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Her fist is so close you can smell the leather!

Oct 18 11 03:32 am Link


Cynthia Serrano

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T B O L wrote:
Her fist is so close you can smell the leather!

Stunning shot!! I am at work so I cant see most of your port lol but I am sure its great

Oct 18 11 10:45 am Link


Damon Leyden

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Michelle Babb

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Southern Gent

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Magdalena Serov

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I love the emotion and lighting.

Oct 18 11 01:36 pm Link



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Michelle Babb

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Neil Snape

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Mini_ wrote:

Sorry couldn't resist: yet honestly>

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Ken Pegg

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Very nice

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Derek R Baker

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Joseph William

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The top image here:

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Mallory Torkildson

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I think this is my favorite other then your default.

The model has a great angle and strong face.
The way she has her body twisted is just lovely and very artistic !!
Love it !!

Oct 19 11 05:19 pm Link


Michelle Babb

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Andy Bloxham

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This image is your avatar, but it's also your best. It shows the best control you had in creating the image. All of the collections of images tend to run together, causing nothing to stand out inside of them, but this one is a definite keeper.

Oct 22 11 01:17 am Link

Body Painter

Tim Gratton

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Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia                              smile

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Paul Tirado Photography

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Tonia Cascio

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Its hard to pick you have so many. I really like this one

Oct 22 11 01:46 pm Link


Trica Padilla

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Maryam Amjad

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Francis Vazquez

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Angels Deadly Syn

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Stunning!! Listed as well!

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Jordan Lucie

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London, England, United Kingdom

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Jennifer Abarca-Stidham

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Floral City, Florida, US … 9#24847929

Very sexy and alluring. I love your expression and eyes in this photo. Beautiful

Oct 23 11 04:11 pm Link


Jennifer Abarca-Stidham

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sad no love for me

Oct 23 11 07:08 pm Link


Glamour by Glenn

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Jennifer Stidham wrote:
sad no love for me

My favorite its third one:

It shows a very beautiful and expressive face. I also like the one of you and your baby, it captures a nice emotional and tender moment.

Oct 23 11 07:42 pm Link



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I love this one of yours it's soft and has a beauty to it along with a sence of wonder.

Oct 23 11 07:49 pm Link


GER Photography

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I like this one, it reminds me of my Rottie "BOSS" :-) ;-(

Oct 23 11 07:51 pm Link


Darkroom Art

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Well Mr. Ruge,
As a straight, male, American, NRA member........

Edit - someday I'll learn the right way to post images.

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Fist Full of Ish

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I've got:

Darkroom Art wrote:

So many images are small and they don't use much of the available area.  I can't choose any of those.  Then, some are blurry or low contrast.  I came up with this:
I know it took like - zero creativity, but it's essentially alone when it comes to using the resources to make something interesting.

Oct 23 11 11:46 pm Link



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I love a lot of your stuff, yet I'm extremely partial to Pregnancy Shoots!  Nicely done!!!

Oct 24 11 04:46 am Link


Jack North

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L V Pro Imaging

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I love the light and expression here

Oct 24 11 12:13 pm Link


Jack Dog Studio

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I'm liking the concept and ethereal execution.

:::hey -- why don't the images appear when using the image tag?

Oct 24 11 12:19 pm Link

Hair Stylist


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Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Beautiful, genuine quality. One of the most immaculately
executed yet modern representations I have seen from this era. Stunning

Oct 24 11 12:24 pm Link