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About Me

Prerequisite reading:

1. Listed locations = where I'm going next [i.e., where I'm currently booking work for]...NOT where I live. I usually have no home base. Inquire directly for details.

2. Interested in working with me? If you include your location in the subject line, it'll make my life a lot easier and score you instant points. [Making the subject line "photo shoot" or "hi freya" or "job offer" or something else ambiguous will have precisely the opposite effect.]

3. Paid inquiries only. Whether this is a hobby or a full-time job for you has no bearing on the fact that this is my livelihood and I pay [literally: overhead and travel costs, unbillable hours; abstractly: opportunity costs, lack of upward mobility or benefits] in order to do it because I love it and while I'm genuinely eager to participate in your art, I also deserve to be compensated for that participation [i.e., arguments about "art for art's sake" will fall on deaf ears...even a model's gotta eat].

4. As a freelancer, my reputation is part of my job. Want to check more references before contacting me? Scroll through my TAGs or my list. If that's not enough, feel free to ask for additional references with your inquiry. 8]

Find me:

BRAND NEW: Facebook Profile [for industry contacts or patrons only, not general audience]
Facebook Page [for everyone]

2017 Travel

Travel details here are vague on purpose: inquire directly for booking details! 8]

May/June: regional availability around NorCal, Bay, Reno/Tahoe
June/July: Spain [Barcelona + Nowhere]
July/August: regional availability around NorCal, Bay, Reno/Tahoe
August/Sept: BRC [Burning Man]

Unscheduled, near-future destinations and trips.
Shortest term [i.e., trying to fit both of these into 2017]:
PNW road trip [looking at you, Portland!]
China [definitely Guangzhou, open to other cities]
Medium term [when time/opportunity allows]:
Europe [most likely: Berlin, UK, Ireland, though I'd love to roam everywhere]
Australia, I miss you. Same goes for you, New Zealand.
Longer term:
More of Canada

On Catching this Will-'o-the-Wisp

This has happened to me in at least two hundred cases: someone will send me a good-natured when-are-you-coming-to-my-town type of message.

And when I follow up inquiring about what dates would work for them [or dates that might work for me], the response is, "Let me know when you're coming!"

And then the same interaction will repeat itself, with the same person, for years, ad infinitum.

And most of the time, in these cases, I never wind up making it over there.

When I *do*, it's a matter of luck: someone else books me there, or I wind up going there anyway for other personal or professional reasons.

Why's that?

A couple reasons:
A. I structure tour dates around jobs that are definite [i.e., where I won't run the risk of receiving a last-minute cancellation, and where there's an actual date-time-place in my calendar]. If I'm specifically traveling somewhere *because of* modeling [as opposed to modeling in a place where I happen to be traveling for other reasons], it's because I've been booked for a concrete, in-the-calendar, surefire gig.
B. I'm juggling a lot of plates. While modeling is my mainstay [and has been for eight years], I do work in many fields and pursue many independent projects and the development of different skills.

It's completely fine to just say, "Add me to your contacts and let me know if you head over here," and I've worked with hundreds of people this way, but please be aware that in these instances I can make no guarantees about if or when I make it to you, nor how much notice I'll be able to give or if I'll be able to save availability for you. That is completely, 100% fine, and I really appreciate when people contact me asking to be added to my contacts list.

But if you've continued to ask for three or four [or more] years of repeatedly asking me when I might be coming to might just be time to commit to a day, already. 8]

If you want to *ensure* that I visit your area [and/or if you want first dibs on influencing *when* I come to your area], the absolute best way to do that is for us to discuss in actual, concrete terms of time, and agree to a partial deposit of the shoot fee--I commit to the clients who commit to me [not to mention, I see it largely as a gesture of goodwill and sign of respect in an oft-stigmatized industry: a freelance professional in any other market can generally charge a deposit after eight years of building up a solid reputation without causing anyone to balk]. Having an excellent reputation amongst models whom I know and trust is also sometimes enough to get me to plan a trip around you—but only once we've figured out *when*.



Rates and policies vary somewhat by country [striking a balance balance between exchange rates to USD and the local cost of living], but are fairly consistent overall.

