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Photography Zimmermann
Posts: 4
Shanghai, Shanghai, China

I'm new here and I want to shoot some free projects. I'm searching for MAH / Stylists and Models. In which forum I have to post the search for MUA & Stylists.

Hope you can help me :-)

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James S Kassanoff
Posts: 812
Washington, New Jersey, US

Post a casting call.  You'll see the tab for that in the main banner above^^^
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Caveman Creations
Posts: 580
Fort Worth, Texas, US

The forums are not the place to look for talent. But, if you would like to place a Casting Call, that can generate contacts in the direction you want to go. Also, the browse feature is very detailed, and can be a very powerful tool.
Casting Call-


I would like to point out, that no one really wants to work for free, if that is the term usage you were attempting. Trade is the term used when compensation is not in a monetary form. Trading shoots (TFP=Trade or Time For Print, TFCD=Trade or Time For CD, TF=Trade or Time For ?whatever you guys negotiate?) is a great way for people on a budget to bring their creations to life. By trading talents, little to no money needs to exchange hands. But this does not mean "Free". You would be expected to match the creative and talent level of the Model, and/or other specialists involved, concluding in a collaboration of efforts for the benefit of the portfolios of all involved. Now, if you are really looking for "Free" by all means, knock yourself out! big_smile
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Photography Zimmermann
Posts: 4
Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Thank you for that thing with the "Casting Option".
I'm form germany and here means free, projects without an order of a client.

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