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US (lbs/inches)
Metric (kg/cms.)
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 98 lbs
Bust: 32"
Waist: 24"
Hips: 31"
Cup: C
Dress: 6
Shoe: 4.0
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: Other
Skin color: White
Shoot nudes: Yes
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Experience: Very Experienced
Compensation: Paid Assignments Only
Genres: Acting

Last activity: Apr 23, 2014
Joined: Sep 21, 2008

Rebecca Tun

25 years old
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
Reykjavík, Höfuðborgarsvæðið, Iceland
Rebecca Tun on Tumblr

Mayhem #822673

MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/beckytun

About me
| blog |websitetwitter | purpleport | deviantart | model-kartei | tumblr |

--------:::::::::::::::full time professional art model from England:::::::::::::::-------

UrbanFox, photographer wrote:
An unusual and very sophisticated model, highly recommended.
Ian Parry, photographer wrote:
Beautiful beyond belief, a true professional model of the highest order....can't recommend her enough!
imagesse, photographer wrote:
Impossible to pigeon hole, Rebecca is an intriguing enigma - prepare to be inspired!


Current location: Berlin.

I CURRENTLY HAVE ARMPIT HAIR. I will no longer have armpit by May 2014.

Travel plans, still very much hypothetical, inexact and subject to change...
May 5-7: Lucerne
May 8/9: Berne
May 10-17: Milan
May 18-20: Geneva/Lausanne (fully booked)
May 21: Luxembourg (busy)
May 22: Düsseldorf (fully booked)
May 23-25: Nijmegen (fully booked)
May 26-June 1: Askerøya, south Norway
June 2-28: Berlin
June 29-July 8: Cambridge
July 9-20: Iceland
July 21-late August: Berlin
late-August-early Sept: Cambridge
early Sept onwards: Berlin


Regarding friend requests: I would prefer to have a friends list consisting almost entirely of people who realistically intend to work with me, so an accompanying message would be appreciated. Otherwise I will probably not accept the friend request. Thanks.

a few things about me:

~ long dark brown hair which is now wavy, big brown eyes that can look in a specific direction, a face with some lips on it, prominent ribby ribs, spindly arms (though I might work on these some day), a large bottom, pubic hair that comes and goes, one or two tummy muscles that can be conjured on request, and last but not least the feature of which I'm most proud - my entirely nondescript nose. It really holds the rest of my face together.

~ an international look[/b] (can you guess my heritage?) 

~ astonishingly versatile in manner and mood...they call me 'hot and cool'. I can be hard and soft, distant and present, dynamic or still, haughty or fun, neutral, engaging, childish, womanly, boyish...

Simon Richardson, photographer wrote:
Extraordinarily creative and original, fearless and helpful - a dream to cooperate with. And check those eyes.
Mike Huit, photographer wrote:
Rebecca has an artistry that is both a natural gift and with heightened creativity. She infuses her instinctive and consummate delivery with great beauty.

Alexander Kietz, photographer wrote:
I can highly recommend you to every ambitious photographer who is looking for an expressive, uncomplicated and very professional and reliable model!

My modelling antics originated in Cambridge, England (which is still one of my major bases) and now gravitates around Northern Europe more generally. Especially Berlin and Iceland, with Scandinavia and Holland coming in a close second.

I guess I'm primarily an art nude model, despite my equally great love of clothes. I also specialise in fine art forms of glamour and fine-art erotica, as well as being suitable for portraiture, beauty, and really anything expressive, emotive, sexy, narrative, artistic, abstract, interesting or even boring. And I have modelled for my fair share of very nerdy shoots. You might be surprised at the wide range of scientific uses for a nude model.

I'm also available as an artist's model: I've posed for life classes, paintings and sculptures too. So if you think I could be of use to you, please do get in touch :-)

Booking me: 

- If possible, please send me information about the date, location and theme of the shoot and links to your work.

- I really appreciate it when photographers send me informative (but concise), polite and logical communications, well in advance of the proposed shoot date.

- You need to be able to provide references if I'm working with you for the first time.

- I will say no to TF work 99% of the time, but you can still propose. 

- Travel: if you'd like me to travel a long way to shoot with you, rather than just saying "if you're ever heading my way...", it would be productive to actually book me for a particular date so that I can plan a trip around it. Every tour has to start with a booking.

And lastly...
In this line of work I consider a model to be a type of artist, if I may shay sho myshelf. I'm deeply motivated by imagination and creativity, but also very technical in my approach. Through my career I get to learn so much from interesting people in different walks of life; every modelling experience I have contributes to making me a better and more understanding appreciator of art and its reasons. Nietzsche said that art is the proper task of life - I think I would agree if I knew the meaning of 'proper'. 

If you work with me you'll find that I'm creative, serious (I think I mean silly) and open-minded. If you have a vision that you think could involve me then I would love to try and make it work.


(Dear UK photographers, grieve not over my absence for I leave with you two new ambassadors of the Tun dynasty, the exquisitely elegant singer/model Elena Tun, and the astoundingly athletic bodybuilder/model Gabriel Alexander Tun, highly recommended and endorsed by me as a photographer.)

