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(15) Portfolio
US (lbs/inches)
Metric (kg/cms.)
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 139 lbs
Bust: 34"
Waist: 27"
Hips: 40"
Cup: C
Dress: 10
Shoe: 5.0
Hair color: Other
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Skin color: White
Shoot nudes: No
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Some
Experience: Experienced
Compensation: Depends on Assignment
Genres: Acting
Parts Modeling
Promotional Modeling
Spokesperson / Host

Last activity: Aug 03, 2014
Joined: May 25, 2009

Raeven Irata

30 years old
Durham, England, United Kingdom
Raeven Irata's facebook page

Mayhem #1230512

MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/RaevenIrata

About me


- 7.9.13 - I won the 26+ age category in the Alternative Model of the Year 2013 finals! http://alternativemodelling.co.uk/

It was shown on National Geographic Channel as part of a documentary on alternative modelling- watch an edited version of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJn-2Fce7Ro
There is a snippet from an interview with me at 9:13, and footage of me winning the 26+ category at 12:30.



I'm Raeven, a North East-based alternative and art model.

I work full time in the creative arts (life model, photographic model, stage tech, events worker, music tutor, session musician, composer) and make my full living from these, with no aid from any other source (well, almost- I do also do 4 hours of professional note-taking per week!). Therefore I sadly don't have a lot of time spare for seeking out/initiating TF projects. But if: 1. someone else does most of the organising, 2. it will improve my portfolio, and 3. I'm free/its a quiet period, then I'd love to be involved- drop me a line and I'll see what I can do. :) I am especially interested in TF projects with creative/alternative designers, or for publication! :D

My primary modelling interests are (but not limited to):

-alternative fashion (latex, tight corsetry, steampunk, vintage etc.)
-high fashion and editorial (N.B. I am 5'5" and a curvy size 10-12, which I realise rules a lot of work out for this :()
-artistic fetish (especially shibari)
-creative makeup art, hair styling and/or body paint
-character & concept
-YOUR creative ideas!



I am a professional life model and semi-pro photographic/alternative model with over 4 years experience. I am also a music composer and I work part time as Stage Crew (tech support) in theatre, and as a disability support worker with higher education students.

I am alternative, and my forte is as an art model (both in the classical sense and in artistic/creative photography)- my primary genres being art, conceptual and character, but I am not limited to these genres and would like to do more alternative fashion work especially. I like to push the boat out and try my hand at less familiar styles also (including non-"alternative" styles). I am open to new ideas and styles but do not do glamour or "adult"/"erotic" work. My levels go to implied nudity for photography, and full nude for drawing/painting/sculpture.

Another area I would like to go into is video and/or film work including acting and dancing, and I have done some already (see credits section below).

I take an active part in alternative subcultures including the Steampunk, cyber/industrial, fetish, Goth and vintage scenes, attending events, festivals and club nights, occasionally reviewing them too. I occasionally guest-DJ at Continuum Gothic Music Night in York (DJ Irata). I compose dark music in various genres, and hope to have my own band, orchestra and choir to perform my music some day!


I work for payment, and selective TFCD. Please message me proposing your project/idea and we can discuss rates. If you are proposing a TF shoot, please state this in your message along with the compensation you are offering me (e.g. full resolution images, products, other) or I will assume you are wanting to hire me and will send you my rates. Rates vary depending on the project/levels but you will find that they are very reasonable and won't break the bank. :)

I am based in DURHAM, UK. This means that Newcastle, Edinburgh, York, Leeds, Manchester and even London are all easy train journeys. I also have bases in York, Reading and New Malden (Surrey, just outside London).

I can often pay my own travel (or at least some of it) for TF shoots, depending on how far away/expensive they are. If my travel costs are covered I am willing to travel practically anywhere for the right project! I get 1/3 off rail travel as I still have my railcard from being a student, and can sometimes pick up advanced rail tickets for a very small amount if far enough in advance. My partner can also sometimes drive me to shoots (if they fall on certain weekends/evenings), and knows a lot of amazing derelict locations as he is an experienced Urbexer (Urban Explorer).

If you are willing to travel to me, Durham is full of beautiful ancient architecture, botanical gardens, and woodland. I live in a large house surrounded by acres of grounds- fields and woodland, yet close to the city centre (25 minutes walk). Parts of the house look very posh and stately, and other parts are completely derelict, peeling, cobwebbed and disintegrating, so together with the grounds there is a large variety of shooting potential! You will need to bring any lighting/studio equipment yourself though.

Up to and including IMPLIED/CONCEALED NUDITY. The only time I work to full nudity is for life modelling (drawing/painting/sculpture - no photography). My only other limitations are to do with genre in that I will not shoot glamour, lads' mag style, tacky fetish, typical "damsel in distress", adult or pornography. I willingly shoot ARTISTIC fetish- see my fetish and bondage lists below for the kinds of styles I mean, or my work on https://fetlife.com/users/261414.

