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About Me

GREAT SCOTT! WHO IS WILLIAM SPEAR?  Artist, Photographer, Adventurer, Comedian, Watchman, Biker, Hiker, Pirate, Philosopher, Professional Bricoleur,  Part-time Economist and Political Pundit, Full Time Scientist, Writer, Singer, Actor, and Creole Chef.

The Road to a good Pic is a Long and Hard one

WHAT IS YOUR PHILOSOPHY WILLIAM?    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.  But if I had a third option, I'd rather have a camera in front of me.  Creating works of art is my passion.  I consider myself a student of this art.  I want to always be hungry, learning and growing.  I always feel others have something valuable to teach me, especially those whom society often deems the outcast.

CAN YOU TAKE ME THROUGH A TYPICAL DAY, WILLIAM?  My life's Key ingredients: Mystery. Monsters. Morally ambiguous heroes and misunderstood villains who belong to a world gone strange, fighting or surviving supernatural beings, strange science and/or secret history, debating things faith and reason, fate and happenstance as they go. Toss in some quips, sex appeal, and a smattering of literary and philosophical hyperlinks and you have my typical day.

WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR ART?   Some of the works of art I craft are for private collectors.  Some are for the models with whom I work.  Some are for myself.  Some are for fun.  Some are not for any particular person, place, or thing at all. They just are.  I do not resell photos to websites (unless you beg me to) nor am I interested in images that appeal to prurient interests (except when I am).

WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH HERE? I MEAN IS THERE A DIRECTION TO YOUR ART?    My artistic desires are in Photography, Paintings in Oil, Psychodrama, Crazed Lecture series, and mixed media. My Greatest Ambition (Thus far) is to create a Tarot Card Image set from models I work with on MM (Yes I know it's been done before, but so has a sunset and the assumption of the virgin, archetypes never grow tired).

WILL YOU DO TFP/TFCD?  Yes, TF is available for select models. 

HOW DO I BECOME A "SELECT MODEL?" Send me a message and I'll take a look at your port and evaluate your eligibility.  I love to work with Suicide Girls, Goth Girls, Alternative-Looks for men and women, as well as traditional glam and beauty.

WILLIAM CAN WE JUST SHOOT STUFF FOR YOUR PERSONAL COLLECTION? I DON'T MIND DOING NAKED OR FETISH BUT I DON'T WANT ANYONE TO SEE IT.   wtf?  I mean, what???  Look sweetheart, if you want to shoot, that's great, but the whole point of art is the exhibit it.  What if the Beatles had written all 10 of their greatest Albums for a "personal collection?"  We all would have been deprived of great art.  If you are uncomfortable with a particular pose, dress, or position, then don't do it!  Let's only show what you're comfortable showing, otherwise what's the point.  Now if you want stuff for YOUR personal collection.  That is a horse of a different color!  See pricing for your personal collection below ;-)

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR WILLIAM and WHERE WILL YOU SHOOT ME? I had a studio for about 5 years, now I'm sick of studio shoots.  So I'm shooting now in weird 1950's era roadside motels and unique geographical areas.  I do on occasion shoot in luxury hotels with a MUA and a full wardrobe for select models that knock my socks off for a speciality shoot (almost always that's for a shoot where I'm paid or it's TF).  I  love LOCATION shoots :-)  I'm always looking for fun and unusual places/people to shoot.  If you or your pad qualify, hit me up!  I'll Shoot Outdoors, Indoors, Around a Door, On a Door, under a Door, and inside the door but not On-top of the door.  That is just too dangerous, don't ask me to do it, it's just not pretty!! 

I HAVE TO BRING AN ESCORT TO THE SHOOT. (sigh), really? (sigh heavily), So disappointing.  (Awkward pause)....Then you better bring me lunch, now lay on this couch.  (Sit, adjust glasses, lean back).  Let's begin with a discussion of your childhood, now where did this all begin?  Seriously, I have great respect for the models who give me their trust.  You'll never find a model with whom I have worked that will claim a bad experience with me.  It just doesn't happen.  We always have so much fun.  It's about the Art.

