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Jonathan Sepulveda

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Ridgefield, New Jersey, US

new to the industry but wantingg to make a big impact any tips ?

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Kev Lawson

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Welcome to MM!

First and most important tip - please click the my stuff link up in the menu bar; that will take you to your my stuff page, then you will see near the upper right a button that says Avoid Scams, please click that and go through it.

Every newbie seems to get hit with scam emails, messages etc right away. (or so it seems based on the posts - Is This A Scam?)

Post in the forums, but read the stickies up top of each forum first for rules etc., that will get people looking at your profile.

Have fun and enjoy the Mayhem. smile

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Egypt Jordan

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San Antonio, Texas, US

Great Port, you are off to a good start. Just network and contact photographers in your area and just by looking at your work and attititude, many will help you out becuase it not only builds up their portfolio, but yours too.

Jan 09 13 03:58 pm Link