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Aug 31, 2017
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Sep 22, 2009
6' 2"
198 lbs
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About Me

Modeling for me began with figure drawing and evolved through portrait and figure painting, photography, sculpture, life casting, Nantaimori, body paint, special-effects, live art installations, fashion fit, runway, print (editorial and advertising), fashion parties, boutique shows, film, fundraisers, workshops, and a variety of special events. Venues have included classrooms, studios, outdoor locations, theater and sound stages, film sets, art galleries, museums, conventions, and public places with dense populations. I modeled underwater once but did not perform well. I hope to improve and prove that capability soon.

I’m comfortable working solo or with other talent and crew as a team. I don’t require a closed set or special consideration that may be costly or inconvenient for the production or classroom. My professional demeanor is comfortable and comforts others. Martial arts expertise and public speaking experience occasionally complement a production need. My modeling experience has accrued to this surprising scope of genres and venues in over 20 countries.

I'm dedicated to sensible daily health and fitness activities. My current physical condition and appearance is comparable to the image depictions of the last several years but now with longer hair. I maintain a groomed appearance otherwise with no tattoos, piercings, dyes, tan lines, or other alterations that may distract figure studies, fashion presentations, or may challenge the limited time makeup artists may have to work with. My fit athletic build is also entirely natural with no cosmetic alterations, supplements, chemical enhancements, or cyclic diet manipulations that might prevent me from helping with a short-notice need on any given day. My state of readiness is constant.

I wish to continue this educational adventure and strive to perform better as a model with expanded capabilities and an improved physique. My artist/model partner (MM# 2539503 & 2481616), photography practice (MM# 1152768), and new instrument developments are life’s current priorities. I continue to model a few small jobs each month typically, and something big once in a while. I’ve been very fortunate to work with many notable artists, teachers, and producers. Yet with a humble personality I'm often honored to simply serve an aspiring artist, student assignment, or to provide the rare opportunity for an artist to simply practice without pressure. Although the majority of my assignments are compensated, I remain open to trade and charity for select collaborations and worthy causes.

I’m the 2007 founder of the Acadiana Models Guild, originally organized to overcome social stigmas and provide models of good work ethic and character for classrooms, open sessions, and artist projects. The practicing figure drawing artists included fashion and costume designers, sculptors, feature-film SFX artists, fantasy illustrators, and other professionals who needed reliable models for various production projects. The guild functions expanded further to provide helpful and protective educational programs for models of all genres. The New Orleans Models Guild has a distinguished history predating the Acadiana Models Guild. My wife and I assumed leadership mid-2015 by request of the founders and supporting artists. These guilds are not-for-profit trade associations open to freelance and agency-signed talent, union affiliated or independent without bias. We intend to serve the arts communities of New Orleans and Acadiana equally well. We are currently seeking highly-qualified volunteers for statewide expansion chapters to address industry ethics problems in other regions.

Notable events served as a model:

