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Cristina Maria Solem
Posts: 33
Oslo, Oslo, Norway

Hey guys smile I`ve got two new photos in my portfolio, would love it if you could give me some feedback!


Sep 14 13 08:19 am  Link  Quote 
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Anna Adrielle
Posts: 18,763
Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium

the one in the red dress is nice, but it doesn't really sell you as a model.

the other one is an okay picture of a pretty girl, that's really all I can say about it.

They are not horrible, but not memorable either. There are millions of okay pictures of pretty girls out there, this one doesn't stand out.
Sep 14 13 08:44 am  Link  Quote 
Orca Bay Images
Posts: 32,233
Lodi, California, US

The second image is okay, but you've got better shots of you in swimsuit (such as that one of you in bikini top and cutoffs) that show skin *and* personality.

The first image does nothing for your portfolio. It's a waste of portfolio space. IMO, few silhouette shots are advantageous to a model's portfolio. An obscured silhouette is even less portworthy.
Sep 14 13 08:57 am  Link  Quote 
Marin Photography NYC
Posts: 7,235
New York, New York, US

I don't like the first, it was already explained.

The second, the edit bugs me. The face is over retouched, plastic looking.

Ditch them both, you have better in your port.
Sep 14 13 09:05 am  Link  Quote 
Mark C Smith
Posts: 857
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Poor airbrushing on the 2nd pic.

The first feels like it would be more at place in a photographer's portfolio, as other's have said it doesn't do much for you as a model.
Sep 14 13 11:20 am  Link  Quote 
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