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Hello! Welcome, and thank you for stopping by my page........
My work is mainly focused on artistic / glam studio figure studies, and artistic location nudes.

                                      ........."a long obedience in the same direction"...........
Contact me by PM here...  I am always working to improve my portfolio and looking for models that will work TF collaborations. I look forward to working with those who are creative, artistically inclined, and professional.

                            Thank you for stopping by.........


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"Crayola Melt" – Winner on February 1, 2018
Model - Just Pigeon

”Va Va Voom” – Winner on February 8, 2019
Model - Just Pigeon

”Little Dolls” – Winner on August 15, 2019
Model - Just Pigeon

”Furred Finery” – Winner on August 22, 2019
Model - Just Pigeon

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Dezzylynn ………………..MM#2852376
The Evil Vampiress...........MM#2738265
Amy Jo .............................MM#2396665
Trisha Norman..................MM#204212
Holly MI.............................MM#1387019
Fiona Sense......................MM#2320348

*{PM me for details for any names on this list}

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"Bobby is an absolute artist and the best photographer I work with, in my opinion. He is a joy to shoot and collaborate with, has amazing taste in outfits & accessories and is ridiculous and fun :) We've had many shoots so far this year and here's to many many more!" Read less

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"Bobby is very talented and fun to work with. Extremely comfortable environment and his dog is precious! I enjoy working with him time and time again." Read less

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"Bobby is amazing at what he does, DO NOT turn down a chance to work with him!" Read less

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Credit Notes

What models say about working with me:

Rayven Knight  MM#3254731

Bobby is the most amazing photographer I've ever met or worked with. He has an enthusiastic attitude about his work and is always making people feel comfortable in nude, lingerie or any type of shot. His craft is fantastic, I've never seen anyone so gifted with retouching photographs, and enjoying working with photographs. I've shot with him on many occasions in the past and he's always kind, accommodating, and enjoys working with whoever is interested. I really enjoy what he does with the camera, having been his model on many occasions. I can see his growth, and challenging himself with the very photo he creates. I've never seen anyone work like Bobby does and he is the greatest at what he does. I work with him the most, and I can say we always have a great time shooting. I'm looking forward to returning to work with him and thankful for all the work we've done thus far. If you are thinking about working with him, do so. You will get great images, feel beautiful, and have strong work for your portfolio. It will be glamorous for sure. I highly recommend Bobby Martinez for the quality of his work, the comfortable way he works with people, and the amazing images that come in return for working with him.

Amy Cline  MM#2901460

Working with Bobby is so refreshing and energizing. His enthusiasm and joy from using a camera is absolutely contagious. Bobby was able to share his endless industry knowledge and really helped push me to a whole new level. It was great and definitely in my top 3 best shoots ever. I now stop every time I see a mirror to practice my new skills. Thanks Bobby!

Rey Lyn  MM2792019

"Bobby is someone that I am lucky enough to recently worked with and he is just the best! He is professional, sweet and honest man but above all else a great mentor. He will teach you all the necessary things to make gorgeous images and you will come away learning something new. He also has a cute dog Toby that I, along with every other models that he has worked with just adore  "

Coal and Candlelight MM#2285956

Bobby is an absolutely fantastic photographer.  He was laid back and fun; he never once made me feel even the least bit uncomfortable and it was not only my first shoot, but a nude shoot.  The pictures he has sent from the shoot came out beautifully.  If he contacts you, jump on the chance to work with him because he is fun, chill, never condescends or makes you feel bad, teaches you very good general modelling tips, and he managed to make a six hour shoot feel like a few minutes we were having such a blast experimenting and creating.  I can't wait to work with him again!

DtRose MM#2628609

Bobby's work is absolutely captivating and I couldn't wait to work with him. He was very patient and helped me so much with my posing, but he also made it fun. I am improving with every shoot we do together and he encourages me to push myself and helps me to see how beautiful I can be. Im always so anxious to see the final shots. I enjoy and respect that he captures the natural beauty of the female figure without focusing on the sexual aspect of nudity and would highly recommend him to any model considering nudes.

