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I've met him - and his cats.

I didn't know he had cats until I had come out to Sacramento to meet Wara (indefinite anomaly) earlier this year.  Unfortunately I am rather allergic to cats.

This, and a few others, were taken at his house --


And yeah, he's cool.  And rumor has it he's rather fond of sake.

I would also swear that his cats knew I was allergic.  The seem to like anyone who doesn't like cats.  Actually, I suppose I don't dislike cats, but I hate what they can do to me.

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Carle Photography

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I miss the eskimo.....

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Freya Gallows

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Just got back from yet another visit. Meant to spend one night...wound up spending three. I would've spent four if my schedule had allowed it [debated canceling my doctor's appointment].

This has happened a few times now... 8P

I have a firm belief that all my closest friends [models or otherwise] ought to meet Jason. Being in his company is like an antidote for creative block, or a natural antidepressant, or a shot of confidence. His house is one of my first stops I hope to make once I'm back in California--and if he moved elsewhere in the world, I'd just as readily go visit him there.


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Yeah, he's okay.

Pretty cool dude who takes awesome sauce pictures and has a warm, welcoming place where you really feel at home as soon as you walk in.

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It's no lie that you'll never want to leave the igloo. Jason is just too nice, too welcoming, too fun, too understanding, and waaay, waaay too humble. The guy is a mad genius in just about all mediums of art, and yet he refuses to acknowledge his own star power for rejection of the ego trip. (Excuse me while I rant about this internally some more...)

I went to Sacramento for the sole purpose of working with this man, an artist who's work I have admired since before I began modeling and who's art begat my desire to use my body for such masterpieces as his. His work inspired me to reject my prim and proper upbringing for the certainty of the "taboo" of being nude on the internet, all for the chance to create art like his.
(No pressure, right, Jason? wink )
I have worked to become good enough to attract the attention of such a savage beast as himself, nervous when I finally contacted him and expecting to meet harsh scrutiny. What I found instead was a kind, heartfelt human being who was as grateful to meet me as I was to speak to him.

He agreed to let me and my girlfriend, all complete strangers, stay in his home for five days, then an extra day to continue working, and then three more days when a housing situation fell through and I had nowhere to go. He stayed up to greet us at 2am after a 10-hour drive from Portland, to make sure we got in safe.

He gives of himself abundantly, asking not what you can do for him, but what he can do for you. Even though my only desire was to meet and work with an artist that I admire, he holds to his policy that if you work with him, you get something in return. (I still feel like housing me-plus-one for over a week, feeding us, entertaining us, and taking the time to create with us is more than enough for what I contributed. Having a piece of art is purely icing on an already decadent cake.)

More than being wholly selfless, Jason is an absolute joy to be around. Armed with an arsenal of corny jokes, epic stand-up comedy videos, mind-boggling animated movies, appreciation for the work of the artists behind them, sake, sushi burritos, wonderful stories, and a wealth of interesting random facts, I never get tired of being in his presence. He has such an understanding of the human condition that you never feel judged when talking to him. Hearing his stories, you realize the broad spectrum of people who have come to call him friend, and you know he means it when he says "Practice No Judgment".

My life is enriched for knowing this great human being, and it is my hope that in writing this, more will read this and come to know him. As much as he rejects popularity, he deserves recognition. I hope that talent flocks to him like butterflies to pollen, for he is truly a grand flower who's artistic seed should be spread. ( wink )
The man is truly dear to me.

Just one thing: If you decide to chill with this awesome eskimo, treat him with respect.

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Two more things:

1) Dylan is awesome, smart, funny, and a great cook. You will never have to worry about weirdness from Jason's current roommate.

2) Cats. Super fluffy, affectionate, ridiculous cats. <3

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Lola you bump this awesome thread aaaah

Seriously this dude is the whole reason I started getting more serious about drawing (even though I don't post anything new on the Internet I mail him at least a drawing a week). And he's one of the few humans I call on a regular basis (actually just got off the phone with him lol).

One of the most important people in my life, for sure!

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Bump, cuz I had to google him for some reason and this is the first result that came up. So I'm gonna embarrass him by bumping this thread yet again... He's so humble that he hates that this thread exists wink

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