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About Model Mayhem Employees, Moderators and Gatekeepers

Model Mayhem is owned by MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands.

Model Mayhem employees will only contact you using an email address or from our validated social media accounts on InstagramVIP InstagramTumblr or Google+. Do not respond to people or emails claiming to be from Model Mayhem that use any other email address, for example Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, or any social media accounts that are not our verified, legitimate accounts. Known Model Mayhem email addresses include: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected][email protected].

We will never contact you to offer you a job and we will never request your MM password.

Moderators will only contact you via Mod Messages on Model Mayhem. Please flag any other messages claiming to be from Model Mayhem staff or Mods.

Gatekeepers only have the ability to approve profiles on Model Mayhem.


I got an email from [email protected] – is this really from Model Mayhem?
Yes! Model Mayhem is owned by MH Sub I, LLC dba Model Mayhem, and occasionally when the Model Mayhem staff sends the membership an email it will come from this email address or a similarly address.

How do I reset my password?
If you are logged in, simply go to My Stuff & Settings and click the Edit link next to the password field.

You can also go to and enter your account’s email to reset your password.

Why was I denied?
First off, we have to tell you some good news: even though you might have been denied, you get two more chances to submit your profile for review!

When you are denied, you should receive an email that lists all of the reasosn why your profile was denied. The most likely reason is that you simply did not meet our membership requirements. If that is the case, all you need to do is carefully review the requirements and update your profile and submit again!

In some cases, if your profile is denied there may be other issues with your profile that go against our site rules or membership requirements. If you do not understand why you were denied you are always welcome to contact us and ask.

How do I subscribe or upgrade my account?
You can sign up by heading to our upgrade page here:

You can also find a link to upgrade on your My Stuff page at the bottom.

Please note that you must already be an approved Model Mayhem member to have a subscription on your account. If you sign up when you register, you will not be charged until your profile is approved.

If you would like to upgrade an existing subscription, simply go to and choose your upgrade and cycle.

Alternately, you can go to My Stuff > Wallet and change your membership type from there.

How do I close, cancel, or delete my account?
To close your account, simply go to My Stuff, then Settings, and click the Cancel Account button at the bottom. We will be sorry to see you go!

Important Message from Model Mayhem:

Before you cancel your account, if you do not want any images or references to your old account to be available in search results we recommend removing your images, updating your name, as well as deleting any old comments and TAGs.

As a note, we cannot delete your account, but we can help you close your account if you need help. Just contact us.

How can I get Google to delete or update my results or images?
Unfortunately, we have no control over search results and cannot do anything outside of Model Mayhem to help you here.

While we cannot guarantee this will work, this link may help to remove changed content from Google search results:

This tool from Google will only work if the content on Model Mayhem has either been updated or removed. If you need assistance in getting this content updated or removed, please contact the moderation team with the links to the specific content.

If you have an image you need removed, we will need the link to the portfolio or contest page where that image appears and NOT the direct link of the image.

Google also has this article about removing images from search results. Please check it out for more information:

How do I keep myself safe on Model Mayhem?
We do our best to keep Model Mayhem as safe as possible, but you should be active in protecting yourself.

Check out our Member Safety article to learn how to keep yourself safe on Model Mayhem:

Here are some other great resources:

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Contact a Moderator (Logged-In Member Accounts Only)
Email Customer Support