Brad Allen, photographer wrote:
Still hands down the most beautiful, graceful girl I have ever seen...
Keith Crystal, photographer wrote:
Rebecca is simply the best art nude model that I have ever worked with. Intelligent, versatile, beautiful, a real pleasure to shoot - and those eyes!! A really enjoyable session. Will definitely arrange a follow up location shoot - highly recommended.
canescence, photographer wrote:
You seem to get a depth of character and an intensity of emotion with Rebecca that is peculiar to her and it gives images of her something very special.
Maxoperandi, photographer wrote:
If you are a serious photographer then Rebecca delivers on all counts. I have worked with this stunning woman for many years now and her creative spirit show no bounds.
imagesse, photographer wrote:
The correspondence which lead to my extended shoot with Rebecca included references to Wittgenstein – a first in all my communications with models! Seriously, something that evidenced the powerful intelligence which underlies Rebecca’s work as a model. That means you get someone who really thinks about the creative process and outcome of art photography.
SensualImages, photographer wrote:
I've worked with Rebecca many times over a period of several years - she is such a creative partner so it's always easy to get great images. Also a lovely person and a good friend. Highly recommended as always!
Chris Rout, photographer wrote:
Worked with Rebecca twice now, She is a delightful girl to work with and took to shooting commercial shots very well indeed, Becky is extremely versatile, creative with her poses, takes direction well and is just simply a good model all round who I would rank along the top names on these sites such as IvoryFlame etc, Well recommended and looking to see Becky again very soon.
Clive, photographer, Kaz Studio wrote:
Totally comfortable with her beautiful body and her face and eyes are beyond compare.
Michael James, photographer wrote:
A thoroughly professional model who can pose suitably for any variety of different genres: you name it - she can do it and with great panache too. A very versatile look - sweet and innocent, edgy and hot - all in one very neat package. Has dimples too!! Highly recommended.
ShadowShow, photographer wrote:
Where to start... Rebecca is a somewhat wonderful model whom I can't praise highly enough. She's a one woman eclectic mix of talent; she can switch between moods and expressions at the drop of the proverbial hat - the one moment demure, the next sensual and the very next playful. It's not just her indubitable  modelling skills but her acting ability as well...she conveys emotion in a multitude of ways and brings passion and soul to your images.
What else can one say... Rebecca is full of ideas, totally comfortable taking direction or just going with a basic idea and seeing where it takes her. I look forward to working with her again.
Terry Johnson, photographer wrote:
Rebecca is one of the best I've worked with. Enthusiastic, friendly and creative. She connects naturally with the camera, and posseses a wide palette of manner and expression. And she's uniquely beautiful.
John Beard, photographer wrote:
It was such a pleasure to meet and work with Becky. She is a wonderful, soft and warm person, at one with her body with no inhibitions; no one should ever take her as a person for granted...
eroticalia, photographer wrote:
I recently shot with Rebecca and not only is she wonderfully photogenic, but I found her to be willing and open to new ideas, perceptive and intelligent in offering hers, and ultimately, a very charming and stylish young woman.
For me, she is an uncut diamond. She has a somewhat raw, almost Gallic quality (that I love), something distinctively European: a particular mood, that if you can capture, will bring to your images a very special and individual quality.
Christopher Kingsford-Curram, photographer wrote:
Rebecca has a unique presence which leaps out in her pictures, a lively intellect, ideas & inspirations in abundance, and the determination to make great pictures. Couple that with a friendly and professional manner, and it's hard to recommend her too highly.
Kirkschwarz, photographer wrote:
Astounding beauty, boundless mind, creative soul, occasional ruiner of childhood dreams, harsh judge of swans and possible bohemian. An entirely necessary experience in the world of photography.
Malcom Mellon, photographer and bodypainter wrote:
A great nude model has  the ability to pose autonomously with an understanding of form and light and balance and emotion, and to also be able to take direction, follow new themes, and respond to her environment.  Rebecca is a rare creature who achieves to perfection the balance between being posing and being posed, and is never on autopilot.
She's a really great model to work with - and she has a beautiful smile, sensuous lips and an inherently creative soul.
Carl Williams, photographer wrote:
Just look at Becky's website and you'll see what she adds to a shoot. She was professional, thoughful and committed...took my ideas and ran with them. Got all I wanted and much more.
James Matthews, photographer wrote:
I really enjoyed our shoot together. Becky was punctual and well prepared, eager to try different ideas and a consummate professional through the shoot.
Becky is a true natural beauty but also has an incredibly versatile look, from sultry fashion shots to elegant, classic fine art nude. I genuinely hope to work with Becky again, and would actively encourage others to take the opportunity!


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Travel Notice
May 9, 2014 Rebecca Tun: available for shoots in Milan 9-14 May


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Madame Bink

Iveta X

Kayt Webster-Brown

Ivory Flame


db Images

Steven Gelberg

Gregory Miles Brown


Nina pak

Simon Richardson

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