New Models ATTENTION!  Protect yourself and read this excellent article from a great MM Member.  Great stuff on how to cull the good photographers from the bad.  How to Deal with Unprofessional Behavior

Do YOu DO FeTiSh work?  YOU DO!  AWESOME.  WOW I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO TIE ME UP AND DO SOME AWESOME FETISH SHOTS (Later that day) "Yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah..."'re incessant chatter is ruining the mood.

WILLIAM, I THINK YOU ARE SO CUTE AND I'M SO ATTRACTED TO YOU, CAN WE GET IT ON?: Sigh....I'm so tired of models always hitting on me.  I know you may think I'm incredibly sexy but really it's just a glandular problem.  I exude over-the-top goodness because I produce an over abundance of Alpha-Male pheromones.  I know you can't help it, but please try to keep it professional ok?  This is Model Mayhem for Modeling, it's not a Dating site.  Nor is it Porn-Mayhem.  No, I will not take pictures of myself and send to you.  Stop Asking!  Keep your urges to yourself or I can refer you to a good therapist for help if necessary.

ABOUT FRIEND REQUESTS: I have a very select criteria that you must follow in meticulous fashion in order....naahhhhh I'm just yankin' ya chain, I'll pretty much accept anyone.  My goal, 1,000,000 Friends by 2025.

                      "We Wants the Red-head!" -- Random Pirate


Standard Comp Card Photography Package $225
Comp Card photography suitable for serious models wanting to break into a modeling career, for professional level Comp Cards.......
        2-1/2 hours professional photography - outdoor location shooting OR studio
    Approx 400 professional digital images on CD (high resolution versions suitable for enlargement to 8x10; low res versions suitable for email and web site creation)
    You get all original images and unlimited use of images for making your own prints and enlargements etc.
    Hairstylist available ($75 per hour - 1 hour minimum)
    Makeup artist available ($75 per hour - 1 hour minimum)
    Travel within Central Florida included (Will also travel to your location on request - travel outside Central Florida charged at $0.35c per mile, or travel costs expensed - flights / rental cars / accommodations if required)

What's a CompCard?

Lite Comp Card Photography Package $125
Comp Card photography suitable for actors and models starting out, and for entry level portfolios. Includes...
    1-1/2 hours professional photography in the studio
    Approx. 200 professional digital images on CD (high resolution versions suitable for enlargement to 8x10; low res versions suitable for email and web site creation)
    You get all original images and unlimited use of images for making your own prints and enlargements etc.
    Hairstylist available ($75 per hour - 1 hour minimum) 
    Makeup artist available ($75 per hour - 1 hour minimum)
    Lite Portfolio Photography Package only available within Central Florida


1-1/2 to 3 hours professional photography at your home or my studio within Central Florida
    Approx. 200-300 professional digital images on CD (high resolution versions suitable for enlargement to 8x10; low res versions suitable for email and web site creation)
    You get all original images and unlimited use of images for making your own prints and enlargements etc. or viewing at your pleasure.  Fetish, Bondage, nude may be extra depending on props, details, and other expenses possibly incurred to bring your vision to reality.

So, Should I work with William?

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"Wonderful photographer! I loved working with him and look forward to future shoots!:) *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*" Read less

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Interview for FIXE Magazine.
FIXE Fetish Magazine

"Pic Of the Day Winner, 9/23/2012 for the pic "Fall"

18+ Pic of the Day Wins!!