8 piercings - all in ears. These are: 2 x un-stretched lobes, 2 x stretched lobes (4mm & 5mm), 1 x un-stretched cartilage, 1 x stretched cartilage (2mm), 1 x 'industrial' cartilage (2 holes). All can be removed and the stretches are barely noticeable when removed. NO TATTOOS.

I don't normally take a chaperone to shoots, but on occasion will ask if I may, especially if I haven't worked with you before and the shoot is in a private location. This can be fully discussed before a shoot is agreed upon, and if I can obtain satisfactory references from models you have worked with, that always makes me feel more comfortable. If we do agree upon a chaperone, this is nearly always my partner (and I will confirm if it will be him in our discussion). He is a very quiet, mature (being in his late 30s helps), well-behaved and trustworthy person. He will not interfere and will do useful things when required such as hold reflectors and light stands, carry things, help me get up to very high places (he's very tall!) etc. I can get you references from photographers of his chaperone-worthiness if you require! :) He also has other uses if required- he is an experienced urbexer so knows many fantastic derelict locations all over the North if you are stuck for location ideas, and practices shibari/kinbaku (Japanese rope bondage), in case you are interested in that. He has also occasionally played background characters in shoots when required.



You can see much more of my work here: http://www.facebook.com/photos.php?id=161265577228436

- modelling website under construction -



- I am a friendly, approachable person and always give my best. I do not have an "ego".
- I have a professional attitude to my work, even when a shoot is TF*.
- Although I am serious about my work, I love to have a laugh as well- I enjoy my work!
- I have never cancelled a shoot, and I will NEVER no-show. I also expect the same in return (unless you have a VERY good reason for cancelling!).
- I work very hard, both during shooting and in my planning and preparation (outfits, makeup etc.).
- I love experimenting with strange/wacky/creative ideas. I will get muddy, wet, freezing cold and uncomfortable for your idea in order to achieve fantastic results!
- I can pull off a range of alternative styles in a variety of ways including Steampunk, Gothic, cyber, vintage, hippy, and the uncatagorizable! The majority of my portfolio is self-styled.
- I have a large and varied wardrobe so I am more than likely to have several items suitable for the shoot you have in mind, including several outfit changes if required. If I don't, I may well be able to acquire them for the shoot. (And if anyone fancies borrowing any of my wardrobe for your own shoots, visit my Raeven's Rags profile: http://www.modelmayhem.com/1895118).
- I have very good balance and certain parts of me (not all- mostly shoulders, arms, lower back) are quite flexible. I am always up for trying uncomfortable and precarious positions, and have built up strength and stamina through life modelling, dancing and physical work.
- I am slim yet curvy (27" waist, 40" hip measurement) with a flat stomach and can achieve an extremely curvy silhouette from a well-sculpted corset. I can tightlace to 22" with the right corset. I'd love to model corsetry for designers!
- Why take my word for it? Read my testimonials below. Also feel free to contact anyone I have worked with before in my credits list, or message me for a full list of people I have worked with.



I don't have a lot of time for message "tennis", so when you contact me, it would really help me if you could include the following details, then we can discuss the rest via telephone if possible:

- Theme/type of shoot you want to do, including levels
- Proposed location(s), possible or definite, including address if indoors
- Proposed date and time, or timeframe, and how many hours the booking is
likely to be
- Compensation offered (pay, full resolution images or products for example)

If I haven't worked with you before, I will chase up some references from models you have worked with before confirming the booking, especially if we will be shooting in a remote or private location. If these models are not linked from your profile it would help me if you could provide me with a list of their professional/working model names (not real names, unless the same) so I can contact them myself.

Once we have established the initial details of the shoot in a message, I would appreciate it if we could discuss the finer details on the phone to avoid the afore-mentioned email "tennis" and get the shoot preparation underway asap. :) If you have any images, inspiration/mood boards, a brief or further ideas to send me, I will happily provide you with my email address for this.

Finally, just make sure you aren't one (or both!) of these two people and I'm sure it will all go smoothly:

a) the person who cancels (unless you are still going to pay me)- the closer to the shoot date it is, the more annoying and inconvenient it is. I will have done a considerable amount of prep for the shoot, and very often I could have done other, paid, work on that day if I'd known earlier. Obviously 'no-showing' is even worse!
b) The TF photographer who takes more than two months to send me the promised full-resolution images that I so badly need for my port! If it will take you longer, we need to agree on a time frame prior to finalising the shoot to stop me from badgering you before your time is up! :P



"We have had Philippa as our main model for around two years. In this time she has been the most reliable and excellent model we have had in the eight years we have run this group. Recently Philippa has had to cycle a fair distance to join us and this has not in any way hindered her attendance. She is excellent at communicating her availability and keeping us posted in good time if there are dates she cannot manage.
Her modelling is brilliant. We can be an indecisive group when it comes to knowing what poses to set and Philippa will just strike some very interesting poses. Along with this she is very good at listening to requests and taking on some more physically demanding stances.
Once in a pose there is rarely any movement at all.
We highly recommend her to you."