FYI: In the US, I charge $125/hour with a two-hour minimum for standard one-on-one shoots.

I'm a "take it or leave it" kind of gal and am generally uninterested in haggling [after all, I didn't get into modeling in order to sit in front of a computer negotiating back-and-forth for hours with each person...I got into modeling in order to meet and create with people around the world].


Deposits are usually optional, but always encouraged and appreciated! I am very grateful to the photographers who have extended their good will by offering deposits, which make the life of a traveling model that much smoother.

I prefer to use Stripe for deposits, though PayPal is also an option for those with a strong preference; usually I ask for 50% up front and the other 50% at the shoot.

Example cases where I may require a deposit:
—You're booking me for a half day or longer
—You're the first/only person to book me in a particular city and I'm structuring my travel plans around your booking [as I went into above]
—Working with you would require me to make a specific detour just for you
—You've been deemed a possible cancellation risk by other models

Also, in instances where a booking conflict arises [i.e., two photographers want the same time/day and I can't accommodate both], then priority goes to whomever has paid a deposit.


Fun stuff [i.e., you don't have to read this, but it's here for those interested]

-I rock climb, scuba dive, do yoga, am a general mover and shaker and incidental athlete. I can limbo like a boss. In Spring 2015, I rode my bicycle from Key West, FL to Bar Harbor, ME—and modeled in big cities along the way!
-I've worked as a Thai massage therapist at an upscale spa in Mammoth, a certified snowsports instructor, a research assistant at NASA Ames, a freelance writer and editor, a trail builder for the National Parks, a stable hand in Utah, driving heavy machinery in North Dakota, remodeling houses, and so on.
-I build large-scale projects and the like for Burning Man: in 2012 I was with the Pier and worked as a golf cart mechanic for DPW, in 2013 I built the pyrotechnics for the Control Tower [did all the plumbing myself], and in 2014 I spent six months building Embrace, a seven-story structural engineering nightmare shaped like two giant people. In 2015 I built and did pyrotechnics for the Mazu temple, an interactive temple [complete with fire-breathing dragons] funded by a Taiwanese artist collective.
-Modeling's been my primary anchor for six years, but my other recurrent pursuits include singing and writing.
-I've got the travel bug and spend as much time living out in the woods, out of my car on the open road, or hidden in far-off corners of the world out of a backpack as I can get away with. I've backpacked through Southeast Asia, Yosemite, and parts of Northern California, and did my first Australian modeling tour from Brisbane to Hobart. I've toured the North Island of New Zealand [my original three-month tour was cut short by an emergency back in the States] and want to return in the near future to hit both islands! I've pounded rebar in the Karoo desert of South Africa. I've roamed around Cuba, where I found myself in an Amanda Palmer music video as part of a random chain of circumstances.


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Tony Romarus

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  • Lafayette, Louisiana, United States

"Freya Gallows has a true natural beauty and was an absolute pleasure to work with. She showed up ready to work, communicated well with me, and brought the perfect amount of energy and enthusiasm for our project. This was one of those shoots where I should've booked more time... - I'm definitely looking forward to the next one!" more less

See Sample Worked together 1 times; Most recent: April 2017

Anthony Gilbert Images

  • Photographer
  • Male
  • San Francisco, California, United States

"Freya was amazing to work with. She's an extremely talented and creative person and model. Freya made working together fun because of her professionalism, suggestions, and laid-back yet energetic attitude!"

See Sample Worked together 1 times; Most recent: February 2017

Harlem Photo

  • Photographer
  • Male
  • New York, New York, United States

"Freya is an adventurer at heart - she may be Ernest Hemingway reincarnated as a long, lean brunette! Easy to work with - a dream to talk to - for hours - I would recommend her to ANYONE anywhere anytime."

See Sample Worked together 2-10 times; Most recent: November 2015

PT Imaging

  • Photographer
  • Male
  • Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

See Sample Worked together 1 times; Most recent: August 2016


  • Model
  • Female

"One of my favorite people and most adored model!"

See Sample Worked together 2-10 times; Most recent: August 2015
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