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Makeup Artist
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Kansas City, Missouri, US

Hey I am trying to break into the world of body painting can people tell me about their experiences if any and what it was like. if you are a MUA how you got into it and what you get out of it? Thanks everybody
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Moving to stylist chat.
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Makeup Artist
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Kansas City, Missouri, US

right thanks
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Makeup Artist
Riannan the Artist
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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

I did my first official full body painting last weekend.  (see the cat like picture in my portfolio)  Does take a while.  Be patient. Plan for two hours for the makeup/painting for a shoot.  Better to have more time set aside, than not enough.
I like it and want to do more.  I started off doing mainly stage makeup and special effects on faces and stuff, but moving to the whole body is fun too smile
You've got some good skills so far, start messaging models and photographers around your area and start getting some good pictures to show off your work!!
Quality pictures to show off your work is a MUST!!!
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Makeup Artist
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Kansas City, Missouri, US

thanks I took a gander at your work and it is very cool. thanks for the advice
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Body Painter
BodyPainter Rich
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Sacramento, California, US

First...if you want to learn about bodypaint...do a forum search for bodypaint and read up, there is plenty of really good information that is already out there.

Me, I started as a day care teacher who painted faces to entertain the kids, and I did airbrush tee shirts at a flea market to make ends meet. Combined the two around '92(?) and never looked back. The first couple tries were pretty bad, but I soon learned some valuable lessons. Save your money, the makeup is not cheap and you can't be stingy with it if you want a decent result. Hook up with a GOOD photographer if you can, it will make a difference. You can have some kick ass paintings, but without good pics, no one will know.

Otherwise, just do it...and do it...and do it. Like anything practice can make a big difference. Also I would suggest you try to develop your own style. Imitation is good to get started, but many things in this business have been done to death. Also DON'T UNDERCHARGE...when you start getting paid jobs, make them pay enough to actually cover your expenses and leave a bit extra. Many guys/gals will try to do it on the cheap, but you can't get good materials on the cheap.

If you can, use petite models. Small bodies make for MUCH easier coverage. Every extra inch up or around means you have to use more makeup and know more about what you are doing to get even coverage.

Hope this helps.

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Naomi Jay
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New York, New York, US

More importantly, get models who can stand a while and that are flexible.
From a models point of view and have been painted many times myself, this is important.
They must also bend at the knees time to time. Eating and being hydrated is very important as well. Watch the blood sugar.
Make sure they know this is a timely proccess!
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Body Painter
Lisa Berczel
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Corona, California, US

Um, love to paint!

Couple of things that are a must for me:

Massage tables are GREAT. Models love them. I love them (ok, my back doesn't always). Photographers love the fact that there's more detail in the paint and model energy after the paint....

Adjustable height stool. Hubby got me one at Spencers;)

PLAN the paint... that way you don't have to paint more than what the camera will end up seeing and you can pump up the detail where it counts.

Progress shoot. What your eye sees won't be what the camera sees. White is wicked. Also pearls and the lighting demands of a trick set.
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Makeup Artist
Luna Pearl
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Chicago, Illinois, US

Seven years ago I was at the Michigan Women's Music Fest in Hart MI. and I was sitting under a tree doing some artwork, I had my paints and sketch pad with me, I was sketching a tree in front of me when a woman asked me if I wanted to help with some artwork on some naked bodies.  I said sure why not, never having painted on a human canvas before I thought I would give it a try, It was so cool and really fun.

Later that day I painted a woman's breast who was having major body image issues around her breast since breast-feeding and losing weight.  I painted a flower and a beautiful butterfly on her and she wept...she said she has felt so unattractive for so long and I made her breast look beautiful.  It never ceases to amaze me what you can do with art and a little imagination.  As they say the rest is history, have painted 100's since then, with no end is site...it can only get better from here!

Cheers ~ Risa
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Makeup Artist
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Sterling Heights, Michigan, US

Rich the Body Painter is excellent.  Find an experienced body painter and apprentice...its art like anything else, takes practice.
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Makeup Artist
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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I dont know what it's like in missouri where you're from however you should deffinitely just put up a free post on craigslist asking to watch an experienced artist work, usually they'll be flattered and have no problem with it, I was horrible however consider myself seasoned at it now having owned my own machine for 7 years...but if you had been a littl closer you could've joined me on a shoot, anyways..take care and happy fourth of July
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