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ALOHA!! Welcome and thank you for stopping by my ModelMayhem page. I just recently moved back home to Oahu, Hawaii after living in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 4 years. Unfortunately, I am no longer taking TF shoots, UNLESS I feel your work can benefit my portfolio. If you are interested in scheduling a photoshoot, please feel free to contact me at anytime for my rates or any questions that you may have. I will try to respond to your inquiries as promptly as possible. If you have any concept ideas for a specific shoot, I am extremely flexible and will try to accommodate your suggestions to the best of my ability. I hope to hear from you soon.

ALOHA and much MAHALO!!
Joseph Joel Baldueza


I would like to thank the following people, who helped me establish my photography career through the years, on and off camera:

Adriana Lynn (Los Angeles Model/MM #419669)*
Adrienne Lampitelli of Hawaii Pacific University
Aiko Tanaka (Los Angeles Model, Actress & Comedian/MM #814293)*
Aimee French (Miami & Kauai Model/MM #864196)
Alexia Rivera (San Diego Model/MM #592353)
Alexis Lopez (Los Angeles Model & Actress/MM #635774)
Alicia Mendiola (Seattle Model/MM #5595)
Alijah Lee (Las Vegas Model)
Alina Raine (Oahu Model/MM #1080285)*
Alyssa Lei (Oahu & Portland, OR Model/MM #487437)
Amber Shea aka "Star" (Oahu Model/MM #33399)
Amber Won (Oahu & Las Vegas Model)
Angelica Nieto (Oahu & Houston Model/MM #1186944)
Angie Shin (Oahu Model)
Annaliese Marie (Kauai & Oahu Model/MM #479302)*
Anneliese Alegria (Oahu Model)
Annie Violet (Los Angeles Model/MM #1754389)*
Ariana Chituck (Oahu Model/MM #1835921)
Ashley Akiko (Oahu Model)
Ashley Cee (Oahu Model/MM #371248)
Ashley Malia (Bay Area Model/MM #444466)*
Ashly Nichole (Los Angeles Model/MM #806918)
Aubrey Okamoto (Oahu Model)*
Aubrie Marie Allen (Oahu Model)*
Ayanna Jordan (Los Angeles Model & Musician/MM #664566)
Beckie Joon (Los Angeles Model & Musician/MM #618905)
Camay Doan (San Diego Model/MM #521721)
Casandra Danielle (Los Angeles Model/MM #801749)
Cassandra Silva (Kauai Model/MM #852154)
Catherine Siera (Las Vegas Model/MM #1677965)
Charmaine Glock (Seattle Model/MM #1640108)
Chelle Torres (Oahu Model/MM #1951403)*
Chellanne Taclan (Oahu Model)
Chellsee Lynn (Los Angeles Model)
Cherry Lei (Oahu Model/MM #2743143)*
Chloe Minami (Oahu Model)
Christa Cassandra (Los Angeles Model)
Christine Mendoza (Los Angeles Model/MM #735594)
Christine Kim aka "Mochi" (Oahu Model)*
Ciarah Lee (Las Vegas Model)
Cindy Cruz (Bay Area Model/MM #61856)*
CJ Miles (Las Vegas Model)*
Cynthia Karina (Los Angeles Model/MM #1183951)
Damien McLean of Get'em Boy Apparel
Dani Awakuni aka "Princess Dani" (Oahu Model/MM #196529)
Danny Mabalot of Fight Stop
Dayle Akamine (Oahu Model & MUA/MM #1186366)
Dayna-Marie (Oahu Model)
Desiree Foote (Los Angeles Model & MUA/MM #809659)
Diana Walser (Oahu Model/MM #780707)
Dollz for Days (Maui Clothing Designer)
Donna Pai (Oahu Model/MM #1681145)
Eddie of V3 Promotions (Oahu Club Promoter)
Edwin Recon of Recon Videos (Las Vegas Videographer)
Elysia Grae (Oahu Model)
Eunice Kaye (Las Vegas Model)
Evelyn Lin (San Diego Model & Actress/MM #396651)
Faline Song (Los Angeles Model& Photographer/MM #300380)
Fines Pena (Los Angeles Model)
Flora Oh (Seattle & Oahu Model/MM #768165)*
Francine Dee (Las Vegas Model/MM #1334986)
Get'em Boy Apparel (Clothing Designer/MM #1607706)
