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whats an up and comming photographer (cough myself) gotta do to get some comments up in this biatcchh lol

sniff sniff ive shown my love to other peoples work .. no love back

sniff sniff sniff , ive prayed , ive logged in and out to double check :-(

wheres the love arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh arghhhhh

Happy New yr


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If I read your thread right...I think you need to head off to here on MM.....That would be your best bet..if you are looking for Comments????

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First off, you're relatively new here, so give it some time. Next, it is my observation that people will only leave positive comments on images, and only then for those that truly move them in some way.  There's no "like" button and typing takes time. As others have suggested, give the critique forum a spin.  And be patient.

Another area I can see for improvement is your communications skills.  Put a little more effort into capitalization and grammar as well as sentence and paragraph structure. Doing so will help you come off as more professional, and can be done without losing your "cool factor".

Good luck!

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