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“You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”  - Ansel Adams

CHAPTER 1.  Introduction

Like Ansel Adams,  I've shot large format black and white sheet film and color Polaroids, but  I've never claimed to be an Ansel Adams level photographer.   On the other hand I've attracted lots more models; a small fraction of them are shown in this portfolio.

I'm Gary Grimes, the photographer of Personality Imaging.  I was going to be a movie star,  but another dude took the name,  made some movies,  then croaked.   I mostly do portfolio and promotional shoots for models, dancers, actresses, entertainers, musicians, and fitness enthusiasts. Occasionally I've shot for ads, catalogs, magazines and fine art print sales, but I'm old and lazy now and seldom hustle paid work so I'm pretty much revenue neutral.   Although I can be talked into shooting almost anything, my main interests at the moment are fine art, fitness, dance (especially ballet), edgy, and whacky.  I have a lot of glamour pictures on here and it's fun to do occasionally, but it's not my present focus.  I'm also interested in creating some horrific horror pictures if anyone is interested in collaborating.

My rates range from extremely cheap for fun and creative stuff to ridiculously high for pictures of girls in jeans and sweatshirts on park benches.  This is my hobby not my job so I do whatever I feel like doing.  I used to have a job.  That sucked.  Retirement rocks, employment and unemployment both suck. 

I am old, retired, married, a grandfather, and I have a dog.  I don't need a date or another dog.  I like creative adventures and making good pictures.

I usually use the term shoot together rather than work together because I'm retired and pretty burned out on the word work.  If it seems like work I'm not doing it.  If you are looking for work this is not the right place.  No industry here,  just fun pictures.

I've been shooting photos seriously for over 50 years and it just keeps getting more fun but  as I get older I do very few shoots.

My TFx shoots are usually just for fine art and whacky stuff, but don't be afraid to ask.  Attitude and creativity are far more important than looks and experience.  A signed release and a copy of a government issued photo ID showing that you are 19 or older are required for all shoots.  (Yes Alabama is the only whacky 19 state.)   All shoots require a signed release.   I also sign a copy of the release for you because it gives you lots of rights too.


I usually prefer to shoot on location for more interesting shots even though I have professional grade  studio equipment with a nice seven light setup and a variety of backgrounds.

As you can see from my portfolio I don't have a signature photographic style.  It's hard to predict what we might come up with, but it's always professional looking and fun.  I'm not a same picture different babe type of photographer, although there is nothing wrong with that and the results are predictable.  My work tends to be colorful and bold but not always.  It's probably obvious,  but I'm far more country than urban.  I hate big cities.   I grew up in a cow town in Colorado.  If the place doesn't have lots of free parking for full size SUVs I'm not interested.   I used to hop from continent to continent on a frequent basis before I retired.  Now I hardly hop at all, and I'm perfectly happy with it this way.  I'm glad I got my traveling over with on somebody else's credit card before it got really irritating with TSA, etc.

My specialty is using studio lights on location and balancing them with the sunlight or existing artificial light.  I try to make models look intelligent and engaged, not just sitting or standing in front of the camera with a deer in the headlights look.   I try to capture as many of life's moods and feelings as possible,  but only one in each picture.

I'm open minded and will shoot just about anything except for girls with snakes, girls on toilets, girls holding footballs, girls in the snow, girls with a angel/pixie wings, or girls wearing flip flops.  If you want to shoot a hair flip in a lake or a bikini shot in front of urban graffiti or anything involving CAUTION tape,  I'm probably not the right photographer.  And I promise not to use a ring light and make your eyes look goofy.  I'm not big on pinup either.   I lived through the 1950's and it was a very repressive period.   I love  pictures that make people think WTF were they thinking when they shot that.   I shoot with male models only when needed for a rare couples shoot (only one in the last 50 years, none planned).  I am not interested in events,  performances,  ceremonies, rituals, fashion week, runway, hair shows, pageants,  weddings,  or bridal nudes.   And by the way, if you want to listen to music and dance around to it, please do it somewhere else; there needs to be an open audio communication channel between photographer and model!

Trade shoots always take priority over paid shoots no matter who is getting paid.  Although I'm not wealthy,  if I'm not excited enough about the shoot to do it for trade, I'm probably not going to do it.  As for models who don't do trade shoots, I wouldn't do a trade shoot with most of them either so they're a perfect match too!  Awesome.

I like to work with models of all experience levels and ages (over 18, and preferably over  19 so that they can sign their own release in Alabama).  Three of my five favorite models are over fifty.   Older models are great.  They look great, know how to put on makeup, often have clearer skin than the younger models, and no drama.  Please don't be scared away by the nudes; I tend to shoot with older models and older models tend to like nudes, hence I have some.  I have over 50 pictures in my portfolio of over 40 models and lots of pictures of 50+ models in my portfolio.    I didn't shoot with anyone under 42 in 2015.   Often actresses, dancers, and fitness models are the most fun and creative.  I prefer creative partners to passive mannequins.   I have the utmost respect for models and try hard to make everyone feel safe and comfortable during the shoot.