"Worked with Raeven on a outdoor gritty shoot, which required acted poses, and I have to say she gave me 100% and I got all the shots I needed. Excellent communication, punctual and hard working. Even through some tough shots she just got on with it. Icing on the cake was she brought an amazing homemade costume, which was just what was required. We needed to shoot with her chaperone (as part of the shoot, requested by myself) and again he was great. Raeven takes direction very well, can act and pose. I couldn't have asked for any more. Highly recommended!"

Jonathan Wootton #865319
"Worked with Raeven at the studio on some headshots, and makeup looks - she's a great model to work with. Highly recommend her, hard working, and takes direction well."

Alberto Santos Bellido #1727115
"The shoot with Raeven was great. Really easy to work with and very creative, I would definitely recommend her."

Pattie, Chips & Gravy #2363156
"Was so good to meet Raeven and even better to shoot with her. Totally prepared and gave everything to get the best out of the shoot. Minus 5 plus wind chill in an abandoned warehouse in a thin dress? No problem!!"

Draconian Artworks #507515
"Had the pleasure of working with Raeven on location in Durham. She has excellent communications, was at the right location at the right time with a good array of costumes.
As for the shoot itself Raeven grabbed onto it with both hands and gave her all.
Proved very capable of putting herself into the required role, interacting with props and surroundings with ease and can leap through the air like a steam powered jet. A job well done"

Hull Art Circle (regular work)
"Philippa has been an excellent model, pleasant manner and professional attitude to her modelling, my fellow artists and I would highly recommend her, she is also very reliable, unfortunately for us she has now moved away from Hull."

Dark Romantics #589523
"Raeven is a fantastic model to work with. She photographs well, poses excellently, follows direction and has plenty of ideas herself and genuinely wants to create interesting works.
But perhaps the best thing about Raeven, the thing I look for in all the models I work with, is her willingness to go the extra mile, try things out, no matter how silly/nasty/messy, and to do so with a smile.
It's that attitude that for me is essential in any model and Raeven has it in spades."

Will Wilkinson #1724907
"Great to work with, had a most creative day with Raeven working on one of her ideas in the morning and one of mine in the afternoon. Full of ideas and very artistic. I'll be working with her whenever I get the chance, just a pity she's so far away from me - over 150 miles, but I'll happily drive it again to work with her."

Lensman Mike
"Pip is meticulous in her preparation, generous with her time, and professional in her demeanour.
She both takes direction well and contributes constructively throughout a shoot in a positive and enthusiastic manner.
A wonderful disposition and a pleasure to work with."

Paul Webster #491907
"I worked with Raeven recently. She is an excellent model to work with. Full of ideas and willing to try different things. Good communication before the shoot, great wardrobe as well. Definitely recommended."

Henry the Artist #1187078
"Raeven is a fantastic model to work with. She is very professional and able to adapt to the requirements of any shoot. I look forward to working with her again."

Aesir Rey Creative #723180
"Pip is a fun, energetic model who helps contribute to ideas and bring a lovely vibe to shoots. Pleasure to work with."

Aceaspades #1009086
"Had a great shoot with Pip full of ideas takes direction well yet gives direction too, some good images came from our shoot...A+ to Raeven Irata, book her."

I have worked with (most recent first):


I have worked with over 50 photographers- message me for a full list. Of particular note are (most recent first):

Davefish Photography #746359
Stafnmar Photography #2651425 (at Alternative Model of the Year casting)
Tori Turner #2648520 (at Alternative Model of the Year casting)
Giulietta Pasquarelli (at Alternative Model of the Year casting)
Jonathan Wootton #865319
Alberto Santos Bellido #1727115
Matthew Kitchen #1470501
Dave Charsley/Decline Gothica #242950
Andreea Veronica Virna #1011571
Rachel Saunders #1045145
Fiona Bianchi #1684110
Natalie Pluck #1680256
Fotomill #1021800
Larry Bedigan #2165756
Draconian Artworks #507515
Jobe #27683
Anneka James #1519367
Leona Turford #511733
Darius Adamek #531204
Jez Sheard #1359420
DVision Images #1312238
Dark Romantics #589523
Strange Angel PhotoGrafix #1625638
Darkest Angel #50361
Wednesday Little #1508768
Paul Webster #491907
Henry the Artist #1187078
*Kainine Photography #556845
Of The Night / OTN Photography #41412
Aesir Rey Creative #723180
Lorna Lovecraft #710683

