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Good looks for modeled-street, some more clothed/buttoned, some less, but you get the idea ...

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NOTICE ~ (12/21/13) Sorry to say, still no change.  Been experiencing a fit of burnout since Fall of 2011, taking time off to recharge batteries, hope to get my mojo back into gear, just no idea when that will happen.  I haven't updated my MM port in a long while, but do still update my Flickr site now and again, over 30 modeled sets there, currently adding images, a few at a time, of Sarah, Erin, Darlene, Ina, Morgan, Karishma, Marjhel, Alyssa, Jamie, Meghann, Michelle, Julia, Cristina, Sidney, Allison, Trisha, Karley, Colleen and Kamilla.  I'm also slowly reprocessing a number of images already in the sets, redoing crop/contrast/tone, preparatory to replacing and thinning down my overall Flickr content.  My Flickr link is to right of my avatar at top of this profile, so easy to navigate.  The typical procedure for Flickr upload is to add five shots or so for each mod every few months, keeps new looks popping up over an extended period, spreads out each mod's exposure.

Hope to be getting back into shooting sometime soon, but it's already been over two years, maybe the light has permanently extinguished.  I somehow don't believe that, but things change, we change ...

* * *

My life for several decades had been 80% career/20% photography.  I'm now at that happy place where day-job retirement has occurred, so have adopted the RovingEye moniker, and am devoting far more time to the art.  I'm presently in Chicago, but could end up anywhere.  Wherever I land, photography will remain a principal focus. 

After shooting landscapes/flowers/bugs/architecture/structure and just about everything else for years, I've alighted on something I call "modeled-street".  The genre involves placing a pin-sharp head-turning mod, possibly you, posing cute/flirt/tease/girlie amidst the blur and movement of candid urban hustle-bustle all around.  We're talking public-arena work, not in-studio, so the look is real/alive/invigorating, anything but static.  I coach for exaggerated expressiveness and body language, a bit of Hollywood makeup, a magnified version of you standing out from the crowd, an expanded world of mod individuality.  No nude or even implied, just cute/flirt/tease/girlie, lots of suggestive, lots of fem.  You'll be positioned and posed for purposeful modeled effect, everyone loves showbiz, our living surround will interact and respond.  That's the candid surround we want, human interaction that connects and titillates.  The idea is for the mod to project "I'm a head-turning gal posing cute/flirt/tease/girlie right here amongst you, and I know that you know I know it!"  There's a sexual challenge in that, a bold confidence, the kind of purposeful fem that grabs and won't let go.

Modeled-street requires patience/imagination/prevision/curiosity, a totally fem showbiz/Disney sensuality.  The right candid surround is there in almost any urban scene, my job to hunt/position for it, yours to throw the cute/flirt/tease/girlie naturally and confidently and without causing a riot.  No worries on that, I stage manage and socialize very well, did it in business, easily transfers to the mod/tog/surround environment.  Some of our images will just naturally develop, some involve outright tricky, but no worries, nothing outlandish, no harm no foul, we'll get our shots,  Random chance often is our angel, an opportunity appears, quick-look/quick-pose/quick-shoot, we get what we get and quietly move on.  In a way, modeled-street is a compositional/fem sneak attack, a sensual jar to work-a-day buttoned-up sensibilities all around, a mix of extraordinary/normalcy that pops the genre.

Shooting street presents us with countless uncontrollables.  Results are nowhere as predictable as in-studio, but oh so much more exciting!  Unless you're a monkish introvert (no mod is, lol), posing cute/flirt/tease/girlie is a natural inclination, I'll be coaching/coaxing/cajoling all the way, you'll develop your unique spin on-the-fly.  Yes, some mods are intimidated by the genre's wide-open look-at-me statement, but even the most sensitive generally succumbs to the lilting fun of the thing, the fem power, a threshold is crossed.  You'll never feel alone, never like you're just "out there", I shoot close-up and wide, always only a few feet distant, always talking, always demonstrating, always playing our surround.  No worries about laughing at my antics, what looks silly on me will look great on you, you just have to act it.  The trick throughout all this is to concentrate solely on what I'm saying/demonstrating and on the lens and on what every part of your body/expression are doing, everything else fades, you'll be in the groove.  It's my job to deal with the "everything else", have faith, I'm on it.

We'll evaluate shots as we go, do everything within YOUR BOUNDS and MY CAPABILITIES to resolve shortcomings.  You'll find the partnership aspects of modeled-street similar to in-studio, just more intense, more intuitive, more of-the-moment.  Our compositional world is in constant flux, we keep-up with each moment.  We'll conjure together on what each scene offers, quietly move in, catch our images, and move on.  My gear is matched specifically to the genre's style, allowing pin-sharp focus on you, while capturing differing degrees of blur for everything front and rear.  This isn't like shooting with a long-tele from 30' away, it's totally up-close and personal.  The goal is for you to look/feel immersed, not just posing in front of something, but rather intertwining with the ever-changing public arena canvas all around, you becoming the standout/unifying centerpiece within it.  Our shooting occasionally will draw an onlooker's rebuff (no worries, I'm good at handling that), but far more commonly we'll get a gaggle of sociable/comic input from everyone around.  Assuming we both hit it right and bring our "A" games, we'll finish the shoot fatigued but happy, 400-600 snaps in the box, a goodly number of keepers, a treasured number of bull's-eyes.