A Sample of just a Few Select MM Models and Photographers with whom I have enjoyed creative collaboration:

The Surprisingly Domme Jaden Starr, #738313
The Enchanting Sophia, #1922932
My Adopted "Daughter", #1410097
The Friendly and Fabulous Hailey Summers, #889000
The Delightful Pain in the Ass Whitney Morgan, #904207
The Girl Next Door Paige Erin Turner, #1190524
The Adorable Becky LeSabre, #382161
The Creative Scarlite Marie, #1925188
The Charming Jessica Stuyvenberg #1906176
The Cool Lucy von Trapp #728154
The Surprisingly Delightful Britney Sands #526953
The Innocent in Appearance Pepper #1944754
The Great Rich Bruton #593726
The Fearless MJ #1759364
The Bubbly Hailey Summers #889000
The Beautiful Justsara #1844140
The Friendly Ember Skye #12157
The Hilarious Ashley Malo #1485707
The Genius UnderGround POP #839311
The Always Professional Hollis Ireland #1675926
The Curious Jennifer Connors #1850173
The Reluctantly Sexy MandieMarie #1442091
The Sweet Pregnant at the Time Ashley of Lutz #1952281
The Amazing Rigger and Talented Model Sadie Seuss #703512
And many, many, more...


"These are absolutely AMAZING! I love how they turned out! JUST PERFECT! Even beyond perfect! big_smile"  --Elizabeth Budlong, #2858256

"Great shoot today! Thanks again for the opportunity. Can't wait to see what the future entails. You are an amazing photog. (:" --Vanessa Monroe #2778972
Makeup Artist

"And just for the record, anyone glancing upon this, William is an absolute blast to work with! Very professional, lots of fun, and an amazing photographer!" --Miss Whitney Morgan, #904207

"Unimaginably fabulous body of work! Just 'over the top' great. smile"  --KimCalNude MM#1585150

"WOW omg I LOVE them!!!  Thank u soo much your work is beautiful and your professionalism and creativity are refreshing. The bikini pics rock but the last three of the second batch are great!! Those are my favorites, especially the nude of me in the water looking off. Your perspective angles and framing are fantastic and inspiring. Thanks again!"  --Shelby J, Mayhem #2651327

"I loved working with you, the pictures were AMAZING! I loved your wardrobe, and you're MUA was fantastic! It was a pleasure to work with you, you are very professional, very personable and can attest that no escort is necessary here! I look forward to working with you in the future and any model that has any questions is free to contact me." --Jaden Starr, #738313

"I admire your honesty in what you like to shoot and you do a damn good job of it. Keep up the great work." --Wayne Cutler, #33184

"I just took a closer look at your port. You are amazing and I am honored to be pictured next to so many beautiful subjects. Thanks again for so many great shoots."  -Hailey Summers, #889000

"You are a BLAST to work with!!!! Seriously, I had SO much fun shooting with you yesterday! Thank you SO much!! big_smile", -Whitney Morgan, #904207

"Thanks again for an awesome shoot! You were so much fun to work with and incredibly creative. big_smile" -Scarlite Marie, #1925188

"You were soo much fun and polite! I so want to work together again! Muah!" -Lucy Von Trapp, #728154

"Will, you're one of the coolest and most creative talents on the scene. I've enjoyed every single shoot I've had the pleasure of sharing with you. Your generosity and kindness are a benchmark for all, and I look forward to working with you many times again." -Rich Burton, #593726

"It was wonderful working with you yesterday! Thanks for everything you contributed to make it turn out great. smile" -Hollis Ireland, #1675926

"Had a blast shooting with you --I think it was the best one yet. Thanks again for everything xoxo." -Ashley Malo, #1485707

"Had an awesome time working with you this weekend!! My first time in the bondage scene and thank you for making me feel comfortable. Can't wait to shoot with you again!!", -MJ,  #1759364

"I had the best day shooting with you & loved your crazy ideas. thanks for the awesome time and i hope we get together again soon." -Justsara #1844140

" Yesterday's shoot was as much fun as you can have with your strap on smile ... okay, well maybe you'll blow my mind again next time, and show me I can have even more fun than that !! Thanks for the great shoot Uncle Will big_smile I had even more fun than last time xoxo." -Amber Raine, #1485707

"Absolutely exquisite taste, very relaxed and professional photographer smile I adore working with you William! Highly recommended to those interested!" -MandieMarie #1442091