Naturally Naughty in NOLA, Marriott New Orleans, May 2017
- Solo performance body paint from nude & showroom tour
* A signing conference for the authors of romance novels
Sex Live, Cafe’ Istanbul, New Orleans, May 13 2017
- Solo performance body paint from nude on stage
* 2nd body painting of same day
Craig Tracy, fine-art production, New Orleans 2017
- Most recent body paint set on May 13 2017
Diego Larguia, Life Painting Class, New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, 2017
- Same long pose set April 3rd, 10th, 24th, & May 1st
Drums in the Swamp, Springfield Louisiana 2016 & 2017
- Body painting demos from nude each year
Auseklis Ozols, Life Painting Class, New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, 2017
- Same long pose set March 16th, 23rd, 30th & April 6th
All Things Erotic, JoMar Visions, Houston TX, February 2016 & 2017
- 3-model 3-hour nude living statue erotic art installation
- 20-minute 3-model black-light neon body-paint performance art
- Theatrical fetish performance with model wife and audience interaction
+ Erotic photo art exhibit as photographer
11th Annual Antenna Draw-A-Thon, November 2016, New Orleans
- Nude life modeling solo & couple poses for ~200 artists
NYC Bodypainting Day 2016, 2015, 2014, Andy Golub+, New York City
- Public body-paints from nude by multiple artists
* Locations included Times Square & Manhattan + city tours
Camo Body Paint in Central Park by Avi Ram, New York City 2016
- From nude in a public couple pose with wife Angela Rene’ Roberts
LaFete 2016, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, New Orleans
- Many body paints modeled in group jams from g-string & nude
* Included public shows at Balcony Music Club, Blue Nile, & Voila
Living Art America, Atlanta, October 2013, 2014, & 2015
- Body-paint workshops for multiple instructors
- Competition paint for Liliana Hopman of The Netherlands
* Married in finale performance of 2015 Body Art Cabaret!
Living Art Greensboro, North Carolina 2014 & 2015
- Competition body paints both years by Angela Rene’ Roberts
World Bodypainting Festival & Competition, Austria 2008, 2009, 2010, & 2015
- Body paints & SFX in multiple workshops taught by renowned artists
- Competition paints for Christina Davison & Bethany Dardant of USA
- Competition paints for Mem Bourke & David Minifie of New Zealand
- Competition paint for Maria Mormile of Australia
+ Fine Art Installation 2015 World Award win for Emma Cammack of UK
+ SFX Makeup 2009 World Award win for Yolanda Bartram of New Zealand
“Oh Beautiful” documentary by Natalie Fletcher, Sunset LA March 2015
- Wife and I body painted by Natalie Fletcher for film & book
* 2 people painted in each of 50 United States
Kim Bernadas, Figure Sculpture Class, New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, 2014-15
- Long pose sets November 13th, 20th, December 4th, 11th, 20th, January 3rd 2015
Craig & Ashley Tracy Wedding, French Quarter, New Orleans LA, November 2014
- Body paint from nude by Craig Tracy, Angela Rene’ Roberts & Brittney Pelloquin
PRIDE Fund-raising Event, Fame Nightclub, September 2014
- Live public body-paint from nude by Angela Rene’ Roberts
PRIDE Fund-raising Auction, Fame Nightclub, August 2014
- Live nude figure drawing for auction by artist Kay Jeansonne
Kim Bernadas, Figure Sculpture Class, New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, 2013
- Long pose sets November 20th, December 4th 6 hours & December 5th
Jasmine Club, variety of themed events, New Orleans 2010-2013
- Modeled body paints & fetish fashion as a themed party host
- Provided other models & artists
+ Erotic photo art exhibit as photographer
Arts Co-op Gallery, Figure & Body Art Show, Lafayette Louisiana Art Walk 2012
- Body-paint live from g-string in themed art show
+ Nude figure photo exhibit on canvas as photographer
Party Erotique, Princess Caroline, House of Blues, New Orleans 2011
- Modeled fetish attire & assisted product line representation
Ecosex Symposium, Center for Sex & Culture, San Francisco June 2011
- Guest speaker & model as nude co-panelist
