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Makeup Artist
Lorena Lima
Posts: 8
Miami Beach, Florida, US

Hi everyone,

I've always worked with MAC airbrush foundations and now I'd like to try the Dinair water based ones. I've been trying it on myself first and love it but I think it gets thick and dry very fast (inside the gun). I still didn't get the cleaner and I wonder if I get it will do the job of remove the foundation leftovers in the gun. I need to do 20 faces and I don't want to have the gun clogged.

PS: I never had the same problem with MAC silicone based products.
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Body Painter
Lisa Berczel
Posts: 3,991
Corona, California, US

If you're moving back and forth between silicone and water based formulas in the same airbrush - you MUST clean properly between formulas. The 2 formulas do NOT like each other and you'll have a gummy mess in no time.

Along the same lines, you MUST use a thinner AND a cleaner that is compatible with each formula or - once again - gummy mess.

The appropriate thinner should be on hand to help with drying in the gun. I fill up my airbrush with thinner whenever the gun has to sit for more than a couple of minutes. Problem solved.

I encourage Nurturing Force cleaner - it is one of the rare formulas that cleans water, silicone and alcohol base. A true multitask-er.

As to the water based formula.... let's just say I use OCC.
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