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Model Female Houston, Texas, US
Chicago, Illinois, US
Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Mayhem # 2838073

About Me

For those outside of MM, email me at to book me!

I am a full time Marketing/Mass Comm student taking at least 16+ hrs a semester. I ALWAYS stay on top of current bookings for upcoming trips, but I can easily get backlogged responding to returned images in email or Facebook. Please do not take it personally. I WILL eventually respond to every email but my priorities are graduating Summer 2016... I can not afford to get a bad grade in a class because I spent the night responding to emails instead of doing a project.

Travel Schedule (inquire about availability if interested to shoot while traveling)

19-21 Las Vegas, Nevada
26-28 Chicago, Illinois

2-6 Salt Lake City, Utah
16-19 Louisiana
23-26 Austin/San Antonio, Texas

6-9 Phoenix, Arizona (Arizona Shoot Out
13-16 Atlanta, Georgia
20-23 Dallas, Texas

11-14   ???
18-27 Wisconsin

-Summer 2016-

Привет! You won't scare me with crazy locations, weird props, extreme poses... but you can try smile No drama, no whining, no BS- let's just get down to work and make some great images. We can also chat about cats, flowers, happiness and sunshine. My goal is to make sure you get great images, and to promote myself in the best way possible! I want our collaboration to allow us to explore our creative needs, grow our business, or just be a fun break from the everyday grind.

I'm sorry, but I DO NOT SHOOT TF, TFCD or TFetc. unless:
1) we can trade shooting time for some awesome wardrobe
2) we can trade for travel/hotel rooms (don't let those miles and rewards points go to waste!)
3) you can hook me up with a publication that is MUTUALLY beneficial
4) you are on my top secret "PLEASE I'LL DO ANYTHING JUST WORK WITH ME!!!" list
Modeling is my job that pays my bills, and my rates cover all my hefty expenses.  TF=hungry model sad

I absolutely hate talking on the phone. I also need to have all shooting plans in writing to avoid miscommunication. MM is the best way to plan a shoot.

The no-no list
-NO tattoos, NO body modifications, NO starvation... I strive for a natural, healthy feminine figure. Yes, that means I'm a little squishy. smile

-Unfortunately, I don't have a Russian accent... but I can try to fake it and it's really funny. I can speak the language fluently however smile

My wardrobe:
Pick out what you want me to bring to our shoot. This is especially helpful when I'm traveling.

Cool hookups I can offer... let's talk about it if you need something.
-I love using for locations to shoot in. Places there tend to be more versatile than hotel rooms, cheaper, and prettier! Let me know if you want to find a location through there and I can give you a $25 off coupon for your first booking there.
-Currently saving up to buy a small condo here Hoping to buy the place by summer of 2016. I will style my home to be shooting friendly and I will be offering it as a shooting location smile
-I have a variety of Russian themed props and dress I can bring.
-My cat is an aspiring model. I'd love to get her some exposure! haha
-Can help set up shoot with the 1967 Playboy "Pinky" Mustang
-If working with me at Outside The Box Studios in Arlington, I can offer free access to the studios extensive wardrobe.
-Access to rooftop in downtown Dallas with a 360 view overlooking the city.
-Access to shooting with 2 horses for a small handlers fee (the handler is also a model... wink wink)

Cancellation Policy!
When traveling outside of Houston, I ask for a $50 deposit on any shoot! This discourages "OOPS! I forgot!" and "I don't feel like shooting today" types of cancellations. If you are concerned that I am a fraud, then 1) I can email you my flight/road trip itinerary 2) $50 is not worth my reputation, I wouldn't be successful if $50 bucks were my priority over shooting with you 3) I can offer references 4) You can always request a refund over PayPal if the shoot gets scrapped because of my error.
If you refuse to do deposits because of some terrible prior experience,  first off... sorry. Just please be ready to supply a generous reference list instead. 

Cancellation 1 week + before shoots = Shit happens. Don't worry and let's try to reschedule.
6-3 days = 20% This goes towards my time trying to re-book.
2-1 day = 50% I'm probably already in the city and now killing time at a Starbucks frantically re-booking. Sucks.
Day of = 75%. U done F***ed up! I'm pissed, and now my day is upside down!

* Deposit is always non refundable.
* Percentages of cancellation fees are calculated based on the amount left after the deposit if there was a deposit. If no deposit was made (I got sloppy and forgot to ask for one, or the shoot is in Houston) the deposit will be automatically added to cancellation fees.
* Please understand that if you are not considerate of this policy, I will not be able to reschedule with you until all fees is paid off.
*My success rate of re-booking a time slot ~4 or less days prior is pretty pathetic. I might get MAJOR lucky, or a friend books me out of pity... but 95% of the time it's gonna be time I have to waste.
*Deposits and fees are done through PayPal to If you don't have a PayPal and plan on consistently working with traveling models, it's a REALLY good idea to get signed up! I'm not the only one with a similar policy.
*Write your photography name in the memo section of the transaction so I can connect your PayPal name to your name on MM. Also, please send as Friends or Family because otherwise PayPal takes a cut.
*If for whatever reason the apocalypse happens early and 1) I die 2) your studio gets blown away by a tornado 3) it snows anywhere in the south 4) cats take over the world .... cancellation fees will be waived.


DCFP 2011- Designers Choice Fashion Preview (For AnToni Michelle, Mayhem #1565777)

Berrydog Bikinis
Lily Vaselini handbags
Hang It Up Botique
Jonathan Paul Fitovers

Femmexposure, April 2013
pages 164-175
Femmexposure, June 2013
page 17
Femmexposure, November 2013
pages 177-186
Femmexposure, July 2014
pages 146-155
Southern Vixens July 2014
pages 74-76
Femmeexposure, January 2015
pages 155-164

Luminarte 2014
Luminarte 2015
The Kinsey Institute 2015
Art Intersection- No Strangers 2015

Arizona Shoot Out, Spring 2015
Cabin Beauties 2015
Homestead Beauties 2015

A little behind the scenes fun smile


What I'd love to shoot   1306 pics

Casting Calls

Travel Notice
Sep 18, 2015 Traveling model coming to Las Vegas Sept 19-21
Local Availability Notice
Aug 21, 2015 Local model available to shoot!
Aug 21, 2015 Local model available to shoot!
Aug 21, 2015 Local model available to shoot!
Aug 21, 2015 Local model available to shoot!



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