Face and Body Art International Convention (FABAIC) May 2008-2011, Orlando
- Body paints & SFX in multiple workshops taught by renowned artists
* Modeled/showered up to 4 cycles daily each year
- Competition paint for Christina Davison of Texas
- Competition paint for Melissa Bertrand of Connecticut
- Competition paint for Robbie Hay of Ohio
Tableau Vivant of the Delirium Constructions, Brooklyn NYC 2011
- Nude performance model in 120-model + musicians in tableau vivant
* Included dance choreography & complex vocal harmony
* See the extensive credits at
Painted You, Yale Clubs Crawl, Melissa Bertrand, New Haven CT 2011
- 1 of 4 body painted for promotional Yale night scene tour
Photographing the Male Model, Workshop, Dennis Nauert's Studio, Austin TX 2011
- Non-erotic & erotic male nude group photography workshop
Transmogrify, wearable art show, Old Governor’s Mansion, Baton Rouge LA 2011
- Body paint, headdress, & special-effects on walk & dais
North American Body Painting Championships, Dallas TX 2011
- Themed competition body paint & stage performance
Fetish Black V, Jimmy’s Rope Art, Eke Belgium 2011
- Mummification + rope / bamboo suspension & performance
Maskerade, Body Paint Ball ( Venlo Netherlands 2010
- Matching couple body-paint & stage show
Shiva’s Fetish Castle, Antwerp Belgium 2010
- Custom leather fetish fashion for American designer
- Extreme Restraints leather ensemble for floor & scene assistance
Diamond FX, Book Production Project, Colombia South America 2010
- Several body paints with adhesive cover and from nude
Party Erotique Fashion Show, House of Blues, Dallas TX 2010
- Extreme Restraints leather ensemble catwalk & fashion party
Living Canvas, Body Paint Competition, Hoogstraten Belgium 2010
- Body paint contest & stage performance
Living Gallery Project, Brooklyn Jazz Cafe’, Dallas TX 2010
- 8.5 hour body paint + baroque box show, mingle, after-party
NudeNite, (art show), Tampa FL, ?March ?2010
- Draped & nude poses as living art in baroque picture frames
Source Festival, Maui 2010
- One of many Avatar body paints from nude
Face Painting & Body Art Convention, workshops, Las Vegas, 2010
Australia’s first IMATS, Sydney Australia, 2009
Day 1 demo of World SFX Award win by Yolanda Bartram
Day 2 demo of anatomy & illusion by Maria Mormile
Illusion magazine publication project, Casltemaine Australia 2009
Body paint jewelry illusion by Ambah O’Brien
Dog Rocks project, Ambah O’Brien, Casltemaine Australia 2009
Body paint & shoot at Aborigine ceremony location
Melbourne Camera Club, Bogus Body Paint Jam, Melbourne Australia August 2009
- Egyptian themed body paint in group environment
Pharaohs Purr Party, Melbourne Australia, August 2009
- Atmosphere and host assistance as body-painted theme model
New Zealand Body Art Awards, Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland New Zealand July 2009
- Body art with headpiece, transition props, & stage performance
Runway Fashion Show, Earnest Diaz, Whispers, Houston December 2008
- Military underwear & Caligula erotic garment designs
Artistic Allure, Art Walk Body Paint Show, Lafayette LA November 2008
- Formal attire illusion from nude with female partner
* Toured Art Walk stops after studio work
UK Face and Body Art Convention, Telford England October 2008
- Workshop & demo body paints
- Gold powder suspension as Oscar for Hollywood-themed gala
Artistic Allure, Art Walk Body Paint Show, Lafayette LA August 2008
Male & female medieval theme chess piece constructions from nude
Artgasm 2008, erotic art show, New Orleans June 2008
- Body paint from nude + floor show in large public assembly
Bodies Alive, Agostino Arts (of NYC) Performance, Orlando FL May 2008
- Neon body paint over garments & choreographed team performance
Juan Angel Lopez, Large-scale (6’) Show of Paintings
- Photo references from various nude scenes
Temple Restaurant and The Shinto Lounge, Minneapolis MN 2007
- Nantaimori as male counterpart to Nyotaimori model
Runway Fashion Tour, Oleg Cassini (RIP March 17 2006), Q1 2006
- European & U.S. cities + New York City show & funeral

