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Marita Meyer
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**I just moved to Denver 4-5-14 (roughly 2 mos. ago) from Wichita, Kansas.**
***Looking to work with local talent on a TFP basis in order to rebuild my reputation here in Denver.***

I remember being encouraged as a child to use my imagination.  Make-believe is a big element in the work I produce.  Pretending through the lens of the camera and making up a world for the duration of a shoot is exhilarating to me.  A fantasized world, in which the model and I can share creative ideas and desires, also helps a lot in developing the model/photographer relationship.  Photography in the style of editorial and fashion is the scene and the models are the players.  This relationship between model and me and the world of make-believe is why I take pictures.  Photography for me is about capturing a very personal experience shared between the model and myself.  A mutual bonding experience and out of that hopefully a true relationship.  I am incredibly interested in forming even if it’s only for a short time a real friendship with my models.  I am amazed at the possible out-comes from being invited into someone else’s life when they want me to capture their picture: What I discover about them and what they discover about themselves.  My ideas about my photography include; community, one that maybe for a time I would like to be apart of, or perhaps, building a community myself, of friends that I am always working with.  Warhol once said that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.  I suppose that this symbiotic relationship, photographer to model, would support Warhol’s statement. 

There is a desire in adults to continue to experience the world of fantasy.  I use dominant colors as a symbol to further explore my ideas about an imaginary world. For example, I choose to use an element of red in every photograph to illustrate the link between flesh, blood, life and humanity.  I use other colors such as black to symbolize the emptiness and the unknown we all relate to, and white as a reference to purity and faith.  In using these colors, I also hope to create a warm inviting relationship between subject and viewer. 

Color is also about provoking contradictions of innocence and sexuality. Using lights to create warm and fleshy tones are key to experiencing the feelings mentioned above.  Warm light gives the flesh a more glowing tonality and gives me the opportunity to create an appeal for the viewer.  Composition in my photographs is about contradictions enchantment or conviction in relationship to the viewer and subject.  I choose to crop tightly to create tension.  This tension is also about contradictions.  The contradictions within the relationship involving of subject and viewer, is the composition completely inviting to the viewer or a closed composition on the subject leaving no room for the viewer.       

Photographers who are influential in my practice are also exploring this type of relationship, such as Annie Leibovitz and Nan Goldin.  The two are very different in their approach.  Leibovitz photographs represent an insertion into a celebrity’s life yet allowing the viewer to relate to them in a very personal way.  In comparison, Nan Goldin’s friends are her subjects, thus turning them into the celebrities.  What I value about these artists is what they have in common. They ex  plore and share the intimate relationship between photographer and model, just as I do and hope to continue to do as my art grows.

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Aim model · Model

Hey! Did you get my message? I’m a full time international model with 10+ years experience & I Aim on being in your area September 9th - 13th before I head North but then might be back 25th - 29th of September. I’d love to know if you would like to work with me while I am here or if you know anyone who might. This may be the only chance to shoot me in your area. Do you have recommendations on how else to get more work or who to reach out to? ABOUT ME; I am highly committed, passionate, reliable, open to working with artists of any level of experience & am very experienced in a wide variety of expressive poses. I’ve worked throughout AUS, NZ, UK, EU, Asia, Hawaii, & now in North America with plans to travel through other parts of the world. My many years of experience in the industry with a range of creatives from around the world have earned me features in multiple magazines, art galleries & exhibitions in a variety of countries. I’m open to modelling with other male or female models (locals or traveling) in the studio as well as on location in various conditions & throughout a broad range of styles. My extra talents; I’m a musician, I know how to free dive which is good for underwater shots, can horse ride, go on long hikes & also can crack a stock whip, I practice yoga, & have done basic pole & aerial hoop/silks. IG; @layal.official (non nudes) @aim.model (nude) @aim.backup.model1 (back up nude) Please let me know if you are interested & have a preferred day/time to shoot along with what area you are coming from or have in mind to shoot. Please let me know if you are ok with doing a deposit or if you only pay cash on the day. If you are interested to work with me but not sure when/where/how, please let me know anyway so I know to follow up closer to my arrival. My RATES; for up to art nude $150 per hour for 2hrs or more or $550 for 4hrs or $1000 a day. This covers costs including my meals/drinks, public transportation, outfits I can bring, my own make up & other things to help me be the best I can for you. Surcharges; for 1hr only, light fetish & extra shooters. I do understand people have budgets so I can offer pay off methods where you pay the rate over an agreed time. If Instagram or WhatsApp or even email is better than discussing here, please send me your contact details. Thank you in advance for respecting me. Hope to hear from you soon, keen to see what we can do together, all the best & kindest regards.

Niko Laslo · Retoucher

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Anna Becker · Retoucher

You make beautiful work )If you need I can help you with retouch.Cheers!

Eva Novak · Retoucher

HI!Good job with high quality.It would be great if we can make something together in future.Best regards

come hither photography · Photographer

You have a great style!