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Kaela Kino

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Duluth, Minnesota, US

Hi everyone!

I kind of missed spring cleaning but I've been realizing as I've been perusing the forums that my portfolio could definitely use a clean up. Let me know what images you think need to go!!

Also, feel free to tell me your favorites, and why, if you feel so inclined smile A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down...

Thanks in advance!

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The Gross Bite

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Lansing, Michigan, US

I'd think about dumping the 'olympic' shots... bow and arrow, javelin, and discus.

Yeah, they're 'iconic', they're also sorta cliche, and IMHO they don't 'fit' well in a glamor nude portfolio.

Just my opinion.

PS - After looking at your portfolio again again, I realized those shots have the most 'views'. So I suppose they aren't going anywhere... oh well.

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Lakin S

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Ashland, Kentucky, US

Your portfolio shows you have such a confidence, you go girl wink
I love the off color , darker photos near the bottom...
I dont care for the candle , hot tub photo. Too dark cant see you very well, not the best photo...
and this one
the angle makes your top look to broad !
Nice work xo.

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SKITA Studios

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

Leaning on arm makes it look huge:

Missing arms and wrinkled waist:

Open mouth expression isn't great:

Not a great angle/expression:

On the positive side...nice angle, and shows your muscle tone:

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Kaela Kino

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Duluth, Minnesota, US

Thanks so much for your input!

I've narrowed my portfolio down to 42 images instead of 60. I hope it is stronger because of it! Thanks for your help! smile

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