Pay is simple, if I'm getting paid you do too, if you're getting paid then I do too.  If we have agreed to a trade shoot then we're just having fun and producing images that we like.  My model release gives you print and promotional rights and profit sharing arrangements are possible for fine art print sales, stock photo sales, etc.  I'm always willing to shoot what you need for your portfolio as well such as an actress headshot, a video clip, digital Polaroids, real Polaroids, an eye-catching avatar, a picture in a new category for you, parts shots, or whatever.  If making money is your primary motivation to model there is nothing wrong with that but we are not a good match.  We can still be friends,  just not collaborators.   I'm looking for collaborators, not employees.   I  realize that traveling models need to stay in expensive hotels with good security in order to stay safe and that usually isn't compatible with my social security check and small teacher's pension.  My work is generally revenue neutral but never fun neutral.   Trade shoots are usually reserved for local female mm models who are willing to shoot artistic nudes,  but you never know.   I worked over 50 years at jobs I didn't especially enjoy so that I wouldn't have to charge for my photography.  So if you tell me that you need big bucks because modeling is your only job, I don't have too much sympathy.   I  will probably never contact a model again but I'm here if you want to do something other than make money.

I prefer to shoot with a volunteer female assistant to prevent wardrobe, styling, posing, and makeup flaws that result in a lot of time consuming post production work.

I have a professional three chip HD video camera, video lights and wireless mics if  you want videos.  I'm good with Photoshop, but video editing is not one of my strong skills.  In fact I pretty much suck.

For better or worse, this is an original portfolio, not a portfolio on training wheels shot at workshops.  I also do all of my own post work.  I can take lots of pounds and years off and add some fitness if you want, but I keep it natural looking, not plastic or fantasy looking.  I  can do pretty cool frequency separation skin retouching too. 

CHAPTER 2.  This is getting ridiculously long winded

For me it started in the seventh grade when I was the official photographer for the junior high school year book.   I loaded sheet film into wooden sheet film holders of a Busch Pressman every day and developed it in open tanks in total darkness.

I'm on here to meet fun and creative people.  I have never entered a contest on here and don't intend to.  I don't have a competitive bone in my body, never have.   I'm on here for collaborating and sharing ideas, not competing.  Collaborators are welcome to use our pictures to enter contests so long as entering or winning doesn't require a transfer of copyright or a license under the copyright.  The younger generations seem to think that it's about trophies and publication.   It's not.

I always give collaborators credits as a clickable link.  If you see a model in my port without a clickable link who is on mm please let me know!  I  don't give myself clickable credits.   I mean, who the hell else's photos would they be in my portfolio?

I am an old retired Bell Labs scientist and retired university professor, but photography has always been my first love.  I invented the first virtual reality glove,  the cellphone that tells 911 operators where you are,  the first carrier class telecommunications switch with all optical interconnection, and lots of other cool stuff.   I designed one of the first digital cameras for NASA in 1973 before there were even two dimensional sensor arrays.  I have never been a full time professional photographer.  That would ruin everything and I would have to shoot lots of boring bullshit.   It's a great luxury to be able to focus on creative concepts and not on making a buck.  I am however a full time photographer.  I shoot less than a half dozen times a year but I don't do anything else so I am full time.

If you are a female model congratulations!   Boyfriends,  husbands,  children,  parents,  schools,  churches, governments, laws,  employers, pageants, and society in general are the natural enemies of modeling and creativity and self expression.   Only less than 0.0001% of the population survives against these obstacles.

I have stayed in touch with some models for over forty years.  I'd love to see them again.

A lot of the makeup in my portfolio is my Photoshopped makeup.    I have absolutely no clue how to do real makeup, but I occasionally work with professional makeup artists.  Some of the early edits in my portfolio are horrible with skin detail gone, etc.   I would love to replace them now that I sort of know what I'm doing without losing all the comments but I don't think that is possible.

I do not post professional pictures on facebook or on any other social networking sites, but models are welcome to post the shots on facebook or on other social media sites if we are doing a trade shoot or if I am getting paid.  I just don't want models to worry about having pictures on facebook that aren't their favorites or that they don't want seen outside the photography/modeling world.  And I respect your privacy by never talking about upcoming or past shoots etc. on the public areas of facebook or any other site.   I do not post professional pictures to Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat, photobucket, dotphoto, onemodelplace, or any of the other trashy sites.

