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November 25, 2014:

A thought that occurred to me for models: I've had the idea of thinking along these lines (for models – and photographers, too, I suppose!): “What would the VIEWER/AUDIENCE for this picture like to see?” I'm especially thinking about facial cues: Is the model saying, “Welcome!”, “I like you,” for example, or “Get away from me,” “You're no good!”, etc.? Obviously, I think the first two will go over better than the latter two I mentioned.

Some earlier thoughts are below:


Some thoughts (November 22, 2014):

I'm wanting to do only clothed-model pictures for the rest of this year (2014), but probably topless (or nude, concealed-crotch) shots in 2015, perhaps as early as in February 2015.

In any case, clothed can mean anything from formal wear on one end, to lingerie/bikini shots on the other.

I don't know how, for sure, I'm going to actually MAKE MONEY doing photography, though I have some ideas – but if I create non-sellable pictures, then I may be heading toward an expensive HOBBY – that is to say, paying models for photographs having no commercial/remunerative potential for me. Frankly, I want to avoid that! (Maybe if/when I'm rich...)

Some more thoughts:

I'm not a model marketing expert, but it SEEMS to me that:

- If a model has a really great face, there's a market for lipstick, hair-care, etc., product modeling. I imagine New York, Los Angeles, would be the chief geographical areas for this.

- If a model is maybe 5' 8” or taller (though I don't really agree with height limits), then that could allow for runway work, if the face is very good and the figure is at least not fat. I assume that New York, Los Angeles, and maybe other big cities are the best markets for that, but feel free to verify. Of course, there's Paris (etc.?), too, I suppose.

- If a model has a really good, or just a pretty good, face but a really boffo body, but isn't especially tall, then “glamour” work is something that's sellable BY photographers, I believe, on some level – thus, payable TO models by photographers. Honestly, I don't think clothed pictures of non-celebrities (unless part of a news or human-interest story) are generally very sellable (as on a website), so that leaves, of course, topless and nude shots. Of course, there's the magazine Maxim, which, per my last viewing of it, doesn't show much – but are they mainly featuring celebrities? Well, at least there's SOME market for clothed, if scantily clothed, women.

By the way, some of the “can't do's” aren't necessarily accurate: I knew a woman who did some runway thing for maybe a charity fashion event – and, though only 5' 1”-to -5' 2” or thereabouts, did some little dance or performance on the runway that got a big, positive audience reaction – so, what are the limitations, really?

Anyway, I do want to take some clothed shots this year, even though they may never really make me any money. Maybe we can do TF. I actually DO have love for photography! It doesn't have to entirely be about making money, but I don't want it to be all about SPENDING money, either! :)

(End of November 22, 2014 comments.)


Here is some personal philosophy regarding modeling and especially regarding glamour modeling:

I prefer a natural look for models, and I recommend it for those getting started, because it won't limit you, generally speaking, and is "more real" overall. It also represents, I think, more self-acceptance because it puts forth the "real you" more than with various modifications (some of which are hard, to say the least, to reverse). A "natural look," in my mind, would be someone with:

- No tattoos;
- No visible piercings (i.e., no piercings other than ear piercings, which I also don't want to photograph but understand are sometimes "given" to infant girls without their permission, so I understand if you have them – and hair can cover them up);
- Natural breasts.
- No tan lines, and in fact no suntans (or artificial tans) at all. Here's where self-acceptance of oneself via acceptance of one's own natural coloring especially comes into play, as with:
- Non-colored hair: Again, self-acceptance matters, I think. Especially regarding changing darker hair to blonde: Think of Cindy Crawford, for one – she's done great with dark hair, so what's wrong with that?

Pursuing the philosophy a little further: Lots of people don't like phonies and hypocrites – so why not take the lead and be REAL with who YOU are? After all, who we are is all we've got to work with, actually.

As for my own photography: In photography, one of my interests is capturing the inner person, so to speak, especially the personality.

(Regarding friend requests: When I do a friend request, it means that I consider that we are already friends on some level, and/or that I want us to be friends. It’s very simple, therefore: If I make a friend request, I want us to be friends, even if we’re living in different states, or different countries and may never see each other face-to-face. By the way, this is a "no obligation" idea: Being a friend of mine doesn't "force" anyone to be or do anything they otherwise wouldn't want to be or do.)



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