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Dmitriy Nikiforov
Posts: 3
Moscow, Moscow, Russia

Hi all!
Here's a good tutorial, on skin retouching without using blur and portraitura.
Feb 02 13 04:35 am  Link  Quote 
Critical Eye Studios
Posts: 131
Washington, District of Columbia, US

Thanks for Sharing.
Feb 02 13 04:50 am  Link  Quote 
Shine Retouching
Posts: 194
Chicago, Illinois, US

Nice link. Thanks.
Feb 02 13 10:59 am  Link  Quote 
Mateusz Musielak
Posts: 37
Wrocław, Dolnośląskie, Poland

nicely executed!
Feb 02 13 12:21 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 1,026
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US

So you aren't using blur but you are ADDING artificial texture? How is that a better technique?
Feb 06 13 10:25 am  Link  Quote 
Sergei Rodionov
Posts: 867
Dallas, Texas, US

Hm, thanks.

So to sum up, its healing brush on original image + dodge & burn (albeit done on middle tones) + very irritating correction of hue/saturation + fake texture with noise..

better lit image might make for better illustration though..

PS: hurts me to look at her shoulder... ;(ugh.. protruding bones..
Feb 06 13 01:03 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 56
Tegucigalpa, Distrito Central, Honduras

Interesting tutorial, thanks.
Feb 06 13 01:22 pm  Link  Quote 
Krunoslav Stifter
Posts: 3,865
Santa Cruz, California, US

Sergei Rodionov wrote:
PS: hurts me to look at her shoulder... ;(ugh.. protruding bones..


First thing I noticed. Just so distracting. No matter what the skin texture is that just defeats the purpose.

Interesting tutorial BTW.

Feb 06 13 02:30 pm  Link  Quote 
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