Artists and painters:
Polestars/List of Life (stag party life drawing)
Damson Sky (steampunk drawing)
Kate Pettitt (steampunk painting)
*York College
*Chuck Lindley & Phil Reynolds' life drawing group
*Pocklington School
*The Donderdag Collective
*Bootham School
*Rogues Atelier
Walton Group of Artists
*York St. John University
*Space 109 art space - various life drawing groups
*Peter Ingram's life drawing group
*According to McGee
Space 109 Life Sculpture Portraiture course (8 weeks)
Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School (Burlesque drawing group)
Jill Carter
Kia MacPherson
*Hull Art Circle

Film, TV and Video:
-Contestant in tea duelling and corset limbo at the Third Surrey Steampunk Convivial, shown on BBC Arabic TV's culture show (2014): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Sgg2S6q0YY
-Goth extra in comedy short film 'Psyched' (due for release 2014)
-'Alternative Model of the Year' 2013 shown on National Geographic (catwalk and interview) - edited version here (9:13 and 12:30): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJn-2Fce7Ro
-Jack's mother (Anne) in short film 'Grandad and I' by Ben Mansley (2013) (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151285599606132)
-Ulicia (leader of the sisters of the dark) in 'Legend of the Seeker' online fan series by Dave Jameson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_vsEFx8M8c (2012)
-Industrial dance video (music by Industrial/EBM band Uberbyte) by David Daniel (2011)
-Jellycat Media - extra in scenes for a mental health video www.jellycatmedia.com (2010)
-Grindhouse Pictures #1482434 - solo secret agent action scenes for To Die 4 Vintage clothing company (2009)
-Cheap Ass Films Hull - two zombies in short zombie movie Tao of the Dead (released 2011) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecGQgaEMfo8

Lyndsey Clark (sustainable fashion/corsetry) #2248683
Constance Mackenzie Costumes
Contrariety Rose #2318487
*Cute and Evil Clothing #2864925 (of Alienskin Clothing)
Audrey and Joans (catwalk at York Does Vintage 'Vintage Tease' event)
Falcieri Designs #1753055
Hull Clothes Swap (catwalk at Hull Bid Fashion Week Finale)
BOA-BA #1324619
*Raeven's Rags (me) #1895118
To Die 4 Vintage #1482434 (photo & video work)

Lyra Livewire #2603128
Dwb13x #2519784
Belladonna Black
Rose Noir
Columbina Zanni #2759711
*Sarah Hurrell #2281044
Michael Kipling
Vixxi Venom #1469335
Opaline Storm #1088928
Matt Grindley
*Darren Eggerton
*Jinkx #1517044 (x3)
Black Lotus #891742

Dancers (video shoot):
Columbina #2759711
Mad Alex

*Natalie Greenwell #1852782 (x3)
Tori Harris #2029375
Natalie Flindall #633283
Jessica-Kate Biggs #1769272
HayleySFX #1057620
Aminah #1482081
Tixi Lixi #1054066

Hair Stylists:
Cofy Chambers

Body Painting:
HayleySFX #1057620

Ropework/Shibari rigging:
Alberto Santos Bellido #1727115
*Michael Kipling
*Darren Eggerton

Body Piercer:
Skin Seamstress (play piercing shoot)

Ashley Blooms
Cherubs Floral Design

Alternative Model of the Year 2013 catwalk final- 26+ age category winner (broadcast on National Geographic channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJn-2Fce7Ro)
Antropics Technology (3D body scan for computer software)

Printed Publications:
- Front cover and April page of Alternative Model of the Year 2014 calendar, available to purchase here: http://alternativemodelling.co.uk/calendar/4580893312
- One of a series of 4 posters on sale from Skin Seamstress Body Piercing & Modification: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=681132668569141&set=a.621086661240409.1073741825.170449162970830&type=3&theater
- Modern Vintage Magazine - Issue 7 p.69 http://issuu.com/modvintagemag/docs/modern_vintage_magazine_issue_7
- Lyndsey Clark #2248683's recycled fashion charity project - various newspapers
- Space 109 sculpture course official promo posters
- Devolution Magazine - Issue 27 - Photographer Spotlight on Dark Romantics Photography #589523
- Poster for Sexual Health Awareness Day, Hull

Work published online:
Body Modification Ezine:

* = have worked with more than once.

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Clothing Designer
Twisted Pixie Clothing

Alberto Santos Bellido

Dave Charsley

Jinkx Hull

Draconian Artworks

Dark Romantics




Aesir Rey Photography

Andreea Virna

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