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Shows alot of skill and I like is not as good as its required lately but overall some good work ın my opinion.

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MoonwalkerGfx wrote:
Critique My last work … 3#28693293

I like everything about it except for the skin/highlights on the left cheek. Love the rest of the shinies though:)

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Joe Diamond

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I feel that the shine its a little bit overdone, especially above lips. The main problem is hair. It looks cut, therefore artificial, i think its best if you leave some few rebel. The skin texture looks good to me but im not a retoucher.

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Hi Mohamed,

I have impression you know what direction to head to. This photo needs to pop out. Just for my taste it is overdone I am talking about adding  shine/contouring highlights. I would think glasses should be the centre  of the shine here after all.You also have quiet brutal way of shaping/curving, transitions are too hard, skin tones are generalised, little of variation though I see you added red yellow green  to be there. My guess you added white(or ish) and blurred it . I used to do it a few moths ago someone advised me not to do it and I stopped.Now  I am quiet glad I don't do it any more. This technique is quiet harsh. try to have a second go on this image do your 100% be honest with your them later. I really like those glasses though smile

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Now this is what i truly LOVE to see, stunning truly...

Id love to see a scree capture of this workflow or possibly even a tut, any thoughts?

possibly a wickkked low res PSD?

great work!

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