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"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro" - Hunter S. Thompson


I'll be traveling to Thailand and Cambodia in late December or early January. Need one model - blonde preferred - for bathing suit photoshoot, lifestyle shoots, and implied nude shots with Thai model.  Please inquire for more details.  All expenses paid except local costs such as passport and land transport to the airport. We will work with a Thai or Cambodian assistant and MUA while there. Must be able to be gone for two weeks.


Hi. I'm Tim. I'm a doctor and a photographer. I like people, cookies, and photography. I have been shooting way longer than I have been practicing medicine. In all those few years, I've worked with some beautiful, creative, artistic, and down right wonderful people. Perhaps we will work together, too.

I travel a great deal and have shot all over the world. My job when I work with you is to capture your essence and beauty, whether it's inner or outer beauty. My job is to work with you to make art! (and maybe to eat a couple cookies between sets).


Model wanted for SE Asian shoot - SE Asia (most likely Cambodia) for Model Shoot: November 2007 – One Model Needed.
Austin, Texas, February 2008


I shoot commercial, product, glamour, print, scientific/medical, and various other areas of photography. Model Mayhem represents some of my work in the glamour/fashion field.


If you’re interested in booking me for a paid shoot please email or call me and my assistant or I will send you my rate schedule. We are frequently booked about a month in advance.

My normal charge for a half-day shoot is $700 and up. That includes an MUA. Special events and special locations will be higher. However, I offer new models just starting out a reduced rate of $100 for a three-hour shot, MUA not included. Please inquire about these rates. If I am shooting a TFP, an MUA is not included (see below) and the $100 fee is waived.


I usually don’t shoot many TFPs or TFI (Trade for Prints or Trade for Images) except by invitation only.  Most TFP shots are now taken and I won't be shooting any more after the end of May  If interested in the dates I have left, please email me and say "Invite me bone head." Cookies will help in the decision making process.

That said, if you have a killer concept or have a look that will work for one of my projects, or I've shot with you before, I'll consider TFI, especially if we've worked together in the past. Email me and ask if I have any time and let's see what happens.

For my commercial, paying clients, I only use agency models or models I've worked with and know how professional they are. 

I’m very picky who I shoot a TFI with. I don’t have time for flakes: those are unprofessional models who book time and then don’t show up. A 'model' who flakes out on a shoot not only wastes my time, my assistant’s time, an MUA’s time, but takes another professional model's time and makes it harder and harder for true, professional models to find photographers who will shoot them TFI. So, please, if I can give all models one bit of advice: your reputation is your word. If you don't plan to shoot, don't book the spot. Like Woody Allen said, eighty percent of life is just showing up.


On paid shoots images are generally 9x12 or 8x10, depending on your requirements.

On TFPs I provide 72dpi website ready resolution images of roughly 4 x 5 inches. These aren’t of the quality you’d want for your printed portfolio. Those are at least 300dbi and can be enlarged to enormous sizes. Images for printed portfolios cost $9.00 each (on either matt or high-gloss paper) on sizes up to 11 x 14 inches. So, that there’s no confusion TFI images are web resolution and size edited for sites like Model Mayhem. Printed images will cost $9.00 each on matt or glossy paper.

If you read nothing else, please read this: I don't give out CDs of every shot we've taken during the shoot; I generally provide you with 2 or 3 fully edit images of the best from each clothing or concept change, unless you've paid for more or your buy the rights to unedited images.


With proper notice (two weeks or more) I will provide an MUA or Stylist on all paid assignments. Unfortunately, as I've said I cannot afford to provide or pay for an MUA or stylist on TFIs.

You may want to bribe both MUAs and Stylists with cookies - I've found that works for me, almost all the time, sometimes, every now and again.  Maybe.

If I'm hiring you for a client's shot (for an advertisement, for instance) I do provide a MUA and/or stylist.  Sorry.


I'd highly recommend this site: It has a great deal of excellent information in it; please give it a read.

SHOOTING: What you want is what you get

I never shoot outside a model's range of comfort. No pressure. My portfolio pages display some of my glamour/fashion work, which includes some 18+ images. I shoot males, females, couples, peoples of all colors (except I don't like Blue people very much for no logical reason except I suspect they eat my cookies when I'm not looking and they hide one of my sox so that I never have a matched pair. You got to watch those Blue people). While some of my images may show implied or partial nudity, those were taken at the model's request or for a special project; I will only shoot at your comfort level. Period. I've shot models from 1 day old to 50+ years old. I could care less if someone wants to shoot nude; likewise I could care less if they don't. I do care that I shoot the best images I can, working with you as a partner-in-art, to capture you in your best light.  Again, I only will shoot what you're comfortable with. You set the boundaries, not I.