Figure art instructor/organizers served more than once in south Louisiana:

Jaik Faulk, University of Louisiana at Lafayette CE Potpourri (figure drawing)
Kay Jeansonne, Instructed Class in Home Studio (clothed figure painting)
Sandra Burshell, Fairgrinds Coffee, New Orleans (figure drawing)
Mike Stracener, Twisted Ink Tattoo Studio, Lafayette LA (figure drawing)
Leon Hinson, New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts (figure drawing & painting)
Diego Lauria, New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts (figure painting)
Auseklis Ozols, New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts (figure painting)
Camille Banuchi, Achilles Art School, Lafayette (figure drawing)
Carol Peebles, New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts (figure drawing)
Malaika Burke, Sailor's Cross Figure Drawing, New Orleans (figure drawing)
Kim Bernadas, New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts (sculpture)
Carol Peebles, Blue Easel Club, New Orleans (portrait & figure drawing)
Julia Gravois, Mid City Studios, New Orleans (figure drawing)
Mark Richard, University of Louisiana at Lafayette CE Potpourri (figure drawing)
Kay Jeansonne, Lafayette Arts Association (portrait & figure drawing)
Crusty Drawing Club, open-sessions at artist homes in Acadiana (figure drawing)
Jeff Fuchs, individual and open group sessions, New Iberia (figure drawing)
Juliette Paul, Nunez Community College, Chalmette (figure drawing)
Daphne Loney, Delgado Community College, New Orleans (figure drawing)
Laura D'Alessandro, Nunez Community College, Chalmette (figure drawing)
Paul Forstall (Connie), Forstall Art Supply, New Orleans (figure drawing)
John Wettermark, 2001 Magazine St Gallery, New Orleans (figure drawing)
Jeromy Young, Gallery 912, Lafayette (figure drawing)
Camille Banuchi, Frederick L'Ecole Des Arts, Grand Coteau (figure drawing)
Dr. Paulette Blanchet, Acadiana Oncology, Lafayette (figure drawing)
Scott Sinclair, University of Louisiana at Lafayette (figure drawing)
Artistic Allure Gallery [self-owned], Figure Drawing, Lafayette (figure drawing)
*Many more life drawing classes and sessions modeled during travel worldwide.

Additional individual figure artist references include:
Steve Nelson
Dr. Nancy Kohn
Dr. Paulette Blanchet
Dr. Bill Edwards
Gail Smith
Dr. Jeannie Kraemer
Suzanne Alexander
Ronnie Collins

Body painters and special effects makeup artists modeled for worldwide include:
*denotes multiple paintings

Angela Rene' Roberts*, Louisiana
Craig Tracy*, Louisiana
Kallie Bryant, Louisiana
Avi Ram, Florida
Matthew Denton Burrows, New York
Michelle Heffner, Maryland
Cindy Farslow, Texas
Ezia Leach, Connecticut
Elaine Tindill-Rohr, Alabama
Madeline Greco, North Carolina
Scott Fray, North Carolina
Virginia Vera, Uruguay
Natalie Fletcher, Oregon
Revonne Carter*, North Carolina
Brittney Pelloquin, Louisiana
Emma Cammack, UK
Mary Finney, North Carolina
Liliana Hopman*, Netherlands
Amanda Lewis-Evans, North Carolina
Margi Kanter, Illinois
Frederick Mead, Louisiana
Meghan Thomas, Canada
Cathy Newton, Georgia
Sophie Houser, Florida
Paul Hernandez, Florida
Tiffany David, Florida
Katie Hunt, Canada
Tanya Falgout, Louisiana
Carey Hamburg, Louisiana
Aimme Stoddard* (future involvement avoided)
Robbie Hay*, Ohio
Cat Camp*, Florida
Melissa Bertrand-Domogala*, Connecticut
Julie Fusilier*, Louisiana
Sandra Hu, Louisiana
Lymari Millot, California/Mexico
Natalie McGriff, Florida/Lithuania
Shay Armstrong*, Wisconsin
Kat Beringer, Illinois
Luis Stigmata, Colombia
Lynn Schockmel*, Luxembourg
Natasha Kudashkina, Russia/Canada
Mem Bourke*, New Zealand
David Minifie*, New Zealand
Nicole Heydenrijk, New Zealand
Brook Savage, Dallas
Deva, New York
Lisa Rickels*, Mississippi
Larissa Symbouras, New Jersey
Bert Scarbrough*, Georgia
Leslie Long, Georgia
Carolyn Roper*, England
Wolf Reicherter, Germany
Alex Hanson (future involvement avoided)
Ambah O’Brien*, Australia
Gina Nomachi, Australia
Juliet Bradford, Australia
Yolanda Bartram*, New Zealand
Maria Mormile*, Australia
Clark Smith, Australia
Christina Davison*, Texas
Bethanie Dardant*, Louisiana
Nicky Armond, Louisiana
Jared Guilliot, Louisiana
Vanessa Hughes, Nevada
Angela Vincent, Louisiana
Stephanie Karam, Louisiana
Christine Marsh, New York
Tatiana Ochoa, Mexico
Krystal Nelson, Utah
Susie Pearce, Louisiana
Jan Collison, Texas
Bethany McLean, Georgia
Jennifer DelCampo, Florida

