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Proposed Autumn and Winter Workshops
Working with people in available light

Much of what I shoot is shot on location, using only available light. It is how we see from day-to-day, and it creates (I think) authentic and natural looking pictures of people. It is certainly a useful tool in your photographic toolbox

If you would like to learn more about how I shoot what I shoot in available light then I am going to be offering some autumn and winter practical workshops at convenient locations throughout the UK.

The broad principle of the workshops will be to provide an environment in which you can learn more about how I shoot in available light, with the opportunity to shoot and make pictures of people for yourself during the workshop.

The workshops are designed to appeal to both beginner photographers and also to somewhat more experienced photographers who might (perhaps) like to learn more about shooting in available light.

Although there will be flexibility within each workshop (so that the individual needs of the participants are, as much as possible, satisfied) there will be certain core elements covered, including:

    •    Discussion about the essential photographic elements of shooting on location using available light.
    •    The opportunity to use available light to photograph models during the workshop with coaching and guidance. The models will sign standard release forms for the pictures that you shoot during the day.
    •    Discussion about some of the processing techniques that I use to make my pictures after the shoot.
    •    There will be the opportunity to develop your own pictures after shooting as part of the workshop, with coaching and discussion.

The workshops will be held at a number of locations around the country and each group size will be limited to ensure that each person attending gets proper benefit from the workshop, having a sensible time to try and put into practice (by shooting) some of the elements discussed.

The cost of the workshop will cover all professional fees associated with putting on the workshop (including modelling fees, styling, MUA etc.) along with costs associated with the venue (rental etc). The participants will be responsible for their own costs such as travel and accommodation (if required). The participants will also need to bring their own cameras, lenses and processing equipment etc.

It will be possible to arrange these workshops as one-on-one coaching sessions, if required.

At the moment, I am asking for anybody who might be interested to register their interest in the workshops by dropping me a note and telling me a little about what they would look for in such a workshop.

Dave (JuninhoPhoto)

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Sounds great to me, I would definitely be interested depending on the location/cost!

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