All models, regardless of age (well, except for the one-day ones), are required to sign a model release (and to eat a cookie or two) or have a legal guardian sign for them.


More complex services are available too. Graphic design is also available. I also produce Zed Cards and business cards. And cookies are almost always available.

I can provide graphic design services for CD covers, book covers, flyers, Zed cards, modeling business cards, Covers for Cook Books specializing in cookie recipes.  But, wait, there's more!


Smoking is not allowed inside the studio. Neither is bursting into flames. Hotness is encouraged, however.


Models under the age of 18 absolutely must have a parent or legal guardian escort them and remain with them while I shoot. There are some exceptions to this policy, but very few.

Escorts are welcomed and encouraged. Escorts are great if they bring cookies.  They're even better if they are good at washing cars. I really love escorts who can do laundry and wash cars. Oh, and can bake cookies (do I seem needy?).  But, all seriousness aside, please discuss the importance of your 'moment' with whomever escorts you to your shoot so that he or she doesn't interfere with the actual shoot. No drama king or queen escorts, please. No unsupportive and jealous boyfriend/significant others, please. And please, don’t bring anyone who will be asking me 100 questions while I'm trying to concentrate. Escorts aren’t there to tell you how to model or how to pose, either.  I have a cat - posin' kitty - who will do that.

Please choose your escorts wisely. If you feel you need protection, please bring someone who will protect you (I have been known to get aggressive and throw cookies at models). If you need an escort for encouragement then please feel free to bring along someone who's willing to offer encouragement. Just like finding the 'right' model for the right job, please have the right 'escort' for photo-shoot, if you feel you need to have one.

Oh, please ignore the lye and shovel by the back door. It's for another project I'm working on.  Yeah, another project. yeah ...


If you feel you need an escort, and cannot find one, I will be happy to provide a female associate to help you during the shot, however on TFP shots you will be required to pay her for her time ($15/hour) and give her a couple cookies.


I decided there wasn't much money in being a serial killer so I became a photographer, instead.  I'm here to make you look good, not dead. Please ask for references; I'll be happy to provide you with as many as you wish. Likewise, I may ask for references from you, too.


Please, no cell phones on during the shoot. Do call when you arrive, call someone during breaks, and call again when you leave so people will know you're safe and you have been fed cookies.  But, please turn them off - it's very distracting to be shooting with a phone ringing or playing some song every couple of minutes.  I promise to leave mine off if you leave yours off.


I am currently shooting for three separate books, the MM t-shirt calendar, one gallery project, and an international shoot in SE Asia late December or early January:


1. Is titled "Love" to be released next year (we're shooting for that now)
2. Is titled "Temptations" to be released late next year (shooting for that now)


l will be showing my "Behind the Veil Series" at the Northrup Gallery, NW 23rd Portland, next year. I am looking for couples, singles, male, female, or both for the shot. There are three images in my port on MM that shows the concept I'm shooting.


Member: American Society of Professional Photographers
Model Mayhem, No. 4199
Modelplace (No, not OMP), No: 3511
Modellaunce: No. 32965
Charter Member: National Association of Guys with Cameras
Charter Member: International Society of Photographers who like cookies.


No models or cookies were hurt or injured in the making of this profile. Well, there was that one incident - but our insurance covered it.


Tim at Portland Filmworks/fotoPerfecta
Travel from Engene, OR to Portland, OR and Seattle, WA
Located in North Portland, Oregon
Phone: 971-222-5571
Email: [email protected]


I can be bribed with donuts and cookies.


On behalf of the cats, our Creative Cookie Director, and anyone who might wander around mumbling to themselves (that's usually me), thank you so very much.

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Credit Notes

I'd like to credit the Kebler Elves for some mean tasting cookie snacks.  I've shot for and/or been published in:

Westland Advertising
NBC/CBS Photojournalist Stringer (way in the day)
Linfield College
Lewis and Clark College
Team Health
Al Maha Health and Safety, Saudi Arabia
The Lonely Planet Cambodia
BMW - Thailand
Penthouse (Thailand version)
Horizon Airlines
National Geographic (Iban tribes of Borneo series)
Penthouse (Thailand edition)
The Oregonian
Willamette Week
Asian Reporter
Teeze Magazine
Reprise Records
Wicklund Vineyards
Sublime Sports
Made in Thailand Swim Wear
Cambodian Children’s Hospital
Southwest Cell Phone Advertisement.
Many, various print shots (commercial and fashion)

Ok, now that the credits are over, it is my pleasure to introduce you to my special friends.  When you're through here, you are invited to visit our gift shop. Cookies are 1/2 price.  Ummmm .... now, there's some good eatins'.