I am not interested in shooting with a whole bunch of models.  My goal is to shoot with a few models multiple times and to get better together with each new shoot.  All of the models in my portfolio were Alabama models at the time of the shoot,  except for Emily Addison and three models, Colette, Nichelle,  and Suzanne,  who lived near my Colorado home.   99% of this portfolio was shot in Alabama,  1% in Colorado.   

I do not work through model managers or tooth fairies.  Communicating one on one is hard enough.  I have already had my lifetime quota of aggravation.  I do not shoot with former, present, or prospective Suicide Girls.  A few years ago I booked a Georgia mode who went by Amanda Logue on here and she was bringing her bf escort to shoot.  Fortunately for me my Mother became ill and I went to Colorado to take care of her.  So Amanda and her boyfriend escort went to Florida and robbed and murdered a photographer there instead.  So forgive me if I'm leery of escorts.   I reserve the right not to shoot with you if you show up with an escort because based on past experiences the shoot will probably be a total waste of time.

I don't mind working with flakes.  Flakes are ok and they save a lot of gas and  photoshop time.  Just please let me know if you are going to flake so that I don't have to get ready for the shoot either.   Coordinated flaking is fine and has resulted in some world class naps.

I don't publish a magazine,  but if it's critical to you,  hold on, l can have one in five minutes.

Every model I have shot trade with has promptly gotten all the full resolution images we shot on a disk, had a chance to pick out some for editing herself, and has gotten all of the full resolution edits and web sized edits.  All images are from a professional full frame camera so you will be able to get very large high quality prints if you want.  I ask only that unretouched images not be posted or published without permission.

There are two types of photographers:  those who spend their spare moments doing online tutorials to learn new skills and those who spend their spare time bullshitting on facebook to promote their brand.   The choice is up to you.

CHAPTER 3.  OMG!!  This goes on and on and on and on....

Although I work strictly in digital now I maintained a color darkroom with a Super Chromega C enlarger for decades in Colorado.   I know wet processing of film and prints.  I have retouched directly on negatives with a single hair brush and Spotone.   That's why I appreciate digital so much.

I enjoy shooting with other photographers.   Photographers make awesome assistants for each other.  I have done shoots with William Crow,  Scott McLoud, William Markey, Barry Sundman, Joe Desciose, Jason Hill and others.  So if you want to invite your favorite photographer it probably won't be a problem.   

Every day I see new models on here who have shot with one photographer and are so excited to be "joining the industry."   You just know who filled her brain full of bullshit.  But the best ones are the ones who put up four pictures in the same outfit but are "experienced," says she's got an escort, no nudes, and "paid shoots only,"  and hasn't figured out how to put up an avatar.  You just know that's a recipe for success.

Hint to young artists:  Making art that pleases you, that makes you happy and that you are proud of or expresses something that you think is important is a far bigger deal than winning any award, signing with any agency, getting published, or anything. 

I just finished writing a 689 page autobiography for the grandchildren.  My wife said it should be two pages.  Imagine suggesting that a retired professor write just two pages on anything.

If you want to be my friend on here you don't have to jump thru hoops, leave comments, cook me breakfast (I don't do mornings), or anything, all friends welcome.

Grimes Enterprises LLC is an Equal Opportunity nonemployer. 

This lengthy bio was brought to you by the Salvation Air Force,  Accidental  Parenthood,  Habit Shacks for Humanity,  the Peace Corpse, Glutens for Gluttons,  Home Healthcare for the Homeless, and Toys for Tarts.

"There are no rules for great pictures.  Only great pictures."  - Ansel Adams


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It Might Be Art

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"I am so fortunate to be able to work with Personality Imaging. He is a brilliant photographer and a legendary artist who can take the most mundane of scenes and turn them into mesmerizing creations. If you get a chance to work with him you should definitely do it no matter h...ow inconvenient. He can take a novice model and make her look like a seasoned international supermodel, whether on location or in the studio." more less

See Sample Worked together more than 20 times; Most recent: August 2016

Not Your Retoucher

  • Retoucher
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"Personality Imaging is by far my favorite photographer. He is totally reliable, fast and always courteous. Although he is old and shoots very little he turns out one masterpiece after another."

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Jen Lynn

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Emily Addison

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See Sample Worked together 1 times; Most recent: April 2005

Youngblood Payne

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See Sample Worked together 1 times; Most recent: April 2011
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Credit Notes

73 US patents - many in optics and digital imaging and virtual reality, including first virtual reality glove, geolocation of 911 caller, etc etc
Over 1000 foreign patents
Over 200 publications
PhD electrical engineering,  University of Colorado - Boulder,  1973.
W. R. Bunn Professor of Telecommunications and Executive Director Center for Telecommunication Education and Research at UAB, 1994  -  2009
Retired totally on October 1, 2009 and am loving it!


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Brilliant poses   44 pics
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