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Makeup Artistry by Z
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New York, New York, US

I've heard great things about Laura Merciers translucent but am just wondering if it functions any different from Ben Nye, which I typically use. I do feel like the Ben Nye has to be reapplied after a while or you will be shining brighter tan a Christmas tree. Perhaps I'm just not caking enough on tho...your thoughts?
Oct 07 13 10:19 am  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
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Ann Arbor, Michigan, US

I have both. I reach for my LM way more than my ben nye
Oct 12 13 11:56 pm  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
Carmen Make up and Hair
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

It depends what finish you are looking for.  There are two translucent loose powders from Laura. One which is the 'universal' gives you a satin finish, and is pretty similar to MUFE HD as far as finish and application goes.  The other powder they have is closer to the Ben Nye powders and more matte in finish. 
I would recommend purchasing the Universal as you get quite a bit in the packaging and it gives you that great skin smoothing effect on top without compromising the dewy effects of the cream products.
If you were looking at their other powder (the name escapes me) then it would be more cost effective to purchase the Ben Nye, as they are pretty similar.
Oct 14 13 01:37 pm  Link  Quote 
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