AF...  Maybe the problem their having is user & not camera...

ELiffmann wrote:
Are you shitting me?  This is with my camera set to -18 http://ericliffmann.smugmug.com/Other/Bird-Portraits/i-BHbDQBm/0/XL/DSC4230-XL.jpg  or you could just google d7000 af fine tune issues.
edit: http://www.dpreview.com/search/forums?q … forum=1034

Nope not shitting you.... but wtf do I know.

With regards to your sample.  Why was it shot with on camera flash @ f22 ?

~ MR

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