Oddra  MM#1200198

I love working with Bobby! He is a fantastic artist, fantastic person, and an amazing friend. I've never worked with someone that I was this comfortable with. We laugh and have a good time even when we aren't shooting. He's taught me a lot on posing. It's like we can read one anothers' mind. For me to have been so lucky to work with him is a once in a life time opportunity. I love our shoots. And I adore the snot out of him. Much love to Bobby and his family. XOXO!!!

SweetMadison0  MM#2489978

Bobby to me is really special. He has many characteristics that I adore. I’ve been taught many things already from shooting with him. I enjoy how he stops and allows time between pictures for any room to improve. He is genuine and keeps his word. His work speaks for its self. I owe a huge thanks to Bobby and I would recommend him to any new or existing models. Again, Bobby is very unique and takes much pride in what he does.

Jen_Vive  MM#2185247

I have gotten to shoot with Bobby for a few times already and I have enjoyed every minute getting to work with him. He is so passionate about photography and his lighting techniques are out of this world. He always puts 100% into every picture taken. He has an amazing personality and I am very comfortable around him. I did my first nude shoot with him and he was so patient and understanding. He teaches you things that when you walk away from a shoot, you will use them for your future poses to make them better. All around an amazing guy and does breath taking pictures. And Toby his dog is the cutest and playful lil dog there is... I strongly recommend Martinez Photography!!!

MizzChase  MM# 2158255

Intelligent and talented! What an amazing guy. Easy to work with and has great knowledge on modeling and photgraphy. I enjoyed working with Bobby so much the time just flew by. He is very proffesional and has a great personality. The images he took of me were amazing and I definitly would recommend him for any model wanting great images. As a new model he was very informative and answered a lot of my questions without hesitation. What a guy! Next time I'm sticking his doggy in my bag though he is toooo cute.
Great working with you Bobby!

Eli-211 MM#1803853

Bobby Martinez,..... Phenomenal is how I would describe his work! He not only helped build my confidence during our shoot, he would also show me the images during a brief break but also made me feel so beautiful and very comfortable being around him! His persona is like a magnetic field the more we shot, the more I wanted to continue and not wanting to stop shooting! Lol Not many photographers would take the time to converse with the model and give pointers whether it would be how to pose or show emotion in front of the camera! I loved that about him! Shows that he takes this very serious and just wants to create lovely images with any model that he works with! For me ( in my opinion) I would rather go those extra miles to shoot with Bobby, knowing I would not only work with a professional photographer, but knowing that I made a friend along the way!  Can't wait to have future shoots with him...

God Bless, & Much Success to Bobby and everyone that works with him!!

Thank you, Eli-211 x0x0

Cole Mercier #1943724

I have truly never met anyone with such an artistic development of the eye and mind. With every picture taken by Bobby you can guarantee there was a lot of thought, knowledge, and preparation behind it. He does not have to take a million pictures to maybe get a few good ones - I loved pretty much every picture he took the day I worked with him January 2011. Not only is he a brilliant photographer, he is an amazing person to talk to. While I am new to the modeling world, I found myself immediately comfortable and having a great time. It was fun! Additionally, I can not count the amount of knowledge I gained as a result of our shoot. I really hope to have the pleasure of shooting with Bobby Martinez again, and can not wait until then!


Jess Hart #1710287

I don't even know where to begin in describing Bobby Martinez. He is truly one of the most amazing and talented people I have ever gotten the pleasure of meeting. Bobby is compassionate and will go to great lengths to make sure his models are always happy and comfortable. When I first met Bobby, I was completely new to modeling. He has taught me so many things, and I can honestly say that he has helped mold me into the model I am today. Not only is Bobby a gifted photographer, who takes absolutely breathtaking images, he is also great company to be around. I love going to shoot with Bobby, because I know it will include stories, laughter, and some kind of adventure. From working with Bobby I have not only found a fantastic photographer...I have found a very dear friend.

