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Erika Muse
Posts: 284
Raleigh, North Carolina, US

Im looking for an honest critique on my portfolio. Emphasis on HONEST, but not disrespectful, as i am here to grow and learn....

The strongest?
The weakest?
The ones that should not even be there?

I also don't mind critiquing others, but only if asked. Fire away !!!
Feb 02 13 07:50 pm  Link  Quote 
Guss W
Posts: 10,598
Clearwater, Florida, US

You've done a good job of editing your collection.  Nice variety.  The overall quality is pretty even and it would be hard to pick ones to drop or keep.
Feb 03 13 10:59 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 8,747
Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Don’t think your portfolio would miss these images, when I see that much leg really want to see the feet
Feb 03 13 12:51 pm  Link  Quote 
PDMedia Photography
Posts: 1,274
San Diego, California, US

There's good variety in your port, but I'd like to see more outdoor/location shots. The sun is still the best light source.

I like your avatar, but the edit is weak. I recommend increasing the contrast, fixing the white balance and possibly converting it to b&w.

Feb 04 13 03:51 pm  Link  Quote 
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