Gia Lyn Figueroa (Oahu & Los Angeles Model & Actress)
Giana (Oahu Model)
Gina Barone (Las Vegas Model/MM #729848)*
Gina Tee Chouem (Bay Area Model)
Gwendolynne Gee (Las Vegas Model/MM #1878349)*
Hanson Nguyen of Level H Promotions (Oahu Club Promoter)
Hawaii Pacific University
Heather Zi (Los Angeles Model/MM #750982)
Heatherlyn Borja (San Antonio Model)
Honey Jo (Los Angeles Model/MM #750066)*
Ivonne Machado (Oahu Model/MM #200420)*
Jacqueline Lee (Oahu Model)
Jai of Exotic Visions Inc. (Oahu MUA/MM #627568)
Jaime Ignacio (Oahu & Hawaii Model)
Jamie Serikaku (Oahu Model)*
Jamie "Miwako" Wright (Oahu & Portland, OR Model)*
Jane Loo (Oahu Model)
Jannie Gonzales (Oahu Model/MM #693926)*
Jaynne Bantolina (Oahu Model)
Jaz Chun (Oahu Model)*
Jenn Le (Los Angeles Model/MM #1232445)
Jenn R. (Oahu Model)
Jenn Tran (Bay Area Model/MM #1747619)
Jenna Lane (San Diego Model & MUA/MM #94048)
Jenni Lush (Las Vegas Model/MM #1317807)*
Jennifer Chong (Oahu Model)
Jenny Love (Las Vegas Model/MM #1161279)*
Jessica Ann (Bay Area Model/MM #1196308)
Jessica Johnston (Oahu Model/MM #1146929)
Jessica Tavares aka "Jessexy" (Oahu Model/MM #1008955)*
Jewelyn TamSing (Las Vegas & Oahu Model/MM #563803)*
Jillian Marisa (Las Vegas Model/MM #843155)
Jinda Paine (Bay Area Model)
Jo Mabel Arias (Los Angeles MUA/MM #819498)
Jo Vegas (Oahu Model)
Jobelle Asto (Oahu MUA/MM #1796262)
Jodi Rementer (Oahu Model)
Joel Dagulo aka "Mr. Jae" (Oahu Photographer)
Joey Williams aka "J. Will" (Oahu Model/Photographer)
Jorge Rivera of No Way Out Entertainment
Jossilyn Miller (Oahu Model)
Julie Mai (Los Angeles Model/MM #1755476)
Justine Alexis (Oahu Model)
Kaila Yu (Los Angeles Model & Musician/MM #56485)
Kamai Lei (Maui Model/MM #639826)*
Karina Chavez (Portland, OR Model)
Kary-Leigh (Los Angeles Model)*
Kat Gutierrez (Los Angeles Model)
Kat Riel (Oahu & San Diego Model & Actress/MM #388216)*
Katerina Lynne (Bay Area Model/MM #702753)
Kay Bae (Las Vegas Model/MM #1947433)
Kay Lee (Dallas Model/MM #378178)
Kellene Chun (Oahu Model)
Kendall Starr (Bay Area Model/MM #1214890)*
Khyanna Song (Las Vegas Model)
Kiana Pan (Seattle Model)
Kimberly Michele (Oahu Model/MM #453055)
Kimmy Kay (Bay Area Model)
Kristy-Lei (Los Angeles/Bay Area Model/MM #1698690)
Kristyn Nicole (Virginia Beach Model/MM #482114)
Kylie (Las Vegas/Oahu Model/MM #1683640)*
La Dolce Vita Clothing (Los Angeles Clothing Designer/MM #2320938)
Lan Dai (Oahu Model)
Lannie Huynh (Oahu Model)
Lauren Whitney (Los Angeles Model/MM #149519)
Leah Marie (Portland, OR Model)
Lenore Huynh (Los Angeles Model/MM #732101)
Lilli Green (Las Vegas Model/MM #315434)*
Lily Figuera (Los Angeles Model/MM #1034680)*
Lily Zenna Wang (Las Vegas Model/MM #2015745)*
Lisa Alexandria (Bay Area Model)
Lisa Kim Fleming (Los Angeles Model/MM #1609734)
Lori Lee (Oahu Model/MM #777733)*
Makana Wahinepio (Oahu Model)
Maria Blankevoort (Los Angeles & Las Vegas MUA/MM #528122)
Maria Zhang (Oahu Model/MM #1301627)
Maricar Peralta (Oahu Model)
Maricel Abadilla aka "Geega" (Oahu Model/MM #707342)
Marie Tran (Los Angeles MUA/MM #676177 & Model/MM #1081530)
Mariko Marie (Oahu & Los Angeles Model/MM #1880345)*
Marissa Kuroda aka "Rissa Kaye" (Oahu & Bay Area Model/MM #107090)
Marlene Baldueza (Oahu Musician)
Mars Maylani (Bay Area Model/MM #1470870)*
Mary Secretaria (Oahu Model)
Mayra Rowley (Dallas Model)
Meileen Ramos (Oahu MUA/MM #587974)
Meleana (Oahu Model)*