...and for workshops taught by:
Georgette Pressler, Florida
Jay Bautista, Florida
Yolanda Bartram*, New Zealand
Wiser Oner, Colorado
Rachel Deboer, Hawaii
Maria Mormile, Melbourne Australia
Carolyn Roper*, London
Wolf Reicherter, Germany
Alex Hansen*, Brasil/Canada
Nick Herrera, Florida
Ginny Colangelo, Boston
Christina Davison, Amarillo TX
Mark Greenawalt, Arizona
Christopher Agostino, Long Island NY
Emma Cammack, London

Photographers for dedicated shoots include:
Errol Jackson, Houston TX
Ted Carter, New Orleans LA
Cat Leigh, Lafayette LA
Gabriel Black, New Orleans LA
Paul Bunker, Austin TX
Julie Fusilier, Baton Rouge LA
Trish Reed, New York City
Richard Priest, Houston TX
Jenna Black, Las Vegas NV
Richard Rasner, Los Angeles CA
Kenneth Wilks, Baton Rouge LA
Brandy Mitchell, Lafayette LA
Amy Copeland, Lafayette LA

Student Photographers for dedicated shoots include:
Andy Green, Houston TX USA
Paris Noel, Lafayette LA USA
+several anonymous school assignments

Photographers within group art events include:
Phil Brown, Lafayette LA
Mark Williams, New York City
Thomas Ledford, Georgia
Miron Abramovici, Berkeley Heights NJ
Dawn K Chase, New York City
Tray Searles, New Hampshire
Jake Royal, North Carolina
Craig Shaffer, Lynchburg Virginia
Dez Santana, New York City
Alison Gail, New York City
Chris Narvaez, New York City
Christopher Burris, New York City
Doug Mokaren, North Carolina
Sarah Small, New York City
Cecilia De Bucourt, New York City
Richard Johnson, Orlando FL
Lisa Konz, Orlando FL
Rafael Colon, Tampa FL
Shay Armstrong, Wisconsin
Vera Curnow, Melbourne Australia
+many more covering various events such as the World Bodypainting Festival
*Many unknown publications result; sometimes found later by surprise

Modeled photography workshop for:
Robert San Romain & Dennis Nauert, Photographing the Male Nude Workshop, Austin TX
*I would like to build more photography workshop experience

Massage and anatomy classes include:
Blue Cliff College, Lafayette LA
IMATS Sydney Australia
University of Western Australia (Perth)

Publications include:
“Oh Beautiful” documentary by Natalie Fletcher
"The Red Room" documentary by Star Victoria
Cosmopolitan, November 2014 [international distribution]
Illusion Magazine UK (multiple issues) [international distribution]
Makeup Artist Magazine USA (multiple issues) [international distribution]
“Abandoned” by Richard Rasner, Los Angeles CA [calender & photo book]
008 Magazine {local} (multiple issues)
+Variety of promotional circulars, web sites, news articles, editorials, and documentaries.
*Two independent films currently in post-production

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