Melody....{no longer on MM}

Bobby is a caring and extremely trust worthy guy. He will work your butt off, but the outcome is ten folds of what he has you put in. Nobody is more worth my time, pain, and effort than Bobby Martinez. Get ready to "glisten" ladies! He is so good with working with you one on one and you sit right next to him and pick out every photo you want edited so you see everything immidiately after it's taken. I already consider him to be a friend and cannot wait to work with him again and again. He also owns possibly the cutest puppy I have ever seen!

Lady Aphiria #583850

Bobby is a multifaceted,multi-talented individual. He goes the extra mile in every piece he creates. He is professional and great company never makes you feel uncomfortable. Open-minded and yet knows exactly what to do, I definately recommend him especially if your planning on doing nudes for the first time.
One of a kind he is*

Aprilwine #1569405

I just had the pleasure of working with Bobby in the middle of May 2010.  First, I have to say, I traveled many many miles to shoot with this man.  And, the trip was Absolutely worth every penny!!!!  Bobby is extremely diligent in his photography, his portfolio proves that!  He is an amazing person and quickly becoming a very good friend of mine!  I am new to modeling and have never shot nudes before.  After getting to know Bobby, I had no concerns.  I was extremely comfortable, confident and excited to produce beautiful images, which we very much accomplished!  His knowledge just blew me away, I learned so much just from one weekend of shooting with him.  Not to mention all that I learned from our many phone conversations.  Nothing bad to say about the entire experience except that we live entirely too far apart.  Can not wait to get back out to IL and shoot again.  I just really feel that I can not do justice to how I feel about working with him.  Let me just say I am not the first model that has cried from sheer delight after viewing a wonderful piece of art that I had the pleasure of helping to create, and I am sure I will not be the last!  Much Love to Bobby Martinez!



Amie Beth {#1043962 } States,

Bobby Martinez is a compassionate man who puts absolutely everything in his heart and mind into creating beautiful art.  I dont always feel beautiful when I look into a mirror, but when I see the photos hes done of me I know how beautiful truly feels.  He always tells me that his camera is not a magic wand and he is not a magician - and that he can only get out of the camera what a model puts there for him to capture; but he will always give you his best -- and when someone gives you his best it is a pleasure to give your best when your in front of his camera.
My port is now FILLED with great art thanks to Bobby, I  have nothing but the highest respect and praise for him.

Corra Lynn {#1451840 } States,

Bobby Martinez is an incredible photographer who has a knack for capturing the personality of each model he shoots in his work, making his work not just pictures but stories in themselves.  The way he is able to place lighting just right is a beautiful thing, then you mix in a gorgeous woman and a masterpiece has begun. Working with Bobby is something I highly recommend to every model who wants to work with someone who not only listens to a models visions but also has immense amounts of creativity himself. His level of artistic ability is very rare and so multifaceted that it makes my head spin just thinking of all the future shoots I will be doing with him. A model will become spoiled after working with Bobby and there is no possible way that I could have had a better experience working with him. He is a great friend, phenomenal photographer, master of lighting, but above all an artist!!!

Corra Lynn

Jazzy 217  {MM# 1501170} States:

Bobby is a very delightful soul to work with he takes time with his models so that they are very comfortable being around him, he spoils them very well. I enjoyed his company and had a blast with him all weekend, coming up with ideas and getting the photos to look perfect. He does really great lighting, the best to make the photos look so dreamy and elegant. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to do some really great work with him and can't wait to work with him again. Any models wanting to do work with him I would say jump on the ball because he is just great and wonderful to be around and you will most definitely learn something from him


WendyLane {MM# 718321} said,

Robert was a blast to work with. Down for just about anything, takes care with his photos, takes care of his models, and never runs out of great conversation, not to mention incredible images in an amazingly timely manner. Can't wait to work with him again!"