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A Craigslist ad so brilliant and poetic, I thought it a crime to keep it to myself...

Everyday looks, any heigts for national. CK jeans of calvin klein sks; Only new just hiting the ad curcuits. Large corporate casting svc studying mature gals images. Excepting All 28 plus Matured/Older a plus.. No professional models. Do you have a look that shows your desire when seeing a guy in really nice, well fitted jeans? Not the kind that cover him up but the opposite. The jeans that are very tight that shape the guys basket. You will be wearing a summer dress. We want dominate ladies who take the initative over guys.. Any age over 30 matured, assertively bold to a guy yet who is very much physically forward a talk toucher always feeling those jeans laying her hand upon his inner upper thigh as she talks to him eyeing his form/shape below the belt as the jeans shape his basket. Your hands will feel him there all day...Pay is; $700. each day to start. This job is more permanent as a spokesmodel-partner.
This promo wants to show that women are more as leaders, stronger or as domiinate as men in the world especially buisness.. Send any type photo, phone using this in subject line--; Obessed Gal to Jeans/Maria, Shanon reviewers.
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Marc Damon
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There is so much fail in that CL post it's hard (pun intended) not to just...
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Um... huh?
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Tonic Dog Studios
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Laurence Moan
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Laurence Moan wrote:

Thank God this isn't a picture of the front...

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I don't even know.
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