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Fort Jones, California, US

I just updated my portfolio with photos from my latest shoot.  I would like to hear your thoughts!

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Wendy Hurst Portrait
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North Salt Lake, Utah, US

I'm not sure which images are you newest so I'll just respond with an overall critique.


^ Good pose for this silhouette.


^ The lighting in this image is good but the tilt of the head is too extreme for my taste. The slant of her eyes makes a leading line guiding me into empty space. I also wish I could see her hands.


^ Great light! I love the wind in her hair.
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Posts: 31
Fort Jones, California, US

Thank you for your input.  Two of the three you mentioned were the new ones.  I'd love to hear from others . . .  I want to improve, so I can handle an honest critique.

As a bonus, My last shoot was the first time I attempted to shoot & edit a BTS video.  The models friend is a photographer/videographer as well and helped capture video as well (she shot the last 3/4th of the video) .  I did all of the post.  I wouldn't mind hearing a critique on it as well
( http://youtu.be/S9XLU3C1JlQ )

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