Melissa Marie Soto (Oahu Model/MM #1124440)
Melvie Cuestas (Oahu Model)
Michelle Ah Sam (Oahu Model)
Michelle Frijas (Bay Area Model/MM #3976181)*
Michelle Sanchez (Los Angeles, Kauai & Oahu Model/MM #197029)
Michelle Yee (Los Angeles Model/MM #2147640)
Mila Deguzman (Los Angeles & Las Vegas Model/MM #1174745)*
Mimi (Oahu Model)
Mimi Le (Bay Area Model)
Myris Guballa (Los Angeles Model/MM #557692)*
Nalani (Oahu Model)*
Nana Kay (San Diego Model/MM #497114)
Nancy Li (Oahu Model/MM #898080)
Naveire Pimentel (Seattle Model/MM #519041)
Nelly of V3 Promotions (Oahu Club Promoter)
Nessa Rae Apostol (San Diego Model/MM #1874279)
Nhi Kim Do (Las Vegas & Los Angeles Model & Actress/MM #464071)*
Niki Taylor (Oahu Model/MM #377776)*
Nikki Kahea (Los Angeles Model/MM #1744614)
Nikki Sotelo (Oahu Model)
Nina Brunello (San Diego Model/MM #681501)
Nina Carla (Bay Area, Los Angeles & Las Vegas Model/MM #87165)
Noe Lani (Oahu Model)
Olivia (Oahu Model)
Pauline C. (Oahu Model/MM #845900)
Phillip Koumalasy of High Vibe Entertainment (Minneapolis Promoter)
Paula Christy Vu (Oahu Model)*
Pualei Lani (Oahu & Los Angeles Model/MM #11682)
Rachelle Sison-Carinio (Oahu Model/MM #788310)
Racine M. (Los Angeles & Oahu MUA/MM #1114408 & Model/MM #1298622)
Ranice (Portland, OR Model)
Raquel Mullen (Oahu Model/MM #743976)
Rhi Hotta (Oahu Model)
Rick Havoc
Risa Omine (Los Angeles Model/MM #1264551)
Risa Xu (Las Vegas Model/MM #330606)
Rose Corpuz (Oahu Model)
Rubie May (San Diego Model/MM #1598467)
Ryan Johnson aka "Poor" (Oahu Musician)
Sandra Wong (Los Angeles Model/MM #2334743)
Sara Beth Toti (Hampton Roads Model/MM #525570)
Stacey Lau (Oahu Model/MM #1815503)
Shadelle Jones (Oahu Model & Photographer/MM #1315291)
Shaeja Lee (Oahu Model)
Shanae Kinimaka (Oahu Model/MM #1313611)
Shanel Aguero (Oahu Model/MM #894732)
Shayna Fernandez (Oahu Model)*
Shayna Jae (Los Angeles & Bay Area Model/MM #558500)
Sheleen Dee (Oahu Model/MM #657979)*
Sheryl Sharma (Bay Area Model/MM #1714545)
Shirley Leong (Boston Model/MM #3101390)
Sondra Barker (Los Angeles Model & Actress/MM #234383)
Soniya Leigh (Los Angeles Model/MM #1297809)
Stacey Lau (Oahu Model)
Stephanie Caicedo (Washington DC Model/MM #843228)
Sunny Phuket (Oahu Model)
Tanya Su (Las Vegas Model/MM #628307)*
Tasha Woodfall (Oahu & Las Vegas Model/MM #347010)
Teresa Bringas (Oahu Model/MM #7198 & MUA/MM #555771)
Teresa Kang (Bay Area Model/MM #1095141)
The P of The P Management
Thuy Loc (Bay Area Model/MM #2144145)*
Tia Tanaka (Los Angeles Model & Actress)
Tiara Aleina (Oahu & Los Angeles Model/MM #404049)
Tida Tanha (Las Vegas Model/MM #813379)
Tiffany Pestana-Breaux (Oahu MUA/MM #564862 & Model/MM #612448)
Tiffany-Paige (Oahu Model)
Tina Dee (Dallas Model/MM #895111)
Tonary (Los Angeles Model/MM #894833)
Toni P. Farley (Oahu MUA/MM #571709)
Tori Ninetails (Oahu Model)
Tracy Nova (Las Vegas Model/MM #187278)
Tyler Houston (Dallas Model & Actress/MM #492112)
V3 Promotions
Vanessa Foster (Oahu Model)
Vanessa Vo (Bay Area Model/MM #818277)
Vannie Huynh (Oahu Model)
Veronica Lau (Oahu Model)
Wendy Ho (Los Angeles Model/MM #664537)
Wendy Lopez (Los Angeles Model)
Xi Chen (Los Angeles Model/MM #1362869)
Yumi Doll (Oahu Model)
Yurie Yoshikawa (Oahu Model)
Yvonne Walker
All of my family and friends for your unwaivering support!!

I apologize in advance, if I missed anybody.

* Denotes two or more photoshoots.


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