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About Me

If it ain't broke, take it apart and figure out why!

I'd LOVE to shoot digital, but I don't have a firearms license!

Photoshop is somewhere you go to buy photo equipment.

Digital is for those afraid of the dark...

I shoot almost exclusively black and white low light portraits, but I do like to dabble with color slide film. If I could shoot in complete darkness I would certainly try. I like to get models to show a little personality rather than stiff and staid, or typical model shots, but they are still portraits. I like models that have good input and understand that patience is a virtue.

My work is exclusively on film with both medium format 6x6, 6x7, 6x9, 6x17 etc. and large format 4x5 and 8x10 cameras, and often work in very dark style. I regularly use 3 or 4 cameras in a single session.

I don't do anything in Photoshop that I can not do with chemistry or in the darkroom. I digitize very little, so any pictures I have in my picture page are usually permanent, but may not reflect current projects.

I don't do nude unless it's part of a shared idea, I don't do porn, I don't do cowgirls hugging trees. I would however consider a nude midget cowgirl hugging a tree just to say I had done it. It's rather pointless to get nude in front of me if I am going to be taking a photograph of your face or your foot, but whatever floats your boat is fine with me.

I like regular models, I like quick shoots, I like to meet before hand, and meet after to go over contact sheets. I like natural light and I like to shoot in stairwells. I like to shoot in the rain, and I like to shoot at night. I like to shoot at coffee shops and bars, and bus stops. I like to shoot when it's windy, and I'd like to shoot a girl named Cindy.

"Escorts" are not a problem if you ask before. A dog is not an escort.

I often want to see models I like to work with a few short times rather than one long day, since I use film and am not spraying and praying with a 1,000 digital shots in an hour. A shoot with me may involve two or three cameras, and 20 images or less in an hour for a goal of one or two "good ones". I want images that sell a period, time, expression, or emotion. Props are always something good to bring with you. Makeup and clothes are never an issue because it's YOU that becomes the image and not someone else's clothes or makeup.

I would like to do TFP with models that have vintage clothing or have a feeling for 19th century artistic photography, (corsets and bustles).

I am currently doing a series of large format studies of central Texas churches for publication, but if you want to do a quick TFP dressed as a really smoking hot nun, I might just be interested.

To answer the often asked questions:

Yes I do build cameras. Will I build one for you?... Maybe.

Yes I do own an x-ray machine. No, I don't do TFP with it.

Yes I have 5 enlargers. My favorite is bigger than I am, and has lots of

When someone asks me why I still shoot film, I answer that I'd have to spend five or six thousand dollars to buy a digital camera that can do everything my film cameras can.

Homebuilt 8x10
Eastman Kodak Number 2 view camera 5x7
Toyo 45d
Mamiya 220c
Mamiya Six
Mamiya RB67
Homebuilt 6x7 MF field camera
Agfa Isolette 1 Modifies for VERY wide angle
Agfa Isolette 3
Voigtlander Bessa 66
Kodak 3a Panorama
Kodak junior 616
Homebuilt 360 degree panoramic
Argus 35mm-- multiple m42 bodies
And another 50 cameras or parts of cameras used for parts, targets, or other purposes.

Someone once asked Jean Cocteau, "Suppose your house were on fire
and you could remove only one thing. What would you take?"

Cocteau considered, then said, "I would take the fire."

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