Model Mayhem’s August 2015 cover model is Brennan

You can still be stylish and appear effortlessly beautiful in a simple ensemble for every occasion

Sometimes, despite our own professionalism and due diligence, we can end up in situations that require proper handling of a bad situation.

Model Mayhem’s July 2015 cover model is Jordan Bunniie.

The greatest, most important relationship a model will have is with their agent. A good agent is essential. But where do you start?

Model Mayhem’s June 2015 cover model is Jennifer Lynn

Do you get nervous before or even during a photo shoot? If so, you’re not alone but there are a few simple things you can do to help get those nerves under control

As a model, your profile and your portfolio are your resume. Every shoot you have, whether it be TFP or paid, is a job in which the interview process happens before someone even contacts you, so they both need to be well maintained.

Here are 8 very easy tips that will automatically make the photographers you shoot with love working with you

Many negative stereotypes have been labeled on models throughout the years. Here are some advice on how to shed the negativity and excel in your modeling profession.