A typical modeled-street shoot goes through several clothing changes, every clean/safe ladies' room a usable dressing room.  Some things we'll change on-the-fly, jewelry/footwear/headwear/hair-style, all flexible, meeting the needs of the moment.  Costuming is very individual, will depend on what you have and how you wear it.  Given the complexities of outdoor-urban natural light sources/reflections/glare, clothing colors, especially in the larger area of your upper body, is vitally important.  I ultimately process every shot to your true skin tone, keep it real and lovely, all else just naturally falling in place.  It's in this "all else" where we have to be careful , don't want clothing color to bury shape/texture/drape/fold, don't want burnt-out lights or blocked-out darks.  So on top, we'll generally go for bright colors, flowing engagement with bodyline, cute/young, dappled with print/scarves/jewelry and whatever else breaks-up/spices-up the look.  For down below, if shorts/mini, denim and darks generally work, particularly if texture shows through.  White/near-white generally doesn't do well in the natural light we'll be experiencing, so generally should be avoided.  We'll spend a lot of time prepping costuming, makeup also, both are big parts of the show.

We'll shoot literally hundreds of poses, haggle some, laugh a lot.  At the end of the day, it's modeled-street's qualities of random opportunity and quirkiness, the genre's spur-of-the-moment creativity and on-the-fly uncertainty, that make each keeper greater than the sum of its parts.  That's part of the goal, the often undefinable "startle" that advances good images to great.

When crowds aren't available, we'll shoot set poses, anything that tickles either of our fancies.  Settings are everywhere: park benches, shaggy/classy storefronts, gallery windows, flower beds, iron gates/fences, tree-lined walkways, brownstone stoops, L structures, subway stations, moody alleyways, pocket parks, the lakefront, cityscapes, anything and everything urban and big-city.  We'll go for the same brand of beauty/interest/pop inherent in all modeled-street, just replacing the blur of living surround with that of urban grit/shape/reality.  You'll find many of these type shots dispersed throughout my Flickr sets.  They convey their own uniqueness their own girlie-girlie when shot with modeled-street imagination and prevision, that's how we'll go after them. 

I bring decades of experience to each shoot, plus prep and shoot time, plus typically 40-50 hours of eye-wrenching post processing.  I no longer charge for shoots, don't need the income, nor do I generally comp.  That said, I'm open to discussion with mods who bring something very special to the table, a bow to standout fem/beauty/ability.  When I do comp, it's token only, if you're in this for anything approaching scale, I'm not your tog.  Mod experience counts, but so does inexperience, all depends on the kinds of habits you bring with you.  I appreciate practiced expressiveness, and experience can teach that, but also appreciate the blank slate of a willing/fresh face/figure.  You be your own judge, approach any comp discussion accordingly.  As for out-of-pocket expenses, I cover in-city costs: transport, on-the-fly snacks/meals, whatever it takes to keep you fresh/energetic and feeling cute/sexy/purposeful.  In the same spirit, I'll be the one carrying your bag, your energy focused solely on how best to pop the look.

I don't actively market images, although from time-to-time am approached for stock.  I license only, never sell, retain at least the semblance of control over how you are presented in the marketplace.  I consider fees earned as offset to my considerable effort, they fall far short of fair return, are not worth the bookkeeping of sharing.  You, of course, are free to market and use images any way you see fit, resulting fees all are yours.  My only post-delivery requirements are that images not be reprocessed or rejiggered other than by me, and that I be attributed whenever used.

You typically can expect 75-100+ finished JPEGs from a shoot, optimized for the web at 300- 600k, depending on crop/content.  There will be similarities among shots in any sets this large, my philosophy being that you're your own harshest critic, final choices will be up to you.

Feel free to check me out.  Most mods throughout my Flickr sets still are active here at MM.  As for my developing confidence in you, I'll query prior togs and otherwise make judgment.  Once satisfied with each other, we'll exchange phone numbers and be on our way.

I put-up standing casting calls for each season, plus interim calls, watch for updates.  Also please read whatever I've posted in the "NOTICE" section at top of this profile, describes my current state of affairs ...

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An ever-growing compilation of recent years' shoots is displayed on my Flickr page, linked at top of this profile.  The URL is  The 30+ sets there tell the modeled-street story far more succinctly than I possibly could present in the 20-allowed MM port shots I rarely get around to updating.  Each set has some degree of filler, mods generally want variety, and never can tell what a viewer will react to.  For me, however, the limited number of "aces" pop right out, those images combining mod/surround/urban/startle/fem in the manner most fully intended, they'll undoubtedly pop out to you also.  For additional input, you might visit my Facebook page, "Stan Rovingeyephoto".  Although I currently find scant time to visit and upload there, I hope eventually for it to become a friendly place for meeting and sharing mod/tog scuttlebutt.