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SKITA Studios
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Trigger set (Rx+ Tx) = $140
RPCube = $20

This is my backup Radiopopper JrX Studio set that consists of a trigger and receiver so it's hardly used. It also comes w/ a Canon RPCube I bought used.

This wireless trigger set will let you remotely control the power of PCB Alien Bees, White Lightnings, and Zeus studio strobes as well as Canon/Nikon speedlights with the appropriate RPCube.

It does not matter which camera you use as long as it has a standard center pin hotshoe (this excludes most Sony/Minolta because they decided to be weird and moved it)-:

Cost if bought new:
RP JrX Studio set $170
RPCube $30

I also a few extra JrX receivers if you want them for $75 each ($100 if you buy